Osprey Poco Premium vs Plus

Osprey Poco Premium vs Plus – What Makes Poco Premium Better?

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Osprey Poco Premium vs PlusOsprey Poco Premium is the most excellent and my recommendation of these two. Moreover, it is the most well-organized and best suited for hiking purposes. 

Why Osprey Poco Premium is Best? 

  • You will get a removable day pack with Osprey Poco Premium, which is advantageous for hiking purposes. On the opposite side, Osprey Poco Plus doesn’t offer this exclusive feature. 
  • Poco Premium possesses a capacity of 34 liters. That is a perfect holding capacity for long hiking purposes. But Osprey plus has a capacity of 26 liters, which is only capable of short day tours. 
  • Osprey Poco premium has an anti-gravity suspension system. Therefore, carrying this bag will not hamper your back and shoulder at all. At the same time, Poco plus doesn’t have this feature. So, it is slightly uncomfortable.
  • This carrier comes in a larger dimension compared to Poco plus. Therefore, all the compartments of Osprey Poco Premium are larger than Poco Plus.
  • The ventilation system of Poco premium is far better than Poco plus. Also, the manufactured fabrics are very standard than Poco plus. Therefore, Osprey premium is very soft and a perfect suit for hiking and other activities.

From the features mentioned earlier, it is pretty clear that the Osprey Poco Premium is the best option between these two.


Similarities of Osprey Poco Premium and Poco Plus

  • Innovative built-in sunshade. 
  • Ventilated and height-adjustable cockpit.
  • Aluminum metal made a very lightweight body frame. 
  • A big compartment is under the back panel.
  • They come with a high-quality ventilation system, which will keep you sweat-free. 

Quick Comparison

Specifications Osprey Poco Premium Osprey Poco Plus 
Editor’s rating 4.8 out of 5 4.6 out of 5 
Dimensions 27H X 13W X 12D in. (without the daypack) 28.74H X 15.75W X 18.9D IN
Product weight 7 LBS. 7.89 LBS.
Gear capacity 34 liters 26 liters 
Main fabric Ripstop nylon/polyester 210D Nylon Diamond 
Frame material Aluminum Aluminum 
Adjustable torso Yes Yes 
AG suspension Yes No 
Removable day pack Yes No 
Diaper changing pad Yes No 
Hipbelt High-quality Normal 
Beat use Hiking Hiking 
Gender Unisex Unisex 
Load range 23.89-48.5 lbs. 23-48.5 lbs 
Warranty Yes Yes 

Similarities and Dissimilarities between Osprey Poco Premium and Osprey Poco Plus.


Both these carriers come with a similar range of dimensions. The main difference is the removable day pack from Osprey Poco premium. This carrier has a dimension of 27H X 13W X 12D in. without considering the size of that removable daypack. Simultaneously, the Osprey Poco plus comes in dimensions of 28.74H X 15.75W X 18.9D IN. 

Product capacity 

In this section, I would say Osprey Poco premium gets well ahead of Osprey Poco plus. The Poco premium comes in a loading capacity of 34 liters, which is entirely satisfactory for long-term hiking purposes. On the opposite side, the Osprey Poco plus comes in a capacity of 26 liters, which seems a perfect fit for short-day hiking activities. 

Manufactured fabric 

The Osprey Poco Premium is made with high-quality ripstop nylon fabric. Therefore, this carrier is so soft and very comfortable to use. In comparison, the Poco Plus is made with 210D nylon Diamond fabric, which is still a good one. But not that much quality full like the Osprey Poco premium. Therefore, my first preference is the Osprey Poco premium.  

Both these carriers have been made with aluminum fabric. Therefore, they are very lightweight and very comfortable to carry. 

Special features 

Poco premium has the most valuable features of Osprey hiking carriers. Such as the removable day pack for the benefit of the users. You can carry your baby on this day pack without taking the full cargo with you. 

Another great feature of this carrier has the anti-gravity suspension system. This feature takes away all the weight off your shoulder. Therefore, carrying this carrier will not cause any harm to anyone. Also, you may not feel any weight on your shoulders. 

You will also get a diaper changing pad on this carrier, which is very useful to the users. All these unique features have made this carrier an extraordinary one to carry. 

But you will get some typical specialties of these carriers also. Such as the adjustable torso system. Which is a nice feature to have. Both of them are very capable of providing you a high-quality ventilation system.    

Durability and warranty 

For these fantastic manufactured materials, these two carriers have become very durable. According to users’ reviews, the durability is quite standard for these carriers. Moreover, you will get a lifetime repairable warranty clause with both these carriers. 


It is quite evident that the Osprey Poco Premium is the most suitable of these two. Besides, it is the most well-organized hiking baby carrier available in the market. But the Osprey Poco plus can be an excellent option for a cheap budget. These carriers mainly belong to two different series of Osprey hiking child carriers. So, go to the one which is more beneficial to you.     

Frequently asked questions about Osprey Poco premium and Poco Plus

Question: Which one comes with a larger carrying capacity?

Answer: The Osprey Poco premium has the largest carrying capacity. This carrier comes in a capacity of 34 liters. Which is the most of all the hiking carries of Osprey. 

Question: Can I get a built-in sunshade with Osprey Poco plus? 

Answer: Yes, this carrier offers a spectacular built-in sunshade. By adding a rain cover, you can protect your baby from rain also. But the sunshade of the Poco Premium is the nicest one.  

Question: Can I get the AG version Osprey Poco premium carrier? 

Answer: Yes, the anti-gravity version of Osprey Poco is available in the market. Which is a magnificent carrier for hiking. This unique AG feature takes away all the weight from your shoulder.

Question: Which one is the most lightweight of these two? 

Answer: the Osprey Poco premium is the most lightweight of these two. Besides, it offers an anti-gravity suspension system. If you remove the daypack from this carrier, then the weight feels less. 

Question: I am a woman, which one should I pick? 

Answer: As both, these carriers arrive in a unisex version. That is why you can take any of them, and they will not found any women-specific version from Osprey. 

Question: Which item is extra suitable for long touring hiking purposes? 

Answer: The Osprey Poco premium has an exclusive removable day pack. Moreover, you will find many essential pockets in this carrier. So, it is the perfect fit long term hiking purposes. 

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