Nikon z7 vs Sony a7r iii

Nikon z7 vs Sony a7r iii – See the Differences For the Best One!


Nikon z7 vs Sony a7r iiiBetween the Nikon z7 and the Sony a7R III, I would recommend you to choose the Sony a7R III as this device contains some unique characteristics.

What are the unique characteristics of the Sony a7R III?

  • This camera has a max ISO than the alternative. You will get better images in any environment because of this versatile range. The max ISO for the Sony a7R III is 32000, and the Nikon z7 has a max ISO of 25600.
  • You will shoot 650 photos without any pause with this device, while the competitor can take only 330 shots. Sony a7R III is perfect for any function.
  • Sony a7R III has dual memory slots. Thus, you are free to record large duration videos. Nikon z7 has only a single memory slot.
  • It is combined with the NFC, so you can share your files easily with the NFC connectivity option while the competitor isn’t compatible with this feature.
  • The continuous shooting at 10 frames per second of this camera which will provide you better visuals for a moving object. Nikon z7 does the same job at 9 frames per second. 

All these features made the Sony a7R III the best option for you. You will surely love the output of this device.

Similar features between Nikon z7 vs. Sony a7R III

  • These cameras are compatible with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity thus, and you will share your files without any complexation.
  • Both have a touchscreen display so that you can control the focused area with a single tap.
  • The electronic viewfinder of the camera devices will provide you a better framing with maximum frame coverage.
  • Both the cameras have a tiltable display. You can easily adjust the display as per your requirement.

Nikon z7 and Sony a7r iii combine with these impressive features, after reading their similarities if you change your mind and think the Nikon Z7 is better, you can select this.

Quick Comparison 

SpecificationsNikon z7Sony a7R III
Editor’s Rating4.6 out of 54.8 out of 5
Expandable ISO32-10240050-102400
Focus Points493425
Battery Life330 shots650 shots
Continuous Shooting9fps10fps
Optical Zoom2x1x
Video Resolution2160p1080p
Storage SlotSingleDual
Image StabilizationYesYes
Product Dimension5.3 x 2.7 x 4 inches5 x 3.87 x 3 inches
Product Weight1.29 lbs1.45 lbs
Warranty1-Year of Warranty1-Year of Warranty

Differences & Similarities between Nikon z7 vs. Sony a7R III


Nikon always keeps a premium touch on its camera devices. The device, Nikon z7, comes with the traditional outlook with a curve on the right side to provide a solid grip for your hand. Sony a7R III also has an excellent outlook with a rigid grip for your hand. The cameras have the input placed on the right side of the device with a cover to protect them from any casualties.


The cameras have a standard range of ISO that is suitable for any environment. You will be able to get stunning quality images doesn’t matter what the light condition is. Nikon z7 has an ISO range of 64-25600. The other device, Sony a7R III, has a different range that is 100-32000. The expandable ISO is quite similar for both devices.

Image Quality 

No doubt the cameras will deliver you stunning quality images. They have an upgraded sensor with a standard image processing engine. The sensor resolution of the Nikon z7 is 46 megapixels. With 493 focus points, this device will make you able to control the focus point without any complexation.

The increased light of this device will shoot images with greater detail. Sony a7R III comes with a sensor resolution of 42 megapixels and 425 focus points. This camera has a double AF feature that will capture the maximum detail and enhance your photo quality. 


Nikon z7 can be used to capture 4K UHD videos in full-frame as you will be able to use the total width of the sensor. The camera can shoot time-lapse videos at 8K resolution. The alternative, Sony a7R III, is also an excellent device for video recording. You will be able to record explicit 4K videos on this camera. As the device has a dual memory slot, you can shoot videos at any duration you want.


Nikon z7 comes with a 3.6M-Dot Quad ultra-high resolution VGA viewfinder. You will get 100% frame coverage with corner-to-corner clarity. The viewfinder will surely satisfy you with the feel-like Nikon feature. Sony a7R III comes with an electronic viewfinder that contains 3686K dots.


Nikon z7 has a bright display with a tiltable feature. The 3.2-inch tiltable display with the touchscreen feature will allow you to track your subject with just a single tap on the screen. However, the Sony a7R III has a smaller size screen that won’t disappoint you for sure.  The crystal clear 3-inch display will let you control the focused area with a single tap as this is also a touchscreen display.

Continuous Shooting

Continuous shooting is a must if you want to shoot a moving object. Nikon z7 can be used for continuous shooting at 9fps. The alternative, Sony a7R III, is capable of capturing any action with continuous shooting at 10fps. You are assured of not losing any details. 

Durability & Warranty

Nikon z7 and the Sony a7R III are two great camera devices, and there is no doubt about that. They are among the world’s finest camera makers. You will have a 1-year of warranty for the camera devices.

Final Words

You should not think much while choosing a camera device from the options mentioned above. They both are two of the most preferred machines in this budget. Sony a7R III is the recommended one because of the unique features it’s providing. You may check the Nikon z7 if you need more focus points with a larger display.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nikon z7 vs. Sony a7R III.

How suitable are they for studio purposes?

They are perfect for studio purposes with wireless connectivity.

What is the Sony a7R III filter diameter?

The filter diameter of this device is 77mm.

Can I use the devices to shoot 4K videos?

Sure. You can shoot 4K videos with both devices.

Which mount is preferable with the Nikon z7?

Nikon introduced a new Z mount for the Nikon Z series.

Is there any animal detection on the Nikon z7?

Yes. The animal AF will provide you stunning portraits.

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