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Nikon Z5 vs Z6 – Check Why Nikon Z6 is Best!

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Nikon Z5 vs Z6 Nikon Z5 and Z6 are two mirrorless cameras of the Nikon Z series. Most of their features might look identical. However, among them, Nikon Z6 comes with better features.

What Features Make Nikon Z6 Better?

  • Nikon Z6 has 25 megapixels with a BSI image sensor that helps to capture sharp, vibrant, high-resolution photos and videos. In contrast, Nikon Z5 has 24 megapixels picture resolution, which can’t give the quality like Z6.
  • Z6 comes with an excellent LCD screen resolution with 2,100k dots, while Nikon Z5’s screen has only 1040k dots. So, you will get an extremely detailed view on the screen of Nikon Z6.
  • Nikon Z6 can shoot 12 frames per second at full resolution in Hi+ mode, which means you can catch any shots no matter how fast the object is! On the contrary, Nikon Z5’s continuous shooting speed is only 4.5 FPS that might fail to capture any fast-moving object.
  • Nikon Z6 also has the focus stacking option, which allows you to stack photos in the camera to maximize the depth of the field. Thus, this feature helps you get some fantastic images by merging exact areas. But you won’t get this function with Nikon Z5.

These distinct reasons make Nikon Z6 a way better camera than the Nikon Z5. These reasons you must consider before buying your camera. 


Similar Features

  • Nikon Z6 and Z5 have a touch screen. So, controlling them is more effortless with the help of a touch display. 
  • They have face detection focus features, which makes them super fast at detecting faces and taking stunning photos.
  • Both cameras come with a microphone and headphone port that allows you to add a microphone to take videos with better sound.
  • Nikon Z5 and Z6 arrive with an environment sealing option, which makes them work in rough weather without breaking down.
  • They also have an AE Bracketing feature that helps these cameras to choose an exposure to get sensational shots. 
  • These cameras can be used as a Webcam. So you can use them as your PC’s webcam if it is necessary.

Hopefully, you are clear about their similar features and benefits. If you think the Z5 would be better, then no worry and choose this one.

Comparison Table: Nikon Z5 vs Z6

SpecificationNikon Z5Nikon Z6
Editor’s Rating4.6 out of 54.8 out of 5
Dimension5.3 x 2.8 x 4 inches5.3 x 2.7 x 4 inches
Resolution24 MP25 Mp
Battery Life470 shots330 shots
UHS Card SupportYesNo
Storage Slot21
Continuous Shooting Speed4.5 fps12 fps
LCD Screen Resolution1040k dots2100k dots
Focus Points273273
Microphone PortYesYes
Timelapse RecordingYesYes
AE BarcatingYesYes
Wireless ConnectionYesYes
Display Size3.2”3.2”
Viewfinder YesYes
Bluetooth Connection YesYes
Raw SupportYesYes
Smartphone RemoteYesYes
Eye Tracking FocusYesYes
Face Detection FocusYesYes
Anti FlickerYesYes
Touch ScreenYesYes
Lens MountNikon ZNikon Z
Headphone PortYesYes
Environmental SealingYesYes
Webcam FunctionYesYes
Warranty1 Year1 Year

Difference & Similarity Between Nikon Z5 and Z6

Design and Display

Nikon Z5 and Z6 are two almost identical mirrorless cameras from the Nikon Z series. They come in a sleek design. Their weight is 675 grams. They have nearly the same size. Nikon Z5’s size is 5.3 x 2.8 x 4 inches, and Z6’s weight is 5.3 x 2.7 x 4 inches. Their design allows you to have a good grip on these two cameras. 

The display in Nikon Z5 and Z6 is 3.2” in size. They are mirrorless cameras, so they come with tilting LCD screens, and of course, they are touch screens. The screen resolution in these two cameras is quite different. Nikon Z5’s LCD screen resolution is 1040k dots, and Nikon Z6’s resolution is 2100k dots. You get a better sight of the screen in Nikon Z6. 

Shooting Performance

Shooting performance may seem just about the same in these two cameras; still, Nikon Z6 gives you a slightly better image quality with its 25 megapixels sensor. In the continuous shooting speed section, Nikon Z6 wins again with its 12 frames per second speed. Nikon Z5 has only 4.5 frames per second in continuous shooting speed. So, you would get amazing shots with continuous shooting in Nikon Z6.

Focus Points

Nikon Z6 and Z5 have 273 focus points. Therefore, they are capable of giving you astonishing images of moving objects. These focus points help you get stunning portrait shots too. These two cameras play a notable role in clicking moving objects and portraits with these many focus points.     


Although most of Nikon Z5 and Z6’s features and appearance are nearly identical in the matter of battery life, they perform differently. Nikon Z5 can give 470 images with a single charge, while Nikon Z6 only serves you 330 shots in this circumstance. That means you get more photos to take with Nikon Z5 than the Nikon Z6.


The video resolution in Nikon Z5 and Z6 is 4K (UHD) – 3840 x 2160 megapixels. This resolution allows you to have some good videos. So, Nikon Z5 and Z6 are two quality vlogging cameras. They can record for 30 minutes without facing any problem in their full charge. These two cameras are two pro cameras for videography and vlogging. The external microphone port and headphone port makes Nikon Z5 and Z6 more professional for videography.  

Connectivity and SnapBridge

Nikon Z5 and Z6 are two mirrorless cameras with a built-in wireless connection. So, WiFi is enabled in these two. Nikon Z5 and Z6 also appear with a Bluetooth connectivity option. That means if your camera has to have Bluetooth for work, they are here for you. Apart from wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, Nikon has an android and iOS app for your devices, which can easily transfer images to your phone and PC from the camera.


Nikon offers a 1-year warranty for both Nikon Z5 and Z6. This warranty includes backup for any manufactural defect and, if necessary, repair or replacement of the device. Nikon reserved the right to repair or replace these cameras. 

Final Words

Nikon offers you the best cameras for your photography experience. Nikon Z series include a mirrorless camera collection. So, if you want to buy one between Nikon Z6 and Z5, you should go for the Nikon Z6. That’s because if you are investing in one already, why not in the best product?

Frequently Asked Questions about Nikon Z5 and Z6

Is the Nikon Z6 weather sealed?

Yes, Nikon Z6 is weather sealed.

What is the video resolution of the Nikon Z5?

The video resolution of the Nikon Z5 is 4K (UHD) – 3840 x 2160.

What is the ISO of Nikon Z6?

The ISO of Nikon Z6 is 100 – 51200.

What is the continuous shooting speed of the Nikon Z5?

The continuous shooting speed of the Nikon Z5 is 4.5 frames per second.

Does Nikon Z6 come with wireless connectivity?

Yes, Nikon Z6 does come with wireless connectivity.

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