Nuna Leaf vs Mamaroo

Nuna Leaf vs Mamaroo – Check the comparison & grab the best one!

Baby Swing

Nuna Leaf and Mamaroo swings allow you to bounce up and down and sway from side to side, which is very convenient. Both of them are perfect for your baby but if you want to get the best one, check out their differences first.

What Are the Differences between Nuna Leaf vs Mamaroo?

Nuna Leaf Mamaroo
Nuna LEAF™ Baby Bouncer with Toy Bar
Nuna Leaf has a one-speed ratio. Mamaroo has 5 unique motions.
This swing is not Bluetooth compatible. This swing is Bluetooth compatible.
It has no MP3. It has built-in MP3.
Nuna Leaf has no toy ball. Mamaroo offers a toy ball.
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The differences chart shows the Mamaroo would be a better swing machine for you; hence you can grab this one with your eyes closed. And if you want to know their differences precisely, read the following segment.

Why Should You Choose the Mamaroo?

  • Mamaroo appears with 5 unique motions and speeds. But the Nuna leaf has a minimum speed ratio and motion options compared with this one. 
  • The 4moms Mamaroo has Bluetooth compatibility. That helps to control the swing from a distance. Besides, the Bluetooth functionality is missing with the Nuna leaf swing. 
  • This baby swing has 4 built-in MP3 sound systems, which help to soothe your baby. On the other hand, the other one doesn’t offer MP3.
  • You will get a reversible toy ball option with the Mamaroo baby swing. Unfortunately, the Nuna Leaf does not combine with this. 

All those features made the Mamaroo a better swing for your baby, and you can consider this one rather than the Nuna Leaf. Also, you can check their prices from the below links. 


Similar Features of Nuna Leaf and Mamaroo

  • The seat belt system will hold the baby properly in a steady position. 
  • Smooth manufactured fabrics will provide comfort to your kid. 
  • The height adjustment system and recline functionalities are there. 
  • Both swings are designed for the unisex gender.

You will get these similar facilities with both baby swings. But if you want the best service with improved features, you should go with Mamaroo.

Other Specifications Chart of Nuna Leaf vs Mamaroo

Specifications  Nuna Leaf  Mamaroo 
Editor’s rating  4.5 out of 5  4.7 out of 5 
Dimensions  32.4 x 24.6 x 7.1 inches 33 x 19.5 x 25.5 inches
Item weight  15.6 pounds 18.36 pounds
Motion options  Yes  Yes 
Height adjustment  Yes  Yes 
Main material  Nylon fabric  Cotton fabric 
Baby swing care  Machine washable  Machine washable 
Designed for (Gender)  Unisex  Unisex 
Warranty  Yes (1-year)   Yes (1-year) 

Features and Benefits of Nuna leaf and Mamaroo


Parents like to purchase comfortable seats for their babies. Here, both baby swings are super comfortable. Though they are manufactured from different materials, they are very similar. Nuna leaf has cotton materials that are soft enough for a long rest.

On the opposite side, the Mamaroo baby swing’s nylon fabric has a great air-passing ability. This seat doesn’t get warmer even in the hot summer. So, parents will get their desired comfortable seat for their baby. 

Motion and speed 

The motion lasts so long with a gentle push at the Nuna leaf seat. Hassle-free motion speed is a good sign of a baby swing. The 4moms Mamaroo swing has 5 different motion adjustability. No other swing will not provide this high number of motion movements. 

Built-in sound system 

The most amazing technological improvement of the Mamaroo swing is its built-in sound system. This seat is MP3 compatible. It has 4 different sound options, making a lovely environment with natural sound. But the Nuna Leaf doesn’t provide a built-in sound system, so you cannot use the different sounds to calm your baby.

Bluetooth compatible 

Mamaroo is one of the few baby swings that have built-in Bluetooth functionality. With a compatible smart device, Bluetooth helps connect with the swing. It provides timely notification on that smart device. You will acknowledge the actual scenario of your baby from a long distance out. The Nuna leaf baby swing is not Bluetooth compatible. 

Toy ball featured 

4moms Mamaroo’s specialty is to provide comfort and a pleasant time. With toy ball adjustment, the baby will have a pleasant time sitting on that swing. Baby will not feel alone without having any real company of humans. So, this swing takes away all the pressures of keeping the baby happy. Another downside of the Nuna leaf is that this swing is not featured with any toy ball. 


The 4moms Mamaro baby swing comes with 1 year of warranty support. Also, the Nuna leaf baby swing has a 1-year limited warranty clause. The warranty covers any defects on the swings, so you need not be concerned about the best use of these swings. 


4moms Mamaro is not an ordinary baby swing. It is specially designed to provide extra comfort and safety to the sitting baby. Also, some modern technological improvement has made the baby swing the best without any doubt.

So, 4moms Mamaroo is the best-suited baby swing between these two. Nuna leaf offers less quality on a less budget. If you are under a tight budget, this could be your choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Nuna leaf and Mamaroo Baby Swings

Question: Can I wash these baby swings? 

Answer: Yes, you can both swing on a Machine. Hand washing is not possible. Just remove the pads and put them on a washing machine. The swing will be cleaned up. 

Question: Any extra pad needed for comfort? 

Answer: No, these swings are specially designed to provide extra comfort to the baby. Also, the air passing ability is too high. Babies can relax here for a long time without noticing any discomfort. So, you may not require to buy any extra pads. 

Question: Any battery needed? 

Answer: No, those swings are AC adapter functional. No battery support is needed. 

Question: Where did the 4moms Mamaroo manufacture? 

Answer: The Mamaroo swing was manufactured in china. But the manufactured materials were imported from outside countries. 4moms Mamaroo has no compromise with the quality. 

Question: Is it safe enough? 

Answer: Yes, the Mamaroo has a 3-point harness tested. This is very safe and easy to use. Also, the Nuna leaf was tested roughly, which was able to stay quite well on this hard test. So, both swings should be safe enough for your baby.  

Question: Can I remove the toy attachment? 

Answer: Yes, the toy attachment is fully removable. When it is unnecessary, you can reverse the toys. 

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