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Miele C1 vs C3 – Check the differences & Explore the Best?

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miele c1 vs c3Miele C1 and Miele C3 offer you the best cleaning experience you ever have. But if you are expecting to get the best performer, then Miele C3 should be your first priority. Miele C3 comes with some advanced features that are able to provide a better service than C1.

What Makes Miele C3 Best Performer?

  • Miele C3 is a lighter vacuum cleaner than Miele C1. The weight of Miele C3 is 12 pounds, and the weight of Miele C1 is 16 pounds. So, it is handier than Miele C1 and easy to transfer from one place to another.
  • It comes with a 36ft cleaning radius. At the same time, Miele C1 appears with only 29.5 feet radius of cleaning. Indeed, you can cover more area at a time with Miele C3 rather than Miele C1.
  • This advanced vacuum cleaner has 4.5 liters of dust bag capacity. Where Miele C1 has only 3.5 liters of dust bag capacity, so, Miele C3 can hold more dust at a time while you clean.
  • Miele C3 is a pretty silent vacuum cleaner with a noise level of 50 to 68 decibel. On the other side, Miele C1 is quite noisier than Mile C3, with a 57 to 79-decibel noise level.
  • The Miele C1 is particularly made for bare floors. But Miele C3 is suitable for multiple floors. Such as a large area rug, wall mount carpet, or hardwood floor. It is capable of going with any floor you want to clean.

Those reasons make Miele C3 a better choice than Miele C1. Both are capable of a good cleaning. But Miele C3 will give you the perfect finishing with less hassle. So, prefer the finest one and make your cleaning easier; also, click on the buttons below to know their best price. 


Similarities Between Miele C1 and Miele C3

  • They have a vortex motor.
  • Suction power in both of them is 1200 watts.
  • Both have HEPA filters.
Specification Miele C1 Miele C3
Editor’s Rating 4.6 Out of 5 4.8 Out of 5
Weight 16lbs 12lbs
Dimension 18.72*8.7*11 19*10.5*8.25
Motor Vortex Vortex
Suction Power 1200 Watts 1200Watts
Filter HEPA Air Clean Filters HEPA Filtration
Cord Length 5.5 Meter 6.7 Meter
Cleaning Radius 29.5 ft 36 ft
Dust Bag Capacity 3.5 Liters 4.5 Liters
Noise Level 57 to 79 Decibel 50 to 68 Decibel
Best At Bare Floors  Multi-Surface
Warranty 5 Years 3 Years

Difference and Similarity Between Miele C1 and C3

Motor and Suction Power

Miele vacuum cleaner motors are always appreciated for their powerful motor. Miele C3 and Miele C1 appear with a vortex motor with 1200 watts suction power. It gives long-lasting performance. You can adjust section powers in the vacuum cleaner. Miele C1 has a dial knob for this, and Miele C3 has a foot pedal. Together all those things make Miele’s vacuum cleaner a reliable cleaner.

Machine Weight and Size

While it is about using a vacuum cleaner, its size and weight are the most important things to look for. Miele C3 wins in this section as it has lesser weight and compact size for carrying than Miele C1. Miele C3 comes with 12 pounds, and Miele C1 comes with 16 pounds. You can recognize how it will be effortless to do cleaning with Miele C3. The size of the Miele C3 is 19*10.5*8.25 inches, which is comfortable to deal with. The size of the Miele C1 is 18.72*8.7*11 inches. Miele C1 is also good to go in the matter of size.

Cleaning Radius

When you are buying a vacuum cleaner, the cleaning radius is also a principal thing to focus on. Miele C3 surely offers you better performance than Miele C1 in this section. Miele C3 has a cleaning radius of 36 ft with its 6.7 meters long cord. On the other hand, Miele C1 has a cleaning radius of 29.5ft, supported by its 5.5 meters long cord. You can cover a longer space at a time with Miele C3 than Miele C1.

Filtration System

Miele’s filtration system is one of the best filtration systems among the vacuum cleaners in the market now. They provide the HEPA filtration system in their vacuum cleaners. This filtration system caught almost 99.99% of allergens at a time. Also, they provide an adequate capacity in the dust bag, which has 9 protective layers. Miele C3’s dust bag capacity is 4.5 liters, and Miele C1’s 3.5 liters. Miele C3 defeats Miele C1 in this feature, as you can capture more dust at a time with Miele C3.

Ideal Floors

Miele C1 is notably made for bare floors. So, it gives its best execution on bare floors. At the same time, Miele C3 is made for multiple floors. You give this vacuum cleaner any floor or carpet, even rugs; it will clean its best by capturing every dust your floor has. Miele C3 is also good to go with cleaning pet hairs. You get the best in Miele C3, while Miele C1 offers you limitations.


Also, in matters of warranty Miele C3 does not make you compromise with it. It comes with a 3 years warranty. If it is about that much-advanced vacuum cleaner that gives you the premium experience of cleaning, 3 years warranty is not a bad deal. In contrast, Miele C1 gives you a 5-year warranty but leaves you with many restrictions. 


Well, you clearly can see how Miele C3 wins every comparison with Miele C1. It is lighter, has more cleaning radius, comes with better dust bag capacity, makes less noise, and is ready to clean any floor. Miele C3 is definitely your vacuum cleaner if you are looking for a win.

Frequently Asked Questions About Miele C1 and Miele C3

What kind of floor is preferable for Miele C3?

Miele C3 is recommended for all kinds of flooring.

Does Miele C1 come with a HEPA filter?

It does not come directly. But you can purchase it separately.

How many power settings are available with Miele C3?

There are six power settings available with Miele C3.

What is the cord length of Miele C1?

The cord length of Miele C1 is 5.5 meters.

Does Miele C3 have Light?

Yes, it comes with an LED light.

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