Ninebot Max Vs Boosted Rev

Ninebot Max Vs Boosted Rev – Which scooter is the best & why?


Ninebot Max Vs Boosted RevFinding the best kick-scooter between Ninebot Max and Boosted Rev is difficult as both have some noteworthy features. But recommends the Ninebot Max as the best. 

Why do we recommend Ninebot Max?

  • Ninebot Max is 551 Wh while the other scooter is 370 Wh only. So with this one, you can go 40.4 miles which is 18.4 miles more than the other one’s mile range.
  • It has a 2.5 W LED that ensures a brighter environment than Boosted Rev’s front headlight. If you are concerned about your safety, you must choose the brighter one.
  • Max possesses 10″ pneumatic, self-healing tires, and Boosted Rev owns 9″ * 3″-6″ pneumatic air-filled tires. Since the tire has a larger diameter can create more friction and balance. Moreover, you will have no headache regarding regular checking, air-filling, and other maintenance if you buy Ninebot Max because of its self-healing quality.
  • This scooter provides 3 modes based on power-saving, highest performance, and moderate driving. So here, you can utilize all the modes whether you are a beginner or a pro. But Boosted Rev has different driving modes based on just skill.
  • Compared to the other, it weighs 5 lbs less. Therefore, when you have to carry it away, you can do that with less effort.

These are all prime reasons that cause the major differences between the two products. Now you wisely decide the compatible kick-scooter for you.


Similarities between Ninebot Max and Boosted Rev

  • Their building material is durable Aluminum.
  • None of them has a shock absorption feature.
  • One can operate and upgrade both models from their mobile apps.
  • They have a cruise control option and an anti-theft alarm.
  • Both products offer a 1-year warranty.

Quick Comparison Chart

Specifications  Ninebot Max Boosted Rev
Editor’s rating 4.8 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Unit weight 41.89 lbs 46 lbs 
Mile range 40.4 miles  22 miles 
Maximum climbing slope 20% 25%
Battery Fast charging, 551 Wh Lithium-ion, 370 Wh
Battery recharge time (max) 6 hours 3 hours
Light 2.5 W Built-in front LED, automatic rear brake light Front headlight, rear brake light
Tire and Wheel 10” pneumatic, self-healing tire 9” * 3”-6” pneumatic air-filled tire, Boosted wide throttle wheel
Motor power Nominal 350 W, Peak 800 W Dual, 1500 W, each motor 750 W
Top speed 19 mph (30.5 km/h) 24 mph (39 km/h)
Brake Front-wheel mechanical drum brake and rear wheel regenerative electric brake Rear fender stomp brake, regenerative electric brake, mechanical disc brake
IP rating IP X5 IP 67
Mode 3-speed modes: ECO, Standard (D), Sports (S) 3 ride modes (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced)
Max load 220 lbs (100 kg) 249 lbs (113 kg)
Smart battery management system Yes No
Mobile app control Yes, available on Android and iOS mobile systems Yes
Cruise control system Yes Yes
Bluetooth connectivity   Yes Yes
Anti-theft feature   Yes Yes
Building material   Aircraft graded aluminum alloy Aluminum body
Product dimension (L*W*H) Unfolded (47.4”* 18.6”* 45.9”)

Folded (45.9”* 21”* 18.6”)

Unfolded (44”* 24”* 44.8”)

Folded (44”* 24”* 20”)

Warranty 1-year limited 1 year

Similarities and Dissimilarities Between Ninebot Max and Boosted Rev

Structural details

Boosted Rev kick scooter is made of a superbly flexible composite deck. The total weight of the scooter is 46 lbs or 21 kg, and the dimension in unfolded phase is 44″ (L) * 24″ (W) * 44.8″ (H), and if it is folded, the dimension becomes 44″* 24″* 20″.

Though the weight is not so favorable to carry away, its easily foldable design has made it an exclusively riding-friendly scooter. On the other side, Ninebot Max is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for lightweight and easily portable.

The folded dimension of Max is 45.9″* 21″* 18.6,” and the product’s weight is 41.89 lbs or 19 kg, so compared to the other one, a user can carry it with him easily during his journey and effortlessly keep it in a narrow place. The maximum load that Boosted Rev can carry is 249 lbs (113 kg), and it is higher than Max’s payload, which is 220 lbs (100 kg).

Motor Power 

The nominal motor power of Max is 350 W, and the peak power is 800 W. Using the max motor power, one can pick 19 mph top speed which is equivalent to 30.5 km/h. But Boosted Rev has a dual motor, and each motor consists of 750 W power.

So the combined power becomes 1500 W which increases the power of faster acceleration and helps to pick a maximum of 24 mph or 39 km/h speed, and it is better than the other model. Because of the extreme level of motor power can climb a slope of a maximum of 25%, while Max’s hill grade is 20% only for its less motor power. 

