Nespresso Vertuo vs Vertuoplus

Nespresso Vertuo vs Vertuoplus – Check to pick the best one.

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Nespresso Vertuo vs VertuoplusNespresso Vertuo and Vertuoplus are two great machines from Nespresso and best for home use, but between these two, I prefer the Nespresso Vertuo because of its some great features that made it better than Vertuoplus.

Why do I prefer the Vertuo between them?

  • It can take 13 mugs capsules. And the Vertuoplus can take 10 mugs. You don’t have to get in trouble for refilling the capsule.
  • The Vertuo has a water tank of 40 ounces, and the Vertuoplus has 60 ounces, which is very large, so you don’t have to refill again and again.
  • The Vertuo coffee machine has an imposing feature. That is, it can heat up in only 15 seconds. But Vertuo plus takes more time to heat up.
  • The cable Length of Vertuo is 33.46 Inches. And the Vertuoplus is 29.13 Inches. No hassle if the machine is a long distance from the power board.

The Vertuoplus has almost the same features, but the above-mentioned difference and the reasonable price make Vertuo the best option to buy. Now looking for the best deal? just follow the button below.

Full Comparison Chart

SpecificationVertuoVertuo plus
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.5 out of 5 
Weight10.96 lbs10.1 Pounds
Water tank40 Ounces60 Ounces
Water tank typeRemovableRemovable
Power rating1350 Watt1300 Watt
Dimensions 8.32 in x 11.91 in x 11.93 in9.1 x 13.2 x 12.8 in
Cable Length33.46 Inches29.13 Inches
Capsules container capacity13 Mug capsules10 Mug capsules
Readable capsulesYesYes
Energy-saving modeYesYes
Automatic power time9 mins9 mins
Programmable timeYesYes
Heat uptime15 sec15 sec
Warranty1 year1 year

Differences and similarities between Nespresso Vertuo and Vertuoplus.

Water tank capacity

Both machines have a removable water tank with them, but there are differences in tank capacity. The Vertuo can take water up to 40 ounces, and the Vertuoplus can take 60 ounces of water. So we see the Vertuoplus capable of taking 20 ounces more.

Power rating

There is a power-consuming difference between these coffee machines. We see the Vertuo needs to consume 1350 Watts of electric power, and Vertuoplus needs to consume only 1300 Watts of electric power.


The footprint of the Vertuo coffee machine is 8.32 in x 11.91 in x 11.93 in. And the Vertuoplus is 9.1 x 13.2 x 12.8 in. So The Vertuoplus has a larger dimension than the Vertuo. You can select Vertuo if you have any space issues.

Cable length

The cable length of the Vertuo is 33.46 Inches. And the Vertuoplus is 29.13 Inches. If you need a coffee machine with a longer cable, you can choose Vertuo.

Capsules container capacity

The Capsules container of the Vertuo capable of taking 13 mug capsules. And the Vertuo is capable of taking 10 mugs capsules. As the higher capacity is recommended for the capsule container, the Vertuo will be best if you buy it.

Energy-saving mode and time

Both of the machines have Energy-saving features. For this feature, the users don’t have to switch off the machine manually. For energy-saving purposes, it automatically gets turned down within 9 minutes. But there is a time-changing programmable option in both of the machines.

Heat-up time

The best thing about both of the machines is, they can heat themselves quickly. It is enough to make Coffee quickly. With this fast heat-up feature, both of the machines will be best for this feature.


1 year of warranty comes with both of the machines. You don’t have to pay to repair these machines within a year. You can patent for 1 year without hassle, leave all on the coffee machine.


The Verto and the Vertuoplus are both the same quality coffee machine. If we check its features, we see Vertuo has the top features compared to the Vertuoplus. So it will be the best option. The Vertuo is also suitable for his home or restaurant use. Anyone can manage these machines efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions of the Vertuo and Vertuoplus

Can I use the Vertuoplus for any smaller restaurant?

Yes, you can. It will be perfect to have a machine in your restaurant or home use.

Is it safe to drink with the machine?

Yes, it is safe to drink. Even these machines are tested by health care.

Is the capsule recyclable? Should I keep the wastage of capsules?

Yes, As the capsule is made with aluminum, it can be appropriately recycled. You better store them for the capsule provider.

Can I use milk for Coffee, and how much?

Yes, you can add milk if you like to have milk coffee with different tests. And it is not specified how much milk you can add. It depends on the user’s intentions.

How much caffeine is there in a mug of Coffee?

In the scientific calculation, it is said that 300/400 mg caffeine needs per day for an adult. And a mug of Coffee contains 300mg or average caffeine.

How is the experience of making Coffee with these machines?

It is not very hard to make professional Coffee. It doesn’t require any special experience to make a good coffee.

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