Osprey Poco vs Deuter Kid Comfort

Osprey Poco vs Deuter Kid Comfort – Get the Best Hiking Carrier!

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Osprey Poco vs Deuter Kid ComfortOsprey Poco and Deuter Kid Comfort are specially designed hiking baby carriers that have some identical features. But, Osprey Poco is the best carrier here with some advanced features.

Why Osprey Poco is Best Hiking Baby Carrier? 

  • Osprey Poco comes with a spectacular built-in sunshade feature. This sunshade works very well for your baby and significantly protectable. On the opposite side, the Deuter doesn’t include this useful functionality. Therefore, your baby will not get extra protection. 
  • Osprey Poco is made with adjustable bars to hold its chambers. That will allow a strong balance and safe space for the baby. But the Deuter doesn’t have any bars with its chamber. Therefore, the motion with it is not very comfortable.  
  • The waist belt on the Poco is very easily attached to the body. That makes this carrier much safer than the Deuter. Because the waist belt of the Deuter is not that good. 
  • Osprey Poco comes with a removable and washable soft drool pad. So, cleaning the drool pad is very easy. While the Deuter kid comes with a fixed drool pad. Which is not removable and washable. 

From the above-mentioned differences, it is quite clear that the Osprey Poco is the best baby carrier of these two. Now, if you’re going to have one of these carriers at a reasonable price? Don’t panic, just press the button below.  


Similar Features of Osprey Poco vs Deuter Kid Comfort

Without these above-mentioned features, these hiking baby carriers are quite similar. Here is the listing of those common features.  

  • You will get an adjustable torso system with both of these carriers.  
  • Lightweight folding aluminum frame.  
  • Dual grab handles are common in these two. 
  • Adjustable child seat and leg loops.  
  • High-quality ventilation and air passing ability.  

Quick Comparison: Osprey Poco vs Deuter Kid Comfort

Specification  Osprey Poco  Deuter Kid comfort 
Editors rating  4.8 out of 5  4.5 out of 5 
Dimensions  27.95 H X 15.75 W X 17.72 D  IN. 72 L x 43 w x 34 D Cm 
Weight measurement  7.7 LBS.  7.12 LBS 
Volume  20 L  14 L
Main fabric  210 D Nylon Diamond  Not found 
Frame bar  Yes  No 
Built-in sunshade  Yes  No
Adjustable torso  Yes  Yes 
Waist belt  Very adjustable  Normal 
Size  One fixed size  One fixed size 
Moving Comfortability  Yes  No 
Ventilation system  High  Normal 
Zipper slash pocket  Yes  Yes 
Frame  Aluminum (lightweight)  Aluminum 
Child cockpit  Soft and padded  General 

Comparison of features between Osprey Poco vs Deuter Kid Comfort baby carriers


These two hiking baby carriers have similar kinds of dimensions. The Osprey Poco is slightly bigger in shape and shape. It has a dimension of 27.95 H X 15.75 W X 17.72 D Inches. Simultaneously, the Deuter kid comfort comes with a dimension of 72 L x 43 w x 34 D Cm. In this size and shape section, both these are quite similar.  

Main fabric 

The Osprey Poco is made with 210 D Nylon Diamond fabric. That has made this one very soft and strong at the same time. Therefore, the durability rate of this carrier is very high. On the opposite side, the Deuter kid is also made with high-quality fabric. For that reason, you will get enough comfort with this one also.  

Frame and structure  

Both these carrier frames are made with high-quality aluminum. That is why these are very lightweight. You can carry this carrier with lots of comfort. These carriers fit very well for long-time hiking purposes. Also, aluminum frames are very well for high-quality suspension ability.  

Special characteristics  

The Osprey Poco makes the top of my list because of some fabulous characteristics. This baby hiking carrier comes with a built-in sunshade, which is very useful and protects the infant from sun and rain direct hits. Having this type of functionality is a plus point at this price. 

Another great feature of the Osprey Poco hiking baby carrier is the holding bars for the chambers, which makes this carrier very safe for the baby. You can quickly move with this carrier, without facing any trouble.  

On the opposite side, the Deuter kid comfort also has some useful functions. But those will not be able to overtake the Osprey Poco.  


Osprey Poco comes with a magnificent lifetime exchangeable warranty clause. On the other side, the Deuter Kid only provides a repairable warranty clause. This is one of the influential motives why the Osprey Poco gets top of the user’s list.  


These two baby carriers have almost the same price value. Though the Osprey Poco is slightly higher in price value, it is worth the money. In circumstances where you have a cheaper budget, then you may go for the Deuter kid comfort. But if you are searching for the best product of these two, just go for the Osprey Poco hiking baby carrier

FAQ about Osprey Poco vs Deuter Kid Comfort Hiking Baby Carrier

Question: Can I carry these carriers on airline travel? 

Answer: No, you can not make airline travel with these hiking baby carriers. Because this dimension easily exceeds the limits of airline travel. But with some extra payment, you take these carriers with you.  

Question: what is the weight limit of the Osprey Poco carrier?  

Answer: According to the description, it is perfect for an infant 16 to 40 LBS. However, you can travel with more heavy babies. That could result in bad.  

Question: Do these carriers have water bladder slot functionality?  

Answer: Yes, both these carriers have hooks for carrying water bladders. The hook of the Osprey is behind, while the Deuter has hooks on both sides.  

Question: Can I get a built-in sunshade with the Deuter kid comfort?  

Answer: No, the built-in sunshade is only available with the Osprey Poco. This sunshade is a handy feature. So, go for the Osprey Poco for more amazing functionalities.  

Question: Can I get size options from these two hiking baby carriers?  

Answer: No, both these carriers come with fixed one size for all. But you will get an adjustable torso system with both of these products, which will help you attach these carries to your body perfectly.  

Question: Which one has a high-quality ventilation process? 

Answer: Both these carriers have good enough ventilation systems. But the Osprey Poco is very well known for its great air passing ability. So, my recommendation is Osprey Poco over the Deuter kid comfort. 

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