Nvidia Shield vs Apple TV

Nvidia Shield vs Apple TV – Why Nvidia Shield is the Best Pick?

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Nvidia Shield vs Apple TVNvidia Shield and Apple TV both are pretty good smart tv devices, but Nvidia has more amazing features.

The Amazing Features of Nvidia Shield

  • It uses the latest Tegra X1+ processor that makes the Shield faster than the Apple TV A8 chip processor.
  • Nvidia Shield makes your TV into an entertainment powerhouse because it has the Dolby Vision HDR picture, including Dolby Atmos sound. On the other side, its competitor doesn’t feature these things.
  • The device has AI Upscaling, which is not included in the Apple TV. The AI ensures you more precise, crisper video to enhance the 4K resolution in real-time.
  • It has a smart remote compared to the Apple TV. The remote includes a motion-activated feature, customizable buttons, a lost-remote locator, and so on.

All these unique features made Nvidia Shield the best option here. It would be a wise decision to consider this device for your home. If you are interested to check the price, then simply press the buttons below.


Similar Features

  • Nvidia Shield and Apple TV support gaming.
  • They provide a built-in voice command remote.
  • Both of them access many tv apps for live streaming or watching movies.
  • They can access all the apple devices.
  • Both stand one year against any manufacturer issues.
  • The devices have the same Bluetooth 5.0 so that you can connect them without a cable.

Quick Comparison

Specifications  Nvidia Shield Apple TV 
Editor’s Rating  4.9 out of 5  4.8 out of 5 
Processor Tegra X1+ A8 chip 
Standard Ram  3 GB 2 GB
Video Output 4K 1080p
Dolby Vision  Yes  No
Dolby Atmos Yes  No
Memory Storage Capacity   16 GB 32 GB
Audio Output Up to Dolby Atmos 360-degree cinema sound Up to Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound
Lost remote locator  Yes  No 
Bluetooth  Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0
Motion Activated Backlit Button  Yes  No
Gaming Supports  Yes  Yes 
TV App  Yes  Yes 
Gaming Support  Yes 
Voice Command Remote Yes  Yes 
Warranty  1-year Limited  1-year Limited 

Differences and Similarities Between Nvidia Shield and Apple TV

Video Quality 

Nvidia Shield will give you the best video streaming compared to the Apple TV. The Dolby Vision of the Nvidia transforms your TV experience with its advanced HDR. It inspired cinema that has Dolby Digital Plus to deliver a lifelike ultra-vivid picture quality with highlights up to 40 times brighter than other smart TVs. Also, it is 10 times darker than the standard picture. It features 4K HDR content to stream any content.

Apple TV, on the other hand, it has a 1080p resolution that delivers high-quality video. But you will not get the crystal clear video from this.

Sound System 

In terms of sound quality, the Nvidia Shield has a Dolby Atmos sound system that will transport you into an extraordinary experience with the moving audio. So, it has improved sound quality than the Apple TV.

While the Apple TV sounds system is the Dolby Digital Plus 7.1, it also produces surround sound, but it does not deliver sound like the Nvidia. The Nvidia Shield is the right choice for you as it will give a cinematic experience and immerse yourself in another world.


Nvidia Shield uses the latest Tegra X1+ processor that uses the power of the AI. It upscales your HD video to the 4K and delivers faster services than the previous versions. The Apple TV has an older A8 chip processor that is slower than Tegra.

Memory Capacity 

Apple TV has a 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory capacity, and it is better than Nvidia Shield. The Nvidia also has a 3 GB RAM, but it has a 16 GB storage capacity. If you want a large memory capacity, then choose the Apple TV. But overall, Nvidia Shield is a better choice, so storage can be considered.

Smart Remote 

These smart TVs come with a built-in voice command remote, you do not need to type like traditional TVs. However, the Nvidia has a better remote, and it features some handy things. The remote has voice search like the Apple TV. Also, it gives you motion-activated and has backlit buttons. It has a built-in remote locator, and if you cannot find your device, the remote locator will help you find the remote easily. The Shield remote is the best and handy compared to others.


Nvidia Shield and Apple TV come with a smart tv device and remote controller. But the Nvidia also gives you batteries and HDMI cables too. If you choose the Apple Tv, then make sure you purchase the cable separately.

Gaming Support 

You can also use these smart devices for playing your favorite games. Moreover, they offer games for everyone so you can play them with your friends or other family members as well. Remember, they do not provide the game controller. You need to purchase it separately. However, the Nvidia allows you to play games from the Google Play Games, GeForce NOW. While the Apple TV lets you connect you to the Xbox Adaptive Controllers for the latest games.

TV apps compatible 

Nvidia Shield and Apple TV have separate tv apps for their devices. The app lets you control the channels you want to watch also enables you to subscribe as well. Both apps are smart and can access almost all your favorite entertainment tv, movies, games, music, and more. Both offers advances android tv devices so that you can enjoy entertainment that you love. But Apple TV doesn’t support the Google Play Store, whereas the Nvidia Shield can access google. And google contains more than 5000 apps, which means you will get the best app experience from Nvidia Shield. Keep in mind and all apps are not available in all countries.


Apple TV and Nvidia Shield both provide a one-year guarantee, and stand against any manufacturer defects. Apple gives a 90-day technical supports to its users, while the Nvidia Shield doesn’t. If you have any issues while using your smart device, simply contact the manufacturer, the customer services are available 24/7.


After reviewing both smart devices, I found the Nvidia Shield is the best bet for anyone seeking a smart tv. But if you are an Apple freak, then you can consider the Apple TV. It doesn’t contain the Dolby Audio or Vision and cannot access all the streaming apps. So, the Nvidia Shield should be your choice since it will give you the best experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nvidia Shield vs Apple TV

Does Netflix support the Dolby Vision and Atmos?

Yes, Netflix supports both the DV and Atmos, moreover, the Shield also supports the playback of the local DV content by using photos and videos.

Can I pair the Apple TV with other devices?

Yes, the Apple TV supports the latest Bluetooth 5.0, so it’s an effective way to pair it with other devices.

Does the Apple TV provide the HDMI cable?

No, it does not come with an HDMI cable, but the Nvidia Shield provides an HDMI cable.

Are they dual band wifi compatible?

Yes, both of them use dual-band wifi so that you get the best streaming without any interruption.

Do they come with a built-in voice command remote?

Yes, these two smart TVs have the same voice command remote, but the Nvidia remote is convenient as it contains many unique features.

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