Nikon D780 vs D850

Nikon D780 vs D850 – See Why We Recommend Nikon D850!


Nikon D780 vs D850Nikon D780 and D850 are fantastic cameras, there’s no doubt, but we strongly recommend Nikon D850 for you

Why We Recommend Nikon D850?

  • Nikon D850 can capture outstanding images with its 45.7-megapixel resolution. Besides, the Nikon D780 resolution is 24.5 megapixels. Since the D850 can deliver awesome images, you should consider this camera. 
  • The device has up to 153 focus points, and the other one has 51. More focus point is very handy when it comes to tracking moving objects, therefore the D850 would be handy.
  • It comes up with 9 FPS continuous shooting, whereas its little brother has 7 FPS. So, you can grab this camera as it delivers better continuous shooting to capture any fast-moving object at the full resolution with Full AF performance. 
  • Both cameras are built with a timelapse feature, but this one is one step better because you can create 8k and 4k movies with this device. Also, it will give you a new level of detail and sharpness. 
  • The D850 combines with a 35.9mm sensor size, in contrast, the D780 has a 35mm size. And the sensor is very important for SLR cameras because it affects the quality of photos that’s why the D850 is slightly better. 
  • It has a 0.75x viewfinder magnification which means the device has a larger screen for ease of use. At the same time, the other has a 0.7x viewfinder, which is very smaller than D850 that’s why this one would better choice. 
  • The D850 comes with NFC technology to deliver you the fastest sharing with other devices instantly. But the D780 doesn’t include this feature. 
  • You can capture 4k and 8k time-lapse videos in this camera with its incredible 2160p resolution with the interval timer properties. On the other hand, the D780 only records a 4K time-lapse. 

By now, you understand why we recommend the Nikon D850 for you. If you are impressed with its features, simply pick this device, or if you do not like then you can go for the previous version either.


Similar Features of Nikon D780 vs D850

  • Nikon D780 and D850 include the same 1x optical zoom, plus both have manual and autofocus modes that maintain the focus even on a moving or fast object to capture crystal clear shots
  • These SLR cameras can capture outstanding videos at 1080p resolution with photo-like sharpness and vibrant color.
  • Both have a weather-sealed body which makes them resistant to water, and dust, hence you can take them anywhere you want. 
  • D780 and D850 featured built-in wifi and BT function for quick sharing.

These were the similar features of the Nikon D780 and D850 cameras, after reading the best features of the D850 and both devices’ similar features, if you like the D780, there’s nothing wrong to pick this one. 

Comparison Chart: Nikon D780 vs D850

Specifications  Nikon D780  Nikon D850
Editor’s Rating  4.4 out of 5 4.7 out of 5 
Continuous Shooting Speed 7 9
ISO range  100-51200 64 to 25600
Max Resolution 24.5 megapixels 45.7 megapixels
Focus Points 51 153
Battery Life  2,260 shots 1,840 shots
Viewfinder Magnification 0.7x 0.75x
NFC Connection No Yes
Autofocus at f/8 aperture 11 point 15 point
8K Timelapse mode No Yes
Wather-Sealing Yes Yes
Video Capture Resolution 1080p 1080p
Built-in Wifi  Yes Yes
Bluetooth  Yes Yes
Photo Sensor Size 35 mm 35.9 mm
Focus Type Manual Focus and Auto Focus Manual Focus and Auto Focus
Optical Zoom 1x 1x
SnapBridge  Yes Yes 
Dimensions 5.55 x 3.07 x 4.45 inches 5.8 x 3.1 x 4.9 inches
Weight  1.65 lbs 2.02 lbs
Warranty  1 year 1 year

Similarities & Differences Between Nikon D780 vs D850

Battery Life 

There are a few differences in terms of the battery life of the D780 and D850.

The D780 has up to 2,260 battery life, on the other hand, the D850 has 1,840 shots. So, the Nikon D780 can capture more images than the latest version. 

But there is no time limit for the video recording, and you can record video as long as your memory is not getting full. However, if you want to capture more images, then D780 is the right camera for you. But there is not much difference, that’s why I’d recommend you consider the Nikon D850. 

Camera resolution 

Nikon D850 delivers outstanding camera resolution to click images. It has a 45.7-megapixel resolution, while the D780 comes up with 24.5 megapixels. If you want to click some incredible footage, your selection should be the D850. 

However, the video resolution of these devices is the same as 1080p. You can create timelapse video footage with both devices. 

They support a 4k time lapse, your videos will be tack-sharp, and there won’t be any shutter vibration. Moreover, the devices let you capture the footage in detail. 

But the Nikon D850 also supports an 8K time-lapse with the interval timer, which is not available on the D780. 

Focus Points 

These devices use an ultra-accurate AF focus system, but the D850 includes better focus points. It has 153 points compared to the D780 51 points. Hence, this device is just ideal for capturing moving objects’ images even in low light. 

Furthermore, with the combination of the 9 fps and 45.7mp, the D850 can create a decisive frame. But the D780 has 7 fps plus lower resolution than this version, so it cannot capture better images. 

In addition, the autofocus mode in f/8 aperture is 15 points in the D850, whereas the D780 has 11 points, thus the D850 can provide better images. 

ISO Range 

Nikon D780 has a better ISO range compared to the upgraded version. The D780 includes a 100-51,200 range, which is extendable up to 204800. 

Besides, the D850 ISO is 64-25600 which can be increased to 102400. Therefore, the earlier version can provide better images in low light rather than the latest model. 


Nikon is built with high-end material to ensure durability, also they come up with a one-year warranty. 

Also, these devices have a weather-sealed body which means both are resistant to water and dust. It ensures you can take them on the go and make them your adventure partner. 

However, the warranty will cover any damages due to the manufacturer, and if you cannot use the device, you can replace or repair it during this period. 

Sharing Technology 

Nikon D850 device built with the NFC sharing function, which is very handy when you need to share files instantly. But the D780 doesn’t feature NFC, instead, it has Wifi and BlueTooth plus SnapBridge app. Nikon D850 also includes these features, and with these sharing options, you can exchange photos with others. 

Moreover, the SnapBridge lets you control your device as well, which is very handy, and you can use your smartphone as the remote control of your device. 

Final Words 

As you can see, the Nikon D850 is packed with more outstanding features than the other one, so it would be better if you choose this. 

But if you have a tight budget and want to shots more images, then Nikon D780 could be your option. The decision is yours, but I suggest the D850 strongly to you. Give it a thought before making your decision. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Nikon D780 vs D850

Does Nikon D780 have a dual memory slot?

Yes, the device has a dual memory slot, and both slots are SD.

How long is the D850 warranty?

Generally, Nikon provides a one-year limited warranty, so this also has the same warranty against any hardware defects. 

Should I upgrade to the D850?

Yes, if you can afford the D850, you should upgrade to this camera because it has fast shooting speed, faster shutter speed, and much more on the upgraded version. 

What is the ISO range of these two SLR cameras?

The Nikon D780 has an ISO range of 100-51200, while the Nikon D850 has 64 to 25600.

How long is the battery life of these cameras?

Nikon D780 can capture 2,260 shots per charge, while the D850 can capture 1,840 shots per charge. 

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