North Face Vault vs Jester

North Face Vault vs Jester – Which one is the Right Choice?


North Face Vault vs JesterNorth Face Vault and Jester are two great daypacks that have some identical features. But with a gorgeous outlook, unique internal design, and an additional capacity, the North Face Jester arguably the best one.

Why is North Face Jester the Best?

  • It has an updated bungee system to carry extra accessories. But the Vault doesn’t have this magnificent feature. So, you will not get any tools to carry your additional accessories. That’s why long tours are not possible with this pack.
  • North Face Jester comes with different color options. While the Vault only comes with a light blue color. Users are not that satisfied with a fixed color option.
  • The main compartment of the North Face Jester is very well decorated and has a secured zippered pocket. On the other hand, the Vault’s main compartment is not that standard and doesn’t allow any secured pocket on it.
  • With a fixed storage capacity of 28 liters, the Vault only fits well for mini-tours or daily activities. On the other hand, with the Jester, hiking, weekend tours, campaigns, and other activities are possible because this pack allows additional storage.

So, the difference is now clear. And You can see the Jester makes a very strong case over the Vault. Now, if you want to get any of these products at a low price, don’t hesitate. I am here to help you. For making a good deal, you need to go to the button below.


Some common features of these two packs.

  • A floating padded laptop sleeve of 15 inches.
  • 360-degree reflective tools.
  • Lifetime and exchangeable warranty clause.

Quick comparison 

Specifications North Face Jester North face vault 
Editor’s Rating4.8 out of 54.6 out of 5
Main fabric 600D Polyester, 1200D Polyester, and 450 D heather polyester, 600 D embossed polyester.  600D Polyester, 1200D Polyester, and 450 D heather polyester. 600 D embossed polyester. 
Dimensions 11 inches. X 8.25 inches.  X 18.13 inches. 19 .3 inches.  X 12.25 inches. X 7.5 inches.
Capacity 27 liters ( extended) 28 liters (fixed) 
Weight 740 g. (lightweight) 940 g. 
Laptop compartment 12.75 in. X 11 in.  11.75 in.  X 12.25 in. 
Airline fit ability Yes Yes 
Color option Yes No (fixed light blue color)
Warranty Lifetime warrantyLifetime warranty

Comparison of features between North face Jester and North face Vault


You will find a dimensional difference between these two products. But that difference is very minimal. The North Jester comes with a dimension of 11 in. X 8.25 in. X 18.13 in. At the same time, the Vault comes with a relatively smaller dimension compared to this one. The average dimension of the Vault is 19 .3 in. X 12.25 in. X 7.5 in. So, in between these two packs, the large dimension one is the Jester.


In the capacity section, the JJestertakes advantage of the Vault. Here, the Vault has a fixed capacity of 28 liters. But the JJestercomes with an option of additional storage capacity. So, you will carry the more necessary products on the bungee system of this pack. The internal capacity is almost 27 liters. And if you add the additional storage with that, it will carry at least 30 liters. So, capacity wise this pack gets the upper hand over the Vault.

Main fabric 

The main manufactured fabric is a mixed one. Both these packs are built with Polyester and heather polyester mixed. This mixed fabric has an excellent reputation. This mixed fabric protects your pack from water and also from some other damage. The main fabric of these products is a high standard.

Weight difference 

You will find a minimum weight difference between these two products. Looking at the dimension, it seems the JJestermay be the heavier of these two. But in reality, the Vault is slightly heavier than the JJester The jJesterweighs 740 grams. Here the vault pack is 940 grams, almost 1b. Astonighly, the JJesterbeing the lighter of these two allows more storage in it. Moreover, you will be able to carry a lightweight pack on your shoulder for a long time without getting into any trouble.

Laptop sleeve 

Both these packs of laptop sleeves are quite similar. You will be able to carry a 15 inches laptop on both of these packs very easily. Also, the laptop sleeve is made with many mashes padded to allow extra protection to your laptop. As well as the tablet space on these bags is also well decorated.

Color options

The Jester comes with four different color options. Users can pick their desired one. But the Vault doesn’t provide you the options of choosing from different colors. This pack is made with only one fixed color, which is light blue. Many users ignore this one because they don’t like the color of this pack.


Polyester-made packs are quite good at keeping the best shape after many uses. Another good thing is that these day packs are very well built and do not lose shape. The color quality and the outlook remain the same after many uses. The Zippers are very well made. Moreover, the internal compartments are also quite durable.

Ventilation system 

The mass padded back panels keep your back sweat-free for a long time. You will find an air passing padded back panel. Another good thing is, the excellent ventilation system does work to reduce the hit and remain cool for a long time.


The North Face offers a lifetime replacement warranty for these two packs. Moreover, You may get some repairable advantages also. This warranty clause shows companies’ confidence in their products. It gives you the independence to have the best use of these two bags.


In the first instance, it was tough to identify the best pack in between these two. But now it’s quite clear that the Jester offers more user-friendly features and has more popularity. So, my recommendation is the North face Jester over the Vault. However, the Vault is also a good option. If you have a budget issue or don’t need all these features, then you can go with the Vault as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about the North Face Vault vs Jester

Question: Tell me about the water-resistant capability of this pack?

Answer: This pack is quite capable of water-resisting. Protects from rain and water. But for more safety, you can use rain cover in case of heavy rainfall.

Question: Is this pack comes in a fixed size?

Answer: Yes, one fixed size fits for all. But you can make it fit in your body by increasing or decreasing the adjustable shoulder straps.

Question: Can I wash this pack on machines? 

Answer: Yes, this pack is machine washable. But use only cold water while washing your pack.

Question: Can I get different color options with this pack? 

Answer: Yes, the North Face Jester is available in several gorgeous colors. This pack is available in four different colors.

Question: Is this pack airline fit able?

Answer: Yes, this pack fits in Airlines in its compact shape. You can use this pack on lower-class airlines also.

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