osprey atmos 50 vs 65

Osprey Atmos 50 vs 65 – Know Why You Should Grab Osprey 65!


osprey atmos 50 vs 65

Osprey Atmos 65 has almost all the features that Atoms 50 contains. But between these two backpacks, Osprey 65 provide some extra facilities that made it the best.

Why Osprey Atmos 65 is Better?

  • Osprey Atmos 65 has produced a smart top lid and an extra zipper at the bottom. Access to the main compartment through this zipper is effortless. But the Osprey Atmos 50 is a single compartment top-loading bag. It isn’t easy to access.
  • This backpack has a great suspension system. Having a great suspension system is very important for hiking packs. The suspension system Osprey Atmos 50 is still a good one. But compared to Osprey Atmos 65, it will not get the full mark.
  • Atmos 65 has a good pocket arrangement. Especially the two large external pockets on the front side are handy. While the Osprey Atmos 50 doesn’t have this type of pocket system. Its pocket system is complicated to operate.

After knowing all these above-mentioned features, you already identified the major differences between these two Products.


Quick Comparison: Osprey Atmos 50 vs 65


Osprey Atmos 65

Osprey Atmos 50

Anti-gravity suspension  Made with superb anti-gravity (AG) suspension.   Has a moderate level of Anti-gravity suspension 
Back panel  Lightweight mesh: Expends from top to bottom. Very comfortable   Medium Weight mesh: Less comfortable 
Top lid  Floating top lid

Dual zippered separate pockets. It can be removed.  

The floating top lid comes with one pocket. Not easily accessible.   
Flap Jacket  Easily covered with an integrated flap jacket.  It also has a moderate level of flap jacket. Not a bigger one.  
Side pockets  Dual stretch mesh side pockets   Only one side pocket
Lower zippered compartment  A sleeping bag compartment, a removable divider  A sleeping compartment, but no divider. 
Front Pocket option  Two separate front pockets  One front pocket 
Capacity  Larger capacity (65 liters)  Medium capacity (50 liters) 

Similarities & Difference Between Osprey Atmos 65 and Osprey Atmos 50


The Osprey Atmos 65 comes in various sizes and shapes. The design is super simple. Having two specially designed versions for man and woman. Provides comfortable sizes for customers. It also has a specially designed side access water bottle storage. But the Osprey Atmos 50 only comes with two different size combinations. Has a common water bottle storage. Doesn’t provide the luxury in size combination, like Osprey Atmos 65.


The osprey 65 is a larger backpack, which gives you the luxury of carrying at least 65 liters. For hiking, you must have a larger capacity of packs with you. While the Osprey Atmos 50 will provide you only a capacity of 50 liters. Which is very lesser than the Osprey 65 backpack.


Osprey Atmos 65 comes with 1.98 kilograms, which is slightly higher than the Osprey Atmos 50. But this weight is anti-gravity, which made it a  very comfortable one.    


You will get dual zippered top lid pockets on Osprey Atmos 65. The mesh pocket in the front is a standout feature of this bag.  Also, get two zippered front pockets as additional storage. But Osprey Atmos 50 doesn’t come with separated front pockets. So, Osprey Atmos 50 will not provide you with any additional storage.


Osprey Atmos 65 has an extraordinary feature of dual ice tool loops, including bungee tie-offs. This bag also has a hydration sleeve.  This tool has made it more user-friendly. But the Osprey Atmos 50 also includes this feature, which comes in slightly lower categories.

Suspension system 

The suspension system of Osprey 65 is just outstanding. The mesh on the back panel keeps the actual pack away from your back. It opens a large room for airflow and ventilation. Your back will not be overheated, and keep sweat-free. Also, the super padded shoulder straps allow more suspension. On the other hand, the osprey 50 doesn’t allow this incredible suspension. But still a comfortable one.


Both of the backpacks don’t come with a replacement warranty. But provide a repairable guarantee condition, which is more than enough because both the backpacks have a  high durability standard. So, you can use Osprey backpacks with a tension-free approach.


With a very similar price tag, both of these backpacks come with lots of handy features. But you will get more user-friendly features in Osprey Atmos 65 compared to Osprey atmos 50. In my opinion, Osprey Atmos 65 easily surpasses Osprey Atmos 50 with its extraordinary features.

Frequently Asked Questions about Osprey Atmos 65

Question: Does it come with a color combination? 

Answer: yes. The Osprey Atmos 65 comes in a different color combination. You can pick your desired color from at least 5 different colors. All the amazing colors will blow your mind.

Question: Does this bag come with an internal framing system?

Answer: Yes, this bag has a lightweight and strong internal frame. Which makes it a very durable backpack on the market.

Question: Can you describe the suspension ability of Osprey Atmos 65? 

Answer: This bag provides an excellent ventilation service. It provides a  good quality mesh panel on the back, which keeps this bag distant from your back. This creates a large space for airflow. So, your back will not be overheated and sweat-free.

Question: How much weight can this osprey backpack hold? 

Answer: Osprey atmos 65 is made to carry heavy weight. You can easily carry 65 liters of weight in this bag.

Question: Does the hip belt come with a removable option? 

Answer: No. The hip belt of this bag is not a removable one. It is attached to the internal frame system as this bag is made to carry 65 liters of weight. The hip belt works to distribute the weight from your back and shoulders.

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