North Face Router vs Surge

North Face Router vs Surge – See which one is the best!


North Face Router vs SurgeNorth Face Router and Surge both hold amazing standard common features. But some outstanding qualities make North Face Router more reliable than the North Face Surge.

Why North face router is more reliable?

  • This pack comes with a total capacity of 41 liters. Therefore this pack can be used for short to medium range of traveling purposes. On the other hand, the Surge only offers 31 liters of capacity. That’s why it is only fittable for a short day tour.
  • The laptop sleeve of the north face Router is 17 inches. Moreover, this special mash padded laptop sleeve gives more protection to your laptop. The Surge is compatible with a 15 inches laptop. And it doesn’t allow extra protection like the Router.
  • The Router has a very well-decorated separate tablet sleeve. Furthermore, some smaller pockets are available for electronic items. The Surge also has a tablet sleeve, but it is not well decorated like the Router.
  • The Router is available in unisex and women’s specific versions. So, you can pick your backpack according to your body structure. But the Surge is available in one unisex version. That’s why you will not get the luxury of choosing the pack according to your sex.

From the above-mentioned description, it’s quite evident that the Router has far better features than the Surge. Now, you have the opportunity to take any of the packs at a reasonable price. Go to the button underneath to secure the best possible deal.


Similarities between North face Router vs North face Surge

Now let’s have a glance at some common features of these two packs.

  • These two products have airline fitt ability.
  • You will get a lifetime replacement warranty.
  • Quite protective in light rain.
  • Very well ventilation system.

Quick comparison 

Specifications North face Router North Face Surge 
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 54.6 out of 5
Dimensions Large (21 inches x 13.8 inches x 9 inches) Medium (20 inches X 13.25 inches X 10.5 inches) 
Weight 8 oz2.8 Oz 
Capacity 41 liters 31 liters 
Laptop sleeve Compatible of 17 inches (much protective) Compatible of 15 inches (less protective)
Tablet sleeve Separated 15 inches Internal 12 inches 
Versions Unisex, women-specific Fixed 
Airline fit able Yes  Yes 
Warranty Lifetime Warranty Lifetime Warranty

Comparison of features between North Face Router and North Face Surge 

Size and dimension 

The main difference you will find in between these two packs is their different size and dimension. The North Face Router comes in a larger dimension compared with the Surge. It has a dimension of 21 inches x 13.8 inches x 9 inches. At the same time, the Surge is slightly smaller in terms of dimension, and it is 20 inches X 13.25 inches X 10.5 inches.

Storage and capacity

The Router gets a huge advantage in this section compared to the Surge. It has a capacity of carrying at least 41 liters. So, you can take almost all your necessary things in this pack. But the Surge doesn’t allow this much luxurious capacity in it. It has a small capacity of 31 liters. So, you have the flexibility of putting your daily accessories in it.


The Router can be used for different activities. For having large-capacity storage, this pack can be a great fit for weekend tours. Mainly this is a day pack. But for the medium range of tours and camping purposes, this pack can be used. It is quite difficult to accept the below-carrying capacity of the Surge. This pack is suitable for day tours only. Weekend tours or long-term tours are not possible with this pack. So, in the usability department, the Router easily beats the Surge.

Internal compartments 

The North Face Router has direct access to its main compartment. This pack has many well-decorated sleeves. Especially designed media compartments. Such as the laptop sleeve is built with extra mash pads. Therefore, your laptop will get additional protection.

Furthermore, the laptop sleeve is compatible with carrying 17 inches laptops in it. On the other hand, the Surge’s laptop sleeve is compatible with carrying 15 inches laptops in it. Also, the laptop sleeve is not that well protective.

You will get two-sided water holders with these two packs. The water bottle holders of the Surge are excellent and flexible compared to the Router. Because it is made with soft fabric, the Surge gets a slight upper hand in this section.

Both these packs have similar kinds of zippers. The used zippers are so strong and very well-lasting. So, you don’t need to be conscious of the zippers of these products.

Durability and warranty  

The manufacturing fabric of these two packs is a mixer of 500 D nylon and ripstop nylon. Therefore, these products are well durable. After so many uses, any of these products will not lose the actual shape. According to many experienced users, these two packs are the most durable backpacks available in the market.

You will get a lifetime replacement warranty benefit with these products. As a result, users can use these bags according to their demands.


Choosing the better one was really difficult in the first instance. But, after the discussion, it is quite clear that the North Face Router has the upper hand over the North Face Surge. Yes, If you cannot bear the Router’s slightly high costs, the Surge can be your other option. So, pick your desired backpack according to your demand.

Frequently asked questions about North Face Router and Surge

Question: Is this pack has different color options? 

Answer: Yes, this pack comes with various color options. All of these colors are quite amazing and look so sharp. So with the Router, you will get enough preferable color alternatives.

Question: What about the rain protection ability? 

Answer: Yes, this pack is very useful in case of lightweight rain. You don’t need to use any extra rain covers. But in case of heavier rainfall, just use the rain cover to ensure extra protection.

Question: I am a shorter woman, will this pack easily fit with me? 

Answer: Yes. The great news is this backpack is ready in a women’s-specific version. This women’s version will be an excellent option for women who have a shorter spine. For other persons, the unisex version is also available in the market.

Question: Describe the ventilation process of this pack? 

Answer: Yes, this pack has a fantastic high-quality ventilation system. The back panel is made with air passing ability. Therefore, you will get an immense suspension on this backpack.

Question: Can I wash this pack in boiled water?

Answer: No, just ignore the hot water. Furthermore, this pack has access to washing in the machine. You just need to use cold water while washing.

Question: Can I make weekend tours with this pack? 

Answer: Yes, though this pack is well known as a day pack. But this backpack easily fits for weekend tours or even enough for monthly tours. For the medium level of travel activities, the north face Router can be your great companion.

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