Battery power and Mile range

Max has a fast-charging battery of 551 Wh, which takes a maximum of 6 hours to be fully charged, and on a single charge, you can go 40.4 miles or 65 kilometers. On the contrary, the battery power of Boosted Rev is 370 Wh and takes only 3 hours as the maximum recharge time.

It has less extended battery life, and therefore it can go 22 miles or 35 km with a fully charged battery. Along with a 1500 Wh battery, this model offers the user an extended battery life and an excellent experience in adventure trips.

Brake System 

Boosted Rev has a rear fender stomp brake, mechanical disc brake, and regenerative electric brake, and Ninebot Max has a front-wheel mechanical drum brake and rear wheel regenerative electric brake. For regenerative electric brakes, both kick scooters can save unused energy and later utilize that power.

The rear brake works as a backup brake if the front brake fails to stop the wheel of transport securely on the slippery surface. The front brake makes a distinguishing feature. Max’s drum brake functions in normal braking conditions and can not manage the heat that much.

But Boosted Rev’s disc brake protects the scooter and its rider by generating and transferring a massive amount of heat to the atmosphere and providing ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), which gives a better and secured performance in the instant braking situation. But the disadvantages of the disc brake are that it is expensive, heavier, noise creating and needs effort for maintenance. Besides, it is ineffective for the parking brake, the rider needs more skill to operate it. 

Tires and Wheels

While Ninebot Max has tubeless 10″ pneumatic self-healing tires, Boosted Rev is designed with pneumatic (air-filled) 9 “* 3.00″- 6” tires and boosted throttle wheels. The wide wheels help to keep a firm grip even on snowy or icy tracks. The pneumatic tires can absorb the maximum shakiness of the uneven terrains and keep the rider comfortable in a journey.

And the tires of Max are made of highly durable rubber and an inner layer sealant, they ensure self-healing quality which means they can withstand multiple punctures of less than 6 mm in diameter. So you need not tense about an inflated tire, and it does not need regular checking and air refilling in Ninebot Max.

Lighting system and Display

Ninebot Max has a 2.5 W built-in front LED light along with automatic rear brake light, Boosted Rev has a front headlight and rear brake light. The lighting system adds a dimension in terms of safety since, during driving, the headlight provides a clear vision of what is ahead, and the taillight helps to be seen by the pedestrians and other drivers.

But Max’s 2.5 W has more enlightening power than the other. Both products are designed with an LED display that shows the useful information that a rider needs while driving, such as battery lifetime, current mood, current speed, Bluetooth status, and so on. 

Riding modes

Max has 3 riding modes- ECO, Standard, and Sports. Economic (ECO) mode limits the acceleration and held a grip on the power consumption to save the vehicle’s energy. Sports (S) mode provides you the chance to show the highest performance, and Standard (D) mode allows you to change several driving features.

On the contrary, Boosted Rev also has 3 riding modes, but they are completely different than the previous model. They are- Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced mode. Each mode has a certain level of adjusted top speed to ensure the rider’s safety. While in the Beginner mode, one can go up to 12 mph; in the Intermediate level, it enhances to 18 mph, and in the Advanced mode, it gets the maximum acceleration, 24 mph.

Other technological features

Both kick-scooters can be operated from a mobile app connected through Bluetooth. The anti-theft feature, which sends an alarm if someone tries to steal your scooter when you are far from your vehicle, makes the products user-friendly.

They have Cruise Control Option too, so if you adjust the throttle to your desired speed, the system will follow that until you manually accelerate the speed. In case you are on a long journey, the feature will help you greatly. But for your safety, don’t use the feature at more than 15 km/h speed, or if there is wind turbulence, or the road is often zigzag. 

IP rating

The Ninebot Max has an IP X5 rating, while the other has IP67 protection. You can drive Max in light rain as it can tolerate water splash for a while, and there is no chance of entering water that may interfere with the functionality of the scooter’s inner body. But Boosted Rev is one step ahead in this field. For having a more protective seal, it can be submerged in a 1-meter depth water level for half an hour. Moreover, you can drive it on sandy roads too since it can protect dust-like objects also.


Both the products offer a limited one-year warranty, so if any inconvenience is found in the products within this time, the authority will take steps regarding the issue. But most importantly, one needs to buy the products from an authorized seller, keep the tamper-resistant seal and bring the warranty card to get the facility. 

Final Words

Ninebot Max and Boosted Rev both have some excellent distinguishing features that make them selectable. But as you have to buy only one between them, you need to prioritize the qualities you want. So here, our opinion is that Max can better experience safety, durability, and comfortability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I lock the scooter?

The scooters have an electric lock system which you have to activate via the mobile App. And if you want to lock it physically, use a cable wire or bike lock.

Do I need to assemble it, or it comes assembled? 

Yes, you have to assemble it yourself, and it takes not more than 5-10 minutes.

Can I drive Ninebot Max in rain? 

Yes, it has IPX5 resistance, which means you can expose it to rain and water splashing situations. 

Do they have a full suspension system for absorbing shock?

No, they have neither front suspension nor rear suspension.

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