NordicTrack RW200 Rower vs Concept 2

NordicTrack RW200 vs Concept2 – Why you should pick Concept2?

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NordicTrack RW200 Rower vs Concept 2NordicTrack RW200 and Concept2 are good rower machines for beginners, as well as for intense workouts. I’ve checked out all the key points and found Concept2 has more improved features than RW200.

Why Concept 2 is Best Rower?

  • Concept2 is equipped with a unique performance monitor, while RW200 has a backlit monitor. Using the backlit monitor is a little bit of a hassle. Also, Concept2 rower ensures the convenience of use.
  • It is Bluetooth compatible, while NordicTrack RW200 isn’t Bluetooth-compatible. Even, you are allowed to use headphones or other smart devices in Concept2 wirelessly.
  • The max weight capacity of Concept2 is 500 lbs; besides, NordicTrack RW200’s weight capacity is 250 lbs. Obviously, NordicTrack RW200 is not an ideal choice for heavier people to ride on.
  • It has an integrated tablet holder, but its rival doesn’t include this. Thus, Concept 2 allows you to keep your tablet or smart device in the machine, and you can enjoy your workout even more.
  • Both are compatible with the famous iFit app, but Concept2 is consistent with other fitness apps as well. Different fitness app helps you to reach your workout goal quickly.
  • Concept2 doesn’t make noise, so if you want a workout in the middle of the night, you can do it; but NordicTrack RW200 makes noise.

All these unique features made Concept2 a different and better choice. If you are impressed with this rower’s features plus want to check its best price then press the button below.


Similar Features of NordicTrack RW200 vs Concept2

  • The footrests are adjustable and non-slippery.
  • They share the same two-year warranty on all the parts.
  • NordicTrack RW200 and Concept2 are foldable machines, so they will save you space.
  • Both come with an adjustable console that is very handy as you can rotate the monitor at any angle to your need.
Specifications  NordicTrack RW200 Concept2 
Editor’s Rating 4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5 
Bluetooth Compatible  No  Yes 
Adjustable Console Yes Yes
Dimension  86.5″ L x 22.0″ W x 42.8″  56 x 22 x 15 inches
Monitor  Backlit Display  PM5 Display 
Max Weight Capacity  250 pounds  500 lbs
Integrated Tablet Holder No  Yes 
Material  Metal  Aluminum With Powder Coat
Fitness App No  Yes 
Resistance Level  24 10
iFit Compatible  Yes Yes 
Footrests Adjustable  Adjustable 
Space-saver  Yes  Yes 
Warranty  2 years 2 years

Similarities & Dissimilarities of NordicTrack RW200 vs Concept2

Easy Assembly

NordicTrack RW200 & Concept2 come with an easy installation manual; they don’t need any professionals’ help. Furthermore, they offer you screws, including other tools, so that you do not need to purchase anything separately. These two are required to assemble the front legs, monitor, flywheel, and each part. Approximately, you will need 30 minutes to install them without help from anyone fully.


Concept2 comes with the Performance Monitor known as PM5, while the NordicTrack RW200 contains a backlit display. Compared to the backlit display, the PM5 is upgraded, and it offers you an automatic “Just Row” that allows you to set your workout that you need. However, both monitors are smart that can track heart rate, workout progress, calories, and so on.

Since the monitor tracks each data, you can measure your progress easily. And the workouts include distance, time, as well as intervals. Concept 2 display can be connected with Bluetooth, while the NordicTrack RW200 cannot. Also, the Concept 2 monitor includes games that are amazing.  Additionally, you can use a USB flash drive to store your workout progress, but you’ve to purchase it separately.

Max Weight Limit 

NordicTrack RW200 has 250 lbs max weight; on the other side, Concept 2 has 500 lbs. As you can see, the NordicTrack is not ideal for heavier people with more than 250 lbs weight. At the same time, the Concept 2 rower is ideal for both lightweight and heavier people. That’s why you can think about this rower for your home workout.

iFit Compatible 

The iFit feature brings a wide range of workout options in front of the users; fortunately, both machines come with one-year iFit membership. Moreover, it allows different users to use the machines while keeping track of all the workout history. It has full-body training from the best trainers around the world; you can easily adjust your resistance level so that you can optimize your workout perfectly. Also, the machines have the river Thames plus other waterways features included, which is great.

Fitness App Compatible 

NordicTrack RW200 is only compatible with the iFit app; on the other side, Concept 2 also has other fitness app compatibility. It has a free ErgData app that allows you to sync your workout data to Concept 2 Online Logbook. It also offers a live class that is not available on NordicTrack RW200.

Adjustable Footrests

The foot straps provide you with comfort as well as confidence throughout your workout. And the footrests are adjustable that give you easy sizing, including a wide range of shoe sizes. Moreover, the machines have a comfortable ergonomic handle; they can be rotated up to a 10-degree bend, so you can naturally row with hand and arm position.

Size & Machine Weight 

NordicTrack RW200 dimension is 86.5 inches long, 22 inches wide, and 42.8 inches long. Besides, Concept2 is 15 inches tall, 56 inches long, and 22 inches wide. These two machines’ dimensions clearly show that Concept2 is a better choice as it will take less space in your home.

Furthermore, these two machines can be folded when your workout is done. But don’t forget to unplug the machine to save power; however, they have transport wheels on the front legs. Fold the machine and then store it in the place you want; these machines are a great space-saver for you since these two can be folded.

Construction & Warranty 

These machines are built to last as they use high-end material with a unique finish. They were constructed with metal plus aluminum material to make the machines durable. And, in terms of warranty, NordicTrack RW200 plus Concept 2 have the same two-year warranty on all the parts. Both of them come with a one-year limited warranty on labor as well. Besides, if you want to replace the machine, they offer you to do it within 30 days.

Final Words 

Investing in a rower machine is a tough decision, but hopefully, it becomes easier for you after reading this comparison. As I said, Concept 2 is a better rower than NordicTrack RW200 since it is equipped with handy plus upgraded features. The NordicTrack RW200 is only a good option for newbies; on the other hand, Concept2 is suitable for all users. So, I recommend you to think about all the features and benefits of these two machines and then make your decision.

Frequently Asked Questions About NordicTrack RW200 vs Concept2

Do they offer assembly while delivery?

No, the machines don’t provide assembly, but the assembly is very straightforward.

What is the resistance level of these two rowers?

NordicTrack RW200 has 24 resistance levels; on the other hand, Concept 2 has 10 resistance levels.

How long do I need to fold down the machine?

You will need only 30 seconds to fold down the machines since the machines have transport wheels. Also, always ensure that you unplug them once your workout is done.

Do they provide a warranty?

Yes, both machines come with a two-year warranty on all the parts, while a one-year warranty is a labor.

Can a 350 lbs person use NordicTrack RW200?

No, that’s because the machine is designed for up to 250 lbs, so a person with more than this weight should not ride on the machine.

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