MacBook Pro 13 vs 16

MacBook Pro 13 vs 16 – Check Why MacBook Pro 13 is Best!


MacBook Pro 13 vs 16MacBook Pro 13 and MacBook Pr0 16 are super portable laptops that will provide speed and power beyond your thinking. But if you want to shop for the best MacBook, then you should pick MacBook Pro 13.

Why You Should Pick MacBook Pro 13? 

  • MacBook Pro 13 is built with an M1 chip system that makes it fast and powerful so that the device delivers incredible performance. Besides, the MacBook Pro 16 includes the Intel Core i7 processor. 
  • It is integrated with the Apple 8-core GPU graphics, whereas the rival one is built with the AMD Radeon Pro 500M. Its 8-core GPU offer 5x faster operation for intensive games or apps.
  • This laptop comes with a 1 TB SSD storage capacity, on the other side, the Pro 16 has 512 GB. However, its super-fast memory can open any software in seconds rather than its competitor.
  • The Pro 13 provides up to 20 hours of battery life, while the earlier version gives 11 hours battery life. The Pro 13 is built with the most extended battery compared to any Mac ever that’s a big difference between these two laptops, so you can consider this one. 
  • MacBook Pro 13 is built with 802.11ax wifi 6, hence the device can operate in both 2.4GHz plus 5GHz ranges. On the other hand, Pro 16 has 802.11ac, which operates only in the 5Ghz range.
  • It is a portable-friendly device because it weighs only 3.1 pounds, but the Pro 16 is slightly bulky and weighs 4.3 pounds. If you wanna take the device on the go, the Pro 13 is the ideal option.
  • MacBook Pro 13 is a budget-friendly device even though it is the latest Mac in the industry. Moreover, it will give you better performance than Pro 16, so, Apple MacBook Pro 13 would be your best bet. 

MacBook Pro 13 combines with great usability and performance, also it can boost the speed compared to the Pro 16. And these are the reasons we recommend the MacBook Pro 13.


Similar Features

  • MacBook Pro 13 and 16 contain a retina 500 nits brightness display that ensures a realistic picture quality. Their backlit magic keyboard and scissor mechanism with 1mm of travel ensure a responsive and quiet typing experience.
  • They have a 16-core Neural Engine, which brings the task-smashing speed plus image processing, voice recognition, video analysis, and much more.
  • Both can run powerful apps, you can also use your iPhone or iPad app right from your MacBook Pro 13 or 16 computer.
  • The computer comes with a 720p HD camera, and now you can take full advantage of the latest image sensor of MacBooks. 
  • These laptops combine with the Touch ID, which helps instantly unlock Mac. Use your fingerprint to lock or unlock it without re-entering the password and do much more.

MacBook Pro 13 and 16 have lots of similarities, but since Pro 13 is the latest version, so it will deliver you better performance than Pro 16. That’s why recommends Pro 13. But if you are impressed with Pro 16, then you can go with this. 

Comparison Chart: MacBook Pro 13 vs 16

Specifications  MacBook Pro 13 MacBook Pro 16’s Rating 4.8 out of 5  4.6 out of 5 
Processor  M1 Intel core i7
Graphics Apple 8-core GPU (5X faster) AMD Radeon Pro 500M 
SSD  1 TB 512 GB
Battery Life  20 hours  11 hours 
Weight  3.1 pounds 4.3 pounds
Wifi  802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 802.11ac Wi-Fi
Height 0.61 inch (1.56 cm) 0.64 inch (1.62 cm)
Width 11.97 inches (30.41 cm) 14.09 inches (35.79 cm)
Depth 8.36 inches (21.24 cm) 9.68 inches (24.59 cm)
Camera 720p HD camera 720p HD camera
Display  13 inch 16 inch 
Backlit magic Keyboard Yes Yes
RAM 16GB 16 GB
Display Brightness 500 nits 500 nits
Touch ID Yes  Yes 
Apple Pay Yes  Yes 
Bluetooth  Yes, BT 5 technology  Yes, BT 5 technology 
Ports 3 Thunderbolt 4 Thunderbolt
Neural Engine 16-core  16-core
Warranty  1 year limited warranty  1 year limited warranty 

Similarities & Difference: 16 inch MacBook Pro vs 13 inch MacBook Pro


The MacBook Pro 13 is a beast because it has an Apple M1 chip that brings speed up and power to the Pro 13 beyond your belief. This single tiny M1 system integrates with the Neural Engine, GPU, CPU, and much more. 

