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Ninebot ES4 vs Max – Learn Why Ninebot Max is Best!

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Ninebot ES4 vs MaxIf you are confused about picking the best kick-scooter between Ninebot ES4 and Ninebot Max, don’t worry. We highly suggest Ninebot Max because of its advanced functions.

Why We Recommend Ninebot Max?

  • The mile range of Ninebot Max is 40.4 miles (65 km). Contrariwise, the mile range of ES4 is 28 miles which are 20 km less than the Max resulting in more shortly.
  • Ninebot Max has a higher hill grade than ES4. While riding on a hill, Ninebot Max can mount on a 20% gradient slope, but ES4 can ascend 5% less gradient.
  • Regarding the battery, Ninebot Max gets a better score as it has 551 Wh battery power and ES4 has 374 Wh only. So Max’s battery can provide more mile range than the other. Moreover, Max’s battery needs 1 hour less charging time than the ES4. So if you are in a hurry, Max can help you greatly.
  • Ninebot Max provides brighter light compared to ES4. While ES4 is equipped with a 1.5 W LED, Max is furnished with a 2.5 W LED, which enhances the visibility double. So in the low-light condition, Ninebot Max is the required one. 
  • The tire is a significant part of a scooter as the balance, speed, and comfort largely depend on it. While ES4’s tire is solid non-pneumatic, Max’s tire self-healing is pneumatic. So on bumpy roads, Ninebot Max can cushion the bounces more. Moreover, the diameter of Ninebot ES4‘s tire is 8″ in the front wheel and 7.5″ in the rear wheel; but in the case of Max, the diameter is 10″. As the larger tire creates a better grip on the road and improves handling and high-speed performance, Ninebot Max is a better kick-scooter indeed.

Now it is clear why Ninebot Max is the winner and why you should choose it.


Similar Features

  • Nineboot ES4 and Max’s body material and max payload are similar.
  • Having the same motor capability, they can pick the same max speed. 
  • They are controllable from the Segway-Ninebot app via Bluetooth.

Comparison Chart: Ninebot ES4 vs Max

Specifications  Ninebot ES4  Ninebot Max
Editor’s rating 4.4 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Building material   Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
Recommended age and required height 14+ and 3 foot 3 inches- 6 foot 6 inches 14+ and 3 foot 11 inches- 6 foot 6 inches
Unit weight 36 lbs(16.33 kg) 41.89 lbs (19 kg)
Mile range 28 miles (45 km) 40.4 miles (65 km)
Maximum climbing slope 15% 20%
Battery Lithium-Ion, internal and external, 374 Wh Fast charging, 551 Wh
Battery recharge time (max) 7 hours 6 hours
Light 1.5 W LED, ambient, customizable 2.5 W Built-in front LED
Tire 8″ front and 7.5” rear, non-pneumatic, solid 10” pneumatic, self-healing
Motor power Nominal 300 W, Peak 800 W Nominal 300 W, Peak 800 W
Top speed 19 mph (30.5 km/h) 19 mph (30.5 km/h)
Max load 220 lbs (100 kg) 220 lbs (100 kg)
Mobile app control Yes Yes
Smart battery management system Yes Yes
Bluetooth connectivity   Yes Yes
IP rating 54 X5
Anti-theft feature   Yes Yes
Shock absorption feature Dual Suspension System Dual Suspension System
Brake Mechanical and electrical Front and rear
Zero power waste Yes Yes
Regenerative brake Yes Yes
UL2272 Yes No
Anti-slip handle Yes Yes
Warranty 1-year limited 1-year limited

Differences & Similarities Between Ninebot ES4 and Ninebot Max

Building Material

Ninebot ES4 and Ninebot Max both scooters are sleek, lightweight, and durable because of their body material- aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. ES4 weighs only 36 lbs (16.33 kg), and Max weighs 41.89 lbs (19 kg). Even though Max weighs a bit more, it is acceptable to be carried away. The maximum payload of Ninebot ES4 and Ninebot Max is 220lbs(100kg). One can rely on them easily during any trip.

Battery and intelligent Battery Management System

Ninebot Kick-scooter by Segway ES4 has a dual battery- an internal and an external lithium-ion battery. The battery capacity of Ninebot ES4 is 374 Wh, whereas Ninebot Max has a fast-charging ability with 551 Wh battery capacity.

The maximum Battery charging time of Ninebot ES4 is 7 hours, but in the case of Ninebot Max, it is only 6 hours. Ninebot Max can go nearly 41 miles on a single fully charged battery with such tremendous battery power. However, ES4 lags with its 28 miles(45km) range.

The battery cells of the models are observed by an intelligent Battery Management System that takes care of the battery safety and helps extend the battery life maintaining its max capacity. The smart BMS protects the battery from being overheated, short circuit, overcurrent flow, and over-charging conditions. 

