Nikon D5500 vs D5600

Nikon D5500 vs D5600 – Learn the difference and get the best one


Nikon D5500 vs D5600Nikon D5500 and D5600 are two outstanding digital SLR cameras by the Nikon D series. These are two similar cameras. Despite that, you should pick the Nikon D5500 for yourself.

Why Pick The Nikon D5500?

  • Nikon D5500 comes with a higher low-light ISO. Its low-light ISO is 1438, while Nikon D5600’s low-light ISO is 1306. Hence, Nikon D5500 gives better photos in low light compared to Nikon D5600. 
  • This digital SLR camera shares almost every feature with Nikon D5600. Still, its weight is 45 grams lighter than the Nikon D5600. Nikon D5600’s weight is 465 grams, and Nikon D5500’s weight is 420 grams. That means you are getting a camera with nearly every feature of Nikon D5600 but in lighter weight with Nikon D5500. 
  • Nikon D5600 does not come with multiple unique features compared to Nikon D5500. Yet, it is a pricier camera than the Nikon D5500. That is why you get most of the features in Nikon D5500 with a lot less money.

These specific reasons make Nikon D5600 an ideal choice in the opposite of Nikon D5600. We hope you do not blindly follow the trend and go for the most recent device while you can make a clever decision here. 


Similar Features in Nikon D5500 and D5600

  • Their max ISO is 25,600, which makes these cameras super sensitive to light.
  • The battery life of Nikon D5500 and D5600 is 820 shots per charge. So, both are capable of covering extensive event photography.
  • They have 39 focus points. Therefore, both performers effortlessly while capturing moving objects.
  • Both have an external microphone port so that you can attach an extra microphone to your camera and capture some high-quality sound videos.
  • Nikon D5500 and D5600 have the time-lapse feature. You can capture time-lapse videos and give your videography a new dimension.
  • They appear with the AE bracketing feature. So, Nikon D5500 and D5600 can choose exposure by themselves.
  • Their continuous shooting speed is 5 frames per second. They can capture 5 frames in one second with this feature.

After reading the similar features, if you think the D5600 would be an ideal choice, simply choose this camera.

Quick Comparison 

SpecificationNikon D5500Nikon D5600
Editor’s Rating4.8 out of 54.7 out of 5
Low Light ISO14381306
Bluetooth Connection NoYes
Dimension4.88 x 2.76 x 3.82 inches4.88 x 2.76 x 3.82 inches
Max ISO25,60025,600
Environmental SealingNoNo
Color Depth24.124.1
Dynamic Range1414
Battery Life820 shots820 shots
Touch ScreenYesYes
LCD Screen Resolution1.037k dots1.037k dots
Resolution24.2 MP24.2 Mp
Display Size3.2”3.2”
Focus Points3939
Microphone PortYesYes
Timelapse RecordingYesYes
AE BarcatingYesYes
Flash Coverage12.0m12.0m
Wireless ConnectionBuilt-inBuilt-in
Viewfinder Magnification0.55x0.55x
Raw SupportYesYes
Smartphone RemoteYesYes
Face Detection FocusYesYes
UHS Card SupportYesYes
Lens MountNikon FNikon F
Continuous Shooting Speed55
Warranty1 Year1 Year

Difference and Similarity Between Nikon D5500 and D5600

Design and Display

These two cameras have a super sophisticated design, and they have an identical size. The size of Nikon D5500 and D5600 is 4.88 x 2.76 x 3.82 inches. However, they do not share the same weight. Nikon D5500’s weight is 420, and Nikon D5600’s weight is 465 grams. Nikon D5500 is more comfortable to carry.

Nikon D5500 and D5600 have a 3.2” wide display. They come with a touch screen so they can be controlled by fingertips. The display resolution is 1.037k for both of these LCD screens. So, they provide you with a high-resolution LCD screen.

Shooting Performance

Nikon’s these two cameras offer you nearly the same shooting performance. They have an ISO of 100 – 25600. Nikon D5500 gives better performance in low light with ISO 1438, while Nikon D5600 has a low light ISO of 1306. Yet, they share a similar color depth and dynamic range. Their color depth is 24.1, and the Dynamic range is 14. In the continuous shooting speed section, these two arrive with 5 frames per second speed. 

Focus Points

Both Nikon D5600 and D5500 have 39 focus points. So, they focus on the subject quite well. With this many focus points. In the matter of taking moving object’s photos, they beat most beginners’ digital SLR cameras. Thirty-nine focus points help you get the best focus on your subjects. 


They come with a long battery life of 820 shots. They can click up to 820 photos per single charge. So, if you are buying a camera to take pictures of a long event, do not hesitate to choose them. They will cover any long event easily. 


Nikon D5600 and D5500 have Full HD – 1920 x 1080 video resolution. Therefore, you can record high-quality video clips with them. These two digital SLR cameras can record video for 30 minutes without any problem on a single charge. The Timelapse feature makes their video option more preferred. You can try recording something new with this feature. 

Connectivity and SnapBridge

The connectivity option makes these two digital SLR cameras different from each other. They come in a built-in wireless connection. Bluetooth connectivity is not available in both of them. Nikon D5600 has a Bluetooth connectivity feature, while Nikon D5500 does not have this option.

However, this feature does not create much of a disadvantage in Nikon D5500 as Nikon offers SnapBridge applications for Android and iOS devices. So, with this app, you can transfer photos without any hassle from your camera to your phone or PC. 


The warranty for Nikon D5500 and D5600 is one year which is offered by the manufacturer. They cover any manufactural damage the manufacturer provides, replaces, or repairs in this duration. However, Nikon reserves all the right to replace or repair the cameras in this duration.

Final Words

In the end, we would suggest you not go after trends in the case of buying a gadget. Sometimes, recent models are not worth your money as you can buy the same featured product for a lot less money. Nikon D5500 is the best example of this. It contains every feature that is included in Nikon D5600. So, be clever and spend your money wisely on a product.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nikon D5500 and D5600

What is the sensor type of the Nikon D5500?

The sensor type of Nikon D550 is APS-C CMOS Sensor.

What is the lens mount of the Nikon D5600?

The lens mount of the Nikon D5600 is a Nikon F mount.

What is the max ISO in Nikon D5500?

The max ISO in Nikon D5500 is 25,600.

What is the video resolution in Nikon D5500?

The video resolution in Nikon D5500 is Full HD – 1920 x 1080 megapixels.

What is the main difference between the Nikon D5500 and D5600?

The main difference between Nikon D5500 and D5600 is the Bluetooth connectivity. Nikon D5600 comes with that. Nikon D5500 does not.

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