The M1 gives you custom technologies, power efficiency, and incredible performance, taking this device entirely to another level. MacBook Pro 16, by contrast, doesn’t include the M1 chip, but it also delivers better performance. You can run everything on this device smoothly. 

Battery Life

You will get all-day battery life on the MacBook Pro 13 because it has up to 20-hours of battery life which is the longest Mac ever. In contrast, the MacBook Pro 16 can deliver 11 hours of battery life.

Therefore, the Pro 13 is integrated with a 58.2-watt-hour battery and has a 61W USB-C power adapter. And the Pro 16 integrated with a 100-watt hour battery plus included a 96W USB-C power adapter.  Though Pro 16 has 100-watt, you will get the longest battery life on Pro 13, that’s why you should consider this device. 

CPU and GPU 

Both include the highest-performing CPU, which is combined with four performance cores plus efficiency cores. They work together and tackle demanding multithreaded tasks to boost the battery life. 

In addition, the devices include eight dedicated graphics cores, and it plays beyond your wildest dream. However, the eight GPU cores make the graphics faster, smoother.  But the CPU of the MacBook Pro CPU is 2.8x faster while the GPU is 5x faster compared to the previous generation. 


MacBook Pro 16 includes 64GB of memory, it provides you smooth multitasking, also, ideal for editing large files. Moreover, the Pro 16 combine with up to 8GB SSD storage which is the highest capacity compared to another notebook. 

MacBook Pro 13, besides, comes with 16GB internal storage with a 2TB SSD.  If you want the highest storage on your computer, the Pro 16 would be an excellent choice. 


When it comes to portability, the Pro 13 is better because it is lightweight plus has a slim body than the Pro 16. The Pro 13 is only 3.1 pounds, and the size of this device is 8.36 x 11.97 x 0.61 inches.

Besides, the Pro 16 weight is 4.3 pounds, and the dimension of this earlier version is 9.68 x 14.09 x 0.64 inches. So if you plan on taking the MacBook with your places, then the Pro 13 is an ideal choice. And if you are okay with extra bulk, go ahead with the Pro 16. 


These Mac devices include Bluetooth version 5.0, but there’s a slight difference in the wifi connectivity.  The Pro 13 MacBook has wifi 6, whereas the Pro 16 MacBook comes with wifi. The Pro 13 is compatible with the 2.4GHz plus 5GHz ranges.

But the Pro 16 is only compatible with the 5Ghz range. Since the Pro 13 covers a better wifi range, this could be your best pick. 


MacBook Pro 13 and 16 comes with a brilliant Retina display that takes the images to the next level, also gives realism and detail. The bright LED delivers bright whites and deep blacks.

And the P3 wide color brings more vibrant reds and greens compared to the sRGB. The display also includes the accurate tone technology of the Mac to bring a natural viewing experience. 


The keyboard of the Pro 13 and 16 are fantastic, and both device’s key travel has been extended to 1 mm. While typing, this feels so good because the keyboard is quiet, as well as very comfortable. You can easily flip through open applications because they include the Esc key with the directional arrows. 


Mac laptops feature the next generation of security. They are equipped with a T2 security chip that makes everything more secure than before. The T2 security has a Secure Enclave coprocessor that encrypts the storage capabilities, powers the Touch ID. 


Generally, MacBook devices are packed with a one-year limited warranty, and they do not have extendable features. You will get 90-days of technical support from them. At the same time, the limited warranty covers any hardware damage repair. 

Final Words 

MacBook Pro 13 is the latest version, so this will provide you faster performance than MacBook Pro 16. Also, the device is budget-friendly, you can save some bucks, or if you have a tight budget but want a MacBook Pro, the Pro 13 would be the best pick. 

Furthermore, this laptop computer can offer you the longest battery life than the Pro 16. But if you do not have a budget issue, you can’t go wrong with the MacBook Pro 16. 

Frequently Asked Questions about MacBook Pro 13 and 16

Which MacBook is better for video editing?

MacBook Pro 16 is better for video editing purposes because it has a slightly larger screen than Pro 13. 

Can I upgrade the Memory?

No, you cannot upgrade the memory on the MacBook Pro devices. 

What comes inside the box?

Both MacBook Pro comes with the main device, an adapter for USB-C, and cable. 

What is the wifi range?

MacBook Pro 13 can be connected to both 2.4 and 5GHz, while the Pro 16 wifi only works on the 5GHz.

What is the warranty type of the MacBook?

Generally, MacBook offers a one-year limited warranty, and it is not extendable. 

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