Motor power 

The nominal and peak motor power of both Ninebot ES4 and Ninebot Max is 300 W and 800 W. So each of them can pick the highest 19 mph (30.5 km/h) speed. 

But Ninebot Max is a little advanced in terms of hill grade. It has a maximum of 20% slope climbing ability, whereas ES4 can ride a 15% gradient at its best.  


If you want to go on a trip at night, you can make it safe and sound by lighting up your way with the excellent lighting system of Segway. In ES4, the front-facing light is diagrammed with a 1.5 W high brightness LED light, and in Max, the brightness is nearly doubled by using 2.5 W LED to enhance the visibility to the surroundings. 

As the color of LED lights is customizable, these can be radiant in look. The colorful lights also help to make the rider visible to other riders in a low-light place. Though it is suggested to deny night trips for safety purposes. 

Wheel and Tire

Ninebot ES4 is designed with 8 inches front, and 7.5 inches rear non-pneumatic and solid tires. For being airless, they are risk-free from being flat tired, carrying more weight, and usable in rugged activities. Moreover, they require less replacement resulting in money-saving. And Ninebot Max has 10 inches of pneumatic, self-healing tires. 

As they are made of very durable rubber, they can highly absorb the unevenness of the terrain, causing a smoother ride compared to the non-pneumatic ones. And the self-healing feature makes it best as if the tires are cut or punctured anyhow, an inner layer of sealant material repairs it automatically.  

Shock absorption system  

The products have built-in front and rear shock absorbers that ensure a smooth and stable ride even at high speed. They control the unexpected, and excess spring motion during a rider drives the Scooter on a rough or bumpy track. So with the dual suspension facility, the kick-scooters make your ride easeful, balanced, and riskless.


Segway ES4 has included an amalgamation of two efficient and responsive braking systems- mechanical brake and anti-lock electrical brake. While the Mechanical brake functions in general cases, the electrical brake helps a rider from skidding on a slippery pathway. 

On the contrary, Ninebot Max is equipped with a front and rear brake. The rear brake provides a backup when the front bake fails, and sometimes it enhances the vehicle’s stopping effort.   

Zero power waste 

Segway ES4 keeps contributing to the ecosystem by saving energy. This model enables to save unused power in the reservoir functioning automotive energy saver and later to utilize that recovered energy for boosting power. Thus it provides more distance with less cost-benefit. 

Cruise Control System 

Cruise Control System, also known as auto cruise, works for keeping the Scooter steady at a pre-set speed during a long journey to make the ride easy. To run this option, one needs to accelerate the Scooter manually at his intended pace and lock the pace in the Cruise Control System. And then, the rider will have no worries to control the vehicle unless he wants to change pace or stop the Scooter.

LED Display 

The LED Display of the Segway scooters shows the speed and battery life that alarms a rider’s needs. The ES4 is designed with a customizable LED display with the best technology where the rider can check speed, battery condition, Bluetooth condition, and many essential data.

Anti-theft feature 

The security system is one of the vital issues for a scooter-holder. If anyone wants to keep his Segway scooter away from him, he can leave it there without having any anxiety. Because by connecting the vehicle with the cellphone’s alarm system, one can easily get to know whether any person except the owner wants to move it. 

Mobile App

As both Ninebot ES4 and Ninebot Max have their mobile app, so the owner has the opportunity to control his vehicle from a remote place. Through the Segway-Ninebot App, one can monitor the Scooter, modify the safety features, LED colors via Bluetooth. 

Fire Safety 

During a long time journey, Lithium-ion batteries generate a lot of heat and minimize the danger of battery explosion, and Segway ES4 encircles UL 2272 certification. Riding the vehicle on a badly surfaced road frequently also enhances the risk of short circuits. The feature, therefore, remains a concern about the electrical and mechanical safety to avoid the inconveniences so far.


Both the products have a warranty of 1 year. If any inconvenience arises during the limited period, then the Segway will fix up the problems. One won’t be able to consume the privilege of the warranty unless he purchases the vehicle from an authorized Segway Distributor. And most importantly, the buyer must be aware of the tamper-resistant seal.


From the above discussion, it is already clear that both ES4 and Max are good ones to pick. But if you consider which one can give much better performance, then it must be Ninebot Max.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ninebot ES4 and Max

Q: What is the location of the batteries?

A: First battery is located inside the steering tube, and the second battery is attached to the back of the steering tube.

Q: How many miles does the charge hold?

A: It depends on the rider’s weight and terrain. According to the standard measurement, it remains between 20-25 miles.

Q: How to repair the tires if they get flat?

A: The tires are made of solid rubber, so you will not even face that problem.

Q: How to connect the Scooter with the app?

A: You switch on the Bluetooth button, and then once you download the app, it gets paired. Very simple!

Q: Do they require maintenance? 

A: Since these are electrically powered units, it is advised to keep the batteries charging sometimes so that they do not die out completely.

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