Nikon D7100 vs D7200

Nikon D7100 vs D7200 – Which DSLR Camera is Best & Why?


If you want to pick the convenient one between Nikon D7100 and D7200, then We highly suggest Nikon D7200 for you. 

Why We suggest Nikon D7200?

  • Nikon D7200 lets you capture approximately 1110 shots per charge, and the Nikon D7100 can click 950 shots. Since this one has a longer battery life, you should consider this. 
  • It has an upgraded ISO range of 25600 which changes the game because the Nikon D7100 has 6400 ISO. Hence, this device can capture better images even in a dark environment. 
  • The D7200 is built with a 24.2-megapixel camera, whereas the D7100 has 24.1 megapixels. So this camera will capture slightly better images rather than the previous version.
  • The device combines with the NFC technology that lets you instantly share files. On the other hand, Nikon D7100 doesn’t include the NFC function, and sharing files could be a hassle sometimes with this. 

These were strong differences that made Nikon D7200 the best camera here. Thus, going with D7200 would be a wise decision because of its convenient functions.


Similar Features of Nikon D7100 vs D7200

Nikon D7100 and D7200 share a lot of similarities and include only a few differences. However, you already know their differences which made the D7200 better, now let’s read about the similar features of these cameras.

  • The continuous shooting speed of these cameras is 6fps, which means per second they can frame 6 images of any fast-moving object. 
  • Video capture resolution is 1080p on the Nikon D7100 and D7200, the resolution lets you record professional-quality video. 
  • Both come with a 3.2 inches screen and manual focus mode, so the devices let you focus on the images where you need.

After knowing their similar features, if you think the Nikon D7100 would be an ideal choice, you can choose this instead of the one I suggest. 

Comparison Chart: Nikon D7100 vs D7200

Specifications  Nikon D7100 Nikon D7200
Editor’s Rating  4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
ISO Range 100 – 6400 100-25600
Battery life 950 shots 1110 shots
Resolution 24.1 megapixels 24.2 megapixels
NFC No Yes
Wireless connection Optional  Built-in
Continuous Shooting Speed 6 6
Focus Point 51 51
Video Capture Resolution 1080p 1080p
Screen Size 3.2 inches 3.2 inches
Focus Type Includes Manual Focus Includes Manual Focus
Dimensions 5.35 x 2.99 x 4.21 inches 5.35 x 2.99 x 4.21 inches
Weight 1.69 lbs 1.69 lbs
Warranty  1 year  1 year

Differences & Similarities Between Nikon D7100 vs D7200

Battery life 

Longer battery life in a camera is very crucial so that you can use the device for hours without any interruption. If you want better battery life, then my suggestion is the Nikon D7200 for you. 

This device approximately can capture 1110 shots, while the Nikon D7100 is capable of 950 shots per charge. As the Nikon D7200 has a slightly longer battery life, think about this one. 

Image Quality 

Nikon D7200 provides better image quality than its competitor because it has a better ISO range. Also, it has a 24.2-megapixel camera resolution whereas the D7100 offers a 24.1-megapixel. 

Though there’s a slight difference in the camera resolution, the highest ISO changes the game. With the D7200 you can capture stunning images that will enhance the detail. So if you want to click a better quality image, the Nikon D7200 should be your pick. 

However, the focus points are 51 points on both devices, also the continuous shooting speed is 6 frames per second. When it comes to capturing moving objects, both devices can provide the same function. 

Video Quality

Both cameras are built with the same 1080p resolution, and this is just perfect for capturing professional-quality videos. Furthermore, you can capture stunning 4k and 8k time-lapse videos on the Nikon D7100 and D7200. 

ISO Range 

Better ISO means you can capture perfect shots even in a dark environment. And Nikon D7200 comes has 25600 highest ISO range whereas, the Nikon D7100 include the 6400 range. Therefore, the D7200 can produce a sharp, smooth image with edge-to-edge detail. 

Sharing Option 

Nikon D7200 has a built-in wifi option while the D7100 has an optional wifi function. Anyhow, the wifi ensures sharing is straightforward. But the Nikon D7200 also combines with NFC (near field communication) technology. It let you instantly share files with other devices. 

In addition, these two are compatible with the SnapBridge app, the app can be downloaded on iOS and android. You can also control your device settings with the help of this app. However, as the Nikon D7200 comes with NFC technology, you go with this device. 

Size and weight

Nikon D7100 and D7200 DSLR cameras measure 5.35 x 2.99 x 4.21 inches, while their weight is 1.69 lbs. Compared to any conventional device, these Nikon has a slim body, plus lightweight. Therefore, it would be easier for you to take them on the go wherever you are going, also, you can use the device for hours. 


They come with a one-year limited warranty which lets you repair or replace the devices within this period. If these cameras have any manufacturer defects, only then you can claim a warranty. 

Final Thought 

Nikon D7100 and D7200 are beginner-friendly cameras, both are a good choice for the newbies. However, Nikon D7200 is slightly better than the D7100, it has impressive battery life, higher ISO, and so on. 

So you can choose the Nikon D7200 but if you are okay with 950 shots and lower ISO, then go with the Nikon D7100 instead. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Nikon D7100 vs D7200

How about the focus points?

Nikon D7100 and D7200 provide 51-focus points which are good enough for the moving objects. 

What is their ISO Range?

Nikon D7100 ISO range is 100 – 6400, on the other side, the Nikon D7200 ISO range is 100-25600.

Are they good for beginners?

Yes, both Nikon D7100 and D7200 are outstanding cameras for beginners, and if you are a novice then you can select either of them. 

Are they compatible with SnapBridge?

Yes, both Nikon D7100 and D7200 are compatible with the SnapBridge app so that you can control them right from your smartphone or iOS. 

What is the camera resolution of the Nikon D7200?

This device features a 24.2-megapixel camera, on the other side, Nikon D7100 has a 24.2-megapixel resolution. 

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