Nordictrack S22i Vs Peloton

Nordictrack S22i vs Peloton – Check Who is the Boss and Why!

Nordictrack Bike

Nordictrack S22i Vs PelotonIf you want the best one for indoor cycling, then I highly recommend Nordictrack S22i for you. In the following, I’ve shared why this could be the best choice for ultimate workouts.

Why Nordictrack S22i Best?

  • The incline and decline make these two indoor bikes different from each other, and it makes Nordictrack the best one. This feature is included for the realistic road simulation so that you can do a challenging workout. But this is absent in the Peloton bike.
  • It comes with a 360-degree swivel screen, which is a 22-inch HD touchscreen. On the other side, the Peloton comes with a 180-degree swivel. So, the Nordictrack S22i can provide you with the best convenience of use.
  • The weight capability of the Nordictrack S22i is 350 lbs, which is ideal for heavy-weight people. But the Peloton has 305 lbs weight capacity, so it’s not suitable for the more massive people.
  • Nordictrack S22i comes with one-year free iFit membership; on the other hand, the Peloton doesn’t offer free membership. However, you can watch the LIVE classes and streaming workouts video. Furthermore, it allows you to customize your cycling routine.
  • You can find Auxiliary Port on this bike while the Peloton doesn’t come with this. It lets you listen to music during the workout session. Or you can play the music through the audio speakers as well.
  • Nordictrack S22i offers a ten-year warranty in terms of warranty, while the Peloton has a one-year limited warranty. The Nordictrack can also last for years to come than Peloton since it is made from advanced quality material.

These special functions made the Nordictrack S22i a better bike than the Peloton. If you are interested in this bike then you can go with it without any confusion.


Quick Comparison Chart: Nordictrack S22i vs Peloton

Specification  Nordictrack S22i Peloton
Editor’s Rating  4.8 out of 5  4.5 out of 5 
Dimension  55” x 22” x 55.” 60” x 24” x 48.”
Cycle Screen  22 inch HD touchscreen 22 inch LCD Touchscreen
Swivel Screen  360 degree 180 degree
Weight Limit 350 lbs 305 lbs
Free Membership Included Yes  No
Rotating Console   Yes  No
Weights Included Yes  No
Toe Cage Pedals Yes  No
Auxiliary Port Yes  No
iFit Yes  No
Warranty  10-years  1-year limited warranty

Differences & Similarities of Nordictrack S22i vs Peloton

Drive System

The drive system is one of the differences between these two indoor cycles. The Nordictrack S22i provides both automatic and manual resistance control; on the other side, Peloton doesn’t include the automatic resistance feature. This function made the Nordictrack a versatile bike. Also, the monitoring feature makes it easier to operate the Nordictrack S22i.

Additionally, the Nordrick S22i also includes the incline and decline that is not available on the Peloton. They offer automatic adjustments to the terrain.

Weight Capacity 

When it comes to the weight capacity, the Nordictrack S22i is the best, as this supports up to 350 pounds. In comparison, the Peloton can support up to 305 pounds. NordicTrack is adjustable; also, it will fit most body sizes. But you cannot adjust the Peloton. That is a little hassle.

Screen and Swivel 

Nordictrack S22i comes with a 22-inch HD touchscreen that offers a 360-degree swivel. It makes the machine very convenient for the users since they can rotate the screen according to their needs. Also, the screen will show the workout routine, the classes, and other programs.

The Peloton also has a 22-inch LCD, and it offers up to a 180-degree swivel. So when it comes to rotation, the S22i is a better option.

Free Membership 

You will get up to a one-year free iFit membership plan with the Nordictrack. It allows you to join the live classes, watch the videos, and interact with the instructor. The fantastic thing about the membership is, that you can compete with other riders. And the Peloton doesn’t come with the free membership; you need a subscription to the plan you want.

Setup and Accessories

You need to set up the Nordictrack S22i while the Peloton comes entirely constructed when you purchase it. It just needs a few adjustments, and you can place the bike and start cycling anytime you want.

In contrast, the Nordrictrack required manual setup, which is a little hassle for the user. As the bike parts are also heavy, so you cannot do it alone. Please hire a professional to assemble the machine.

Both of the machines come with a few handy accessories with the bole. You’ll get dumbbells with a rack, bottle holder, and cage clips. The Peloton comes with clip pedals, but it doesn’t contain dumbbells.


The warranty period makes a huge difference between these two bikes. The Peloton comes with a one-year limited warranty covering the screen and other parts of the cycle. And the bike frame comes with the five years warranty.

Nordictrack S22i studio cycles support a ten-year guarantee on the frame, two years on the parts, and a one-year labor warranty on the flip side. So you can select the Nordictrack S22i with eyes closed over the Peloton since it comes with a better warranty.


Both Nordictrack S22i and Peloton are equipped with modern features. They are made from high-quality materials to ensure they last for many years. If you want to get the experience of road races and do some indoor cycling workout sessions, then I highly suggest the Nordictrack S22i. Compared to the Peloton bike, it is convenient to use. And if you want some intense workout sessions, then Peloton can be the best pick for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nordictrack S22i vs Peloton

Will S22i automatically adjust to the resistance and incline?

Yes, it has iFit coaches that allow the machine automatically to adjust, incline, and so on. It helps you focus on the ride.

What is the Peloton weight capacity?

The maximum weight capacity of the Peloton is 305 lbs, while the S22i has 350 lbs.

Is there a swivel screen available on the S22i?

Yes, the bike offers a 360-degree swivel and tilts up and down so that you can participate in bike rides easily.

Is it possible to use the Nordictrack without iFit?

Yes, it is possible to use the Nordictrack bike without iFit. The machine allows you to manually adjust s[eed and other things by pressing the one-touch side button.

Can I pause the workout on Peloton?

No, there is no pause option on this bike; once you start a workout, you cannot stop it until you finish. Or else the workout will not count as completed.

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