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Miele C2 vs C3 – Why You Should Select Miele C3?

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miele c2 vs c3Miele C2 and Miele C3 are two of the best vacuum cleaners when you are looking for a long-lasting one. They come with a mighty suction power of 1200 watts that offers the best cleaning.

But if you are thinking of buying comparatively the best one between them then I recommend Miele C3.

Why Miele C3 is Best?

  • Miele C3 is a lightweight vacuum cleaner than Miele C2. It is 12 pounds, and Miele C2 is nearly 15 pounds. Therefore you can carry it easily to clean your home. But with Miele C2, it would be a little harder to carry than Miele C3.
  • The cleaning radius in Miele C3 is 36 feet. The cleaning radius in Miele C2 is 33 feet. Miele C3 gives you more space to clean at a time with it. 
  • Miele C3 comes with a warranty of 3 years, where Miele C2 offers you a warranty of 2 years. In the warranty section, Miele C3 certainly gives you a better service.
  • These two vacuum cleaners are good at cleaning surfaces. Miele C2 is best for carpets, rugs, and bare floors. But Miele C3’s surface range is more than Miele C3. It is good at all kinds of surfaces, unlike Miele C2.

These are the reasons that make Miele C3 better vacuum cleaners. Although Miele C2 can offer you a good cleaning, Miele C3 is capable of giving you a premium experience in cleaning. If you want a better experience in cleaning, don’t hesitate to choose Miele C3 over Miele C2. So, do you want to check their best price? Go through the buttons below. 


Similarities Between Miele C3 and Miele C2

  • The suction power of both of these vacuum cleaners is 1200 watts.
  • These two come with a vortex motor.
  • Their filtration system is HEPA.
  • Dust bag capacity in both of them is 4.5 liters.
  • They have the same noise level of 50 to 68 decibel.

Quick Comparison

Specification Miele C3 Miele C2
Editor’s Rating 4.8 Out of 5 4.7 Out of 5
Weight 12lbs 14.5 lbs
Dimension 19*10.5*8.25 16.7*9.6*9.1
Motor Vortex Vortex
Suction Power 1200 Watts 1200Watts
Filter HEPA  Filtration HEPA Filtration
Cord Length 6.7 Meter 6.5 Meter
Cleaning Radius 36 ft 33 ft
Dust Bag Capacity 4.5 Liters 4.5 Liters
Noise Level 50 to 68 Decibel 50 to 68 Decibel
Best At Multi-Surface Large Area Rug, Carpet, Bare Floor
Warranty 3 Years 2 Years

Differences and Similarities Between Miele C2 and Miele C3

Motor and Suction Power

Miele offers a long-lasting extra durable motor with their vacuum cleaners. These two have a vortex motor, which makes sure of a powerful performance. They also have the best suction power compared to any vacuum cleaners. They have a massive 1200 watts for suction power. You can adjust suction in C2 with a dial knob and C3 with a foot pedal. With this motor and suction power, they ensure you to give your cleaning the finest finishing.

Machine Weight and Size

When it is about buying a vacuum cleaner, you must choose a lightweight, compact-sized vacuum cleaner as vacuum cleaners require to be carried from one place to another while cleaning. Miele C2 and C3 are two lightweight vacuum cleaners to move. Miele C2’s weight is 14.5 pounds, and C3’s 12 pounds. Their size is also compact, Miele C2’s dimension is 16.7*9.6*9.1 inches, and Miele C3’s dimension is 19*10.5*8.25 inches. So, both of them are light and portable to carry.

Cleaning Radius 

Miele makes sure to provide a long cord with its vacuum cleaners. Miele C2 appears with a 21-foot long cord, and Miele C3 with a 22-foot long cord, which leaves Miele with a 33 ft cleaning radius and Miele C3 with a cleaning radius of 36 ft. In this section, Miele C3 supplies you with better service and more cleaning space. 

Filtration System

Miele C2 and Miele C3 ensure an advanced cleaning. Both of these vacuum cleaners appear with a HEPA filtration system. Their filtration system is sealed. If you want to stay away from dust or have dust allergies, they are safe to use. Dust bag capacity is also the same in these two vacuum cleaners. They come with 4.5 liters of dust bag capacity in each vacuum cleaner.

Ideal Floors

Although Miele’s vacuum cleaners are useful to clean any surface, Miele C2 is particularly made for bare floors. It is also good to go with a large rug and carpet. Miele C3 is made for various types of floors. Furthermore, Miele C3 is ok to clean pet hair without any difficulty. 


In the warranty section, Miele C2 offers you a two years warranty. At the same time, Miele C3 comes with limited 3 years of warranty. Miele C3 definitely wins here. It provides you the best service for a longer time than Miele C2. That means with Miele C3, and you get a long-time customer care support.


In the end, you can see how Miele C3 is a better vacuum cleaner than Miele C2. Its weight, cleaning radius, warranty, and ideal floors make it a premium vacuum cleaner for you. Miele C2 is also capable of cleaning, almost like Miele C3. So, if the budget is your priority, then you can choose Miele C2 for you. But if you want to invest for one time and in the best product and are also willing to spend a little more for better service, then you should have the Miele C3.

Frequently Asked Questions About Miele C2 and Miele C3

Does Miele C3 work on hardwood floors?

Yes, Miele C3 works smoothly on hardwood floors.

Can suction power be adjusted in Miele C2?

Yes, you can adjust suction power in Miele C2. You can adjust it with a knob, which takes place in the body of the vacuum. 

What is the cord length of Miele C3?

The cord length of Miele C3 is 6.7 meters, which is 22 feet.

Is there any power setting available with Miele C2?

Yes. There are six power settings available in Miele C2.

What is the dimension of Miele C3?

The dimension of Miele C3 is 19*10.5*8.25 inches.

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