North Face Jester vs Recon

North Face Jester vs Recon – Which One is the Best?


North Face Jester vs ReconNorth Face Jester and Recon are two better choices if you are looking for daypacks. Here Recon would be the best pick as it offers more beneficial and user-friendly features than Jester.

Why Recon is the Best Pick?

  • Face Recon has got 30 liters capacity while Jester has a capacity of 28 liters. So, initially, Recon provides a larger space for your accessories.
  • Recon comes with a dedicated, highly protective laptop compartment. For that reason, 17 inches laptops get easily fit in its 15 inches space. The main compartment of the Jester has been used as the laptop sleeve. That’s why it’s less protective. 
  • A slight system deviation is the zipper of these daypacks. The Recon is made with YKK zippers. At the same time, the Jester utilizes lower SBS zippers. The YKK zippers are absolutely smooth and have a good reputation for their long-lasting ability.
  • Another main difference is the Jester doesn’t offer a front fleece-lined pocket while the Recon has this unique feature where you can put emergency accessories.
  • The Recon comes with a removable waist belt and compression straps, so it is simply attached to the body and feels ample satisfaction. But the Jester doesn’t provide these handy specialties.

Now it is pretty obvious that the Recon clearly surpasses the Jester in almost all key sections. Probably you may desire to take any of these packs at a sensible amount? Don’t hesitate; just press the switch below and make the best possible deal. 


Similar Features

Besides all these differences, the Jester and the Recon have some similarities. Here are the features of these two daypacks. 

  • You will get a flex vent ventilation system with these products.
  • The bike-light loop is 360-degree reflectable. 
  • The woman-specific is also available.
  •  Both these bags have Water-resistant ability.
  • Lifetime guarantee and free replacement clause. 

Quick Comparison 

Specifications  North Face Recon  North Face Jester 
Editors Rating  4.6 out of 5  4.2 out of 5 
Style  NF0A3KV1 NF0A3VXF
Weight measurement  2 Lbs 7.7 Oz 1 Lb 10 Oz 
Dimensions  19.25 in. X 13 in. X 7 in.   11 in. X 8.25 in. X 18.13 in. 
Storage  30 liters  28 liters 
Laptop sleeve  15 inches (dedicated) 15 inches (fixed)
Tablet sleeve  Decorated  Normal 
Zippers  YKK SBS
Main fabric  600 D polyester and 420 D Nylon mixed.  600 D polyester and ripstop polyester mixed.  
Compression straps  Yes  No 
Removable waist belt  Yes  No 
Lifetime Guarantee  Yes  Yes 

Comparison of features between North Face Jester and North Face Recon

Style and design 

The difference in the style of these two products is quite evident. The Recon looks so sharp and more attractive between these. Some may disagree with me because of Jester’s simplicity in styling. This could be the main reason for this disagreement. But according to people’s choice, the design of the Recon got more votes. So, it’s up to your choice and your own decision which one attracts you the most. 

Storage and capacity   

The Recon offers comprehensive storage of 30 liters that is enough to keep all the necessary accessories for your daily use. Moreover, this type of storage capacity is really capable of medium length of traveling also. Such as weekly tours, short camping activities, this daypack will be very compatible. But the surge really lakes in the capacity section. It has a maximum storage capacity of 28 liters. That may be more fitting for small day travels. But not compatible with a medium range of travel activities. 


The Recon is the largest in between these two. It is slightly heavier than Jester. That is the only negative point of Recon. However, this pack carries more because of this large dimension and size. Alternatively, the Jester is slightly smaller in size than Recon. For that reason, this pack is less heavy and carries fewer products on it.

Internal compartments   

All the big differences between these two products can be seen in internal compartments. Recon is well known for its huge and very well decorated compartments. Furthermore, this pack’s laptop compartment is dedicated and very protective, and the tablet sleeve is very well furnished. At the same time, the tablet sleeve of the Jester is just a normal one. Probably the reason why this pack comes at a low price. The laptop sleeve is associated with the main chamber. Another main problem with this pack is that it doesn’t have enough rooms in different sleeves. 

Advantageous features

The Recon comes with a very useful removable waist belt. These waist belts make this pack very comfortable for carrying. Alongside this lovely feature, this pack features compression straps. These compression straps make this bag very compact and hold it tightly. For that reason, some weights get reduced. Sadly, you will not get any of these useful features at a lower price, Jester. 


Though the Recon comes in a slightly costlier price value, that doesn’t describe the reality. This pack offers so many unbelievable features at that reasonable price, and this worth that money. So, I will pick the Recon any day, any time. But in case of a lower budget, you may go with the Jester as an alternative to Recon. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Recon and Jester

Question: Can I travel airlines with any of these packs?

Answer: Yes, Both these packs are quite fittable for airline travels. Especially the North face Jester gets fit into all types of airlines for its smaller dimension. 

Question: Can I wash these packs in freehand? 

Answer: Yes, these packs are suitable for hand wash. Rather than that, you can use a washing machine also. But don’t forget to use cool water while washing. 

Question: Does the North Face Recon offer color variations? 

Answer: Yes, this pack comes in various attractive colors for all ages of users. Moreover, the women-specific version also comes in different colors for women’s preference.

Question: Can I exchange the used North Face Jester bag?

Answer: No. let me clarify the warranty clause. You can only replace these products in case of any natural damage or lackings. Without any justifying reason, replacement is not possible.

Question: Does the north face Recon come in different sizes? 

Answer: No, this daypack doesn’t come in different size options. Rather than this is a fixed size, which fits all. But you can adjust the shoulder straps according to your size. Moreover, you will get enough support from a removable waist belt. That will hold your pack very tightly.        

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