Megaboom vs Megablast

Megaboom vs Megablast – See the difference & Get the Best One!

Bluetooth Speaker

If you are looking for a speaker with unique characteristics, loud sound, and bass, then you can choose Megablast. Check below its other features.

Megablast Megaboom 
Pair with up to 8 Speakers Pair with up to 2 Speakers
Bluetooth Range 150ft Bluetooth Range 100ft
It comes with Built-in Alexa It doesn’t have Built-in Alexa
Wireless Charging available Wireless Charging is not available
 IP67-rated waterproof speaker IPx7-rated waterproof speaker
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What Made Megablast Best?

  • The Megablast is an IP67-rated waterproof device that makes this one suitable for beach or poolside parties, while the Megaboom is an IPx7-rated speaker.
  • This speaker comes with a wider Bluetooth range. The Megablast can be accessed from a 150ft distance, whereas the other one’s range is only 100ft.
  • UE Megablast has a built-in Alexa that can be used for hands-free voice control to play music via Spotify or other streams. This feature isn’t included in the Megaboom.
  • You will get an intense, heart-pounding bass on this device that is perfect for any outdoor party. UE Megaboom doesn’t have a strong bass like this one.

These handy features of the Megablast will surely enhance your musical adventure and give you a blast during a musical session.


Other Specifications

Specifications Megaboom  Megablast
Editor’s Rating 4.4 out of 5 4.3 out of 5
Connectivity Bluetooth Bluetooth
Color Variants Available Black
Product Dimension 3.3 x 3.3 x 8.9 inches 3.5 x 3.5 x 9.4 inches
Product Weight 1.93 pounds 3.7 pounds
Battery 1 Lithium Polymer Battery required (included) 1 Lithium Polymer Battery required (included)
Battery-Life  20 Hours 16 Hours
Warranty 2-Year Limited Warranty 2-Year Limited Warranty

Similarities & Differences between Megaboom and Megablast 


The speakers come with a similar cylindrical outlook as they both are from the same manufacturer. Megablast has a larger body than the Megaboom. Both the devices are covered with high-quality fabrics for better durability. The speakers are very lightweight compared to the size.

Megaboom and Megablast have two volume adjustment buttons on the body, and rest controls are placed on the top and bottom. A bungee hanger is on the top to easily carry the speakers anywhere you want.

Battery & Dock

The speakers are pre-installed with powerful batteries for a long session. The battery of the Megaboom will last 20 hours with a full charge. The other one, Megablast, has a battery with 16 hours of backup. The powerful backups will allow you to play the speakers at any party or occasion. 

A separate dock is available for the devices used to charge your speakers without any wire. The wireless charging dock is compatible only with the Megablast. 

Water + Drop Proof

There is no problem playing the speakers at any beachside party. They are completely waterproof and won’t create any issue with any water or dust contact. The Megablast is an IP67-rated speaker. This one is water & dustproof. The other one, Megaboom, is IPx7 rated, so this is only waterproof. The speakers will perform well even after 30 minutes at a 1-meter level underwater.

Sound & Bass

You will get the best sound and bass from the speakers as they both have powerful drivers for a loud and strong sound. The speakers are designed to deliver a 360-degree sound. The maximum sound level of the Megablast is 93 dBC & the passive radiator of this device will provide you with the most powerful bass possible. Megaboom also comes with a rich sound and deep bass. There won’t be any lack of quality of sound at any bass level. 

Voice Assistant & Bluetooth

Megablast has a built-in voice assistant feature to minimize your hassle. Alexa can be used to play music with just a voice command. This will help you to perform hands-free operations. Unfortunately, the voice assistant is not included in the Megaboom.

The speakers come with a decent Bluetooth range that can be accessed from a wide range of distances. You have the freedom to control the Megablast from 150ft distance and 100ft for the Megaboom.

App & Color Variant

There is an app available for the Ultimate Ears speakers. The app will help you to stay updated with the latest upgrades. Some unique controls are available on the app for ease of use. You will be able to customize the EQ through the app, which will be great for bringing a variation to your music. UE released the app for both Android and iOS platforms.

The Megaboom is available in four color variants in single colors, while the Megablast has only a black variant. 

PartyUp & Stereo Sound

The Megaboom has a feature to connect this speaker with more than 150+ speakers through the PartyUp feature. This can be used during an outside party if you want to get a louder sound and bass. The App is required to connect with other speakers.

This feature is not available for Megablast. The Megablast can be paired with 8 speakers for stereo sound. Megablast speakers can not be paired with the Boom/Megaboom speakers, and in the same way, the Megaboom can be paired with only Boom or Megaboom speakers.

Durability & Warranty

There is no doubt that Ultimate Ears is one of the finest speaker manufacturer companies. The speakers come with a standard waterproof rating, and the body is covered with rugged fabric material. Ultimate Ears provide a two-year warranty for the speakers though they can be used for a longer period without any issue.

Final Words

Megaboom and Megablast are two giant speakers with loud sounds and bass. It was difficult to choose between the two speakers because they both have too many features. I’m sure you’re no longer puzzled about why the Megablast is the preferable option. You may go for the Megaboom if you need a longer battery backup.

Frequently Asked Questions about Megaboom & Megablast

Can I pair the Megablast with a Megaboom?

Unfortunately, No. You can pair the Megablast with 8 other Megablast speakers.

Can I control the speakers through my OnePlus 6?

Sure. You can control the speakers with any Android device.

What is the Bluetooth version of the Megaboom?

The Megaboom comes with the 4.2 Bluetooth version.

Is Logitech the manufacturer of the speakers?

Yes. Logitech bought Ultimate Ears in 2008.

Can I play the speakers during charge?

Sure. They can be played while charging.

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