Osprey Porter 46 vs Farpoint 40

Osprey Porter 46 vs Farpoint 40 – Check which one you should pick


Osprey Porter 46 and Farpoint 40 are lightweight backpacks, making them effortless to carry. They have many differences hence you can easily pick the best one for you. Here are the major differences between these backpacks –

What Are the Differences Between Osprey Porter 46 vs Farpoint 40?

Osprey Porter 46  Osprey Farpoint 40
Osprey Porter has different size options. Osprey Farpoint comes in one size.
This backpack comes in two sections. It has only one section.
The Porter has 6 pockets. The Farpoint is built with 5 pockets
This bag is built with women’s compartments. It has no women’s compartments.
It is perfect for traveling, Camping, Hiking, and also for other activities. Only made for traveling purposes.
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So, Osprey Farpoint 40 combines more convenient features compared to Porter 46. This bag meets all your carry requirements. Hence, I strongly recommend you pick this one. Are you still confused? Okay, let’s read the details –

Why Should You Pick Osprey Farpoint 40?

  • Osprey Farpoint 40 has padding on it. That makes it a comfortable one while caring for a long time.  Porter 46 is still a comfortable one. But if you carry the Porter 46 for a long time, this may hurt your back.
  • The shoulder straps of Porter 46 are skinny. And thin shoulder straps are very harmful to shoulder muscles. While the Farpoint 40 is made with thick shoulder straps, which are very non-injurious.
  • The Farpoint 40 is not only a simple traveling backpack. You can use it for hiking, camping and also for other activities. The osprey 46 is only made for traveling purposes.
  • The Farpoint 40 has a special design compartment for women. This backpack comes with two compartments. But the Osprey Porter 46 has only one compartment.
  • The Farpoint 40 comes in two different sizes. From various size options of the Farpoint 40, you can take your desired size. While the Porter 46 has only a fixed size for all. And doesn’t provide luxury in the question of size options.

Osprey Farpoint 40 has more convincing features compared to Osprey Porter 46. Hopefully, you understand them clearly now. But if you want to know about the price or other features, go through the button below.


Quick Specifications Chart

Specifications Osprey Farpoint 40  Osprey Porter 46 
Editor’s Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Laptop section  Laptop sleeve is 14H x 11wx 1.5d inches. That indicates 15.6’’ laptops can be fit. The laptop sleeve is 16h x 11.5w x 1.5D inches. That indicates a bigger size laptop can be fit here.
Tablet sleeves  A space of 10.5H x 10.5W x 1D inches. Only 10’’ tablets can fit here. A space of 10 H x 8W inches. 10’’ tablets will easily fit here.
Weight  Easily carried for a long time.

Lightweight  (3.0 lbs)

Extra weight is difficult to carry.

Medium (3.4 lbs)

Zipper lockable Yes Yes

Similarity & Differences Between Osprey Porter 46 & Osprey Farpoint 40


The osprey 46 comes only in one fixed size and shape for all. On the other hand, the Osprey Farpoint 40 comes in two different sizes. The flexible design and shape have made it preferable to users. You choose your desired size from Farpoint 40. But osprey Porter doesn’t provide the luxury of different sizes and shapes.

Straps and Harnesses 

The shoulder straps of Osprey porter 46 are skinny. As we all know, thin shoulder straps are very harmful to shoulder muscles. Osprey Farpoint 40 comes with a fixed hip belt and is removable. The shoulder straps are also very thick, which is non-injurious and very comfortable. Users feel far more comfortable using Farpoint backpacks on their backs.


Osprey Porter 46 has only fixed components. It is the main component. No extra components are available for females. But Osprey Farpoint 40  comes with two different sections. And there is a special design section for women.


Osprey Porter 46 has 5 pockets, including one main external zippered top slash pocket. Has no water carrier section in it. But the Farpoint comes with 6 pockets. It also provides you with two-sided water bottle holdings. Osprey Porter 46 provides you with a space for a 17’’ Laptop. It is not very important, as the Farpoint also provides 15’’ inch space for a Laptop.

Osprey Porter 46 has space for a 10’’ inches tablet. Farpoint 40 also provides a secondary space of 10’’ inches, which is specially designed for your tablet.


Here is no question of Breathability in Farpoint 40. It has very comfortable padding of mesh foam in all contact areas. Padding is made to save you from any cutting and is softer for your body. On the other hand, small-sized straps of Osprey porter 46 could be very dangerous.

 Top pocket 

The top pocket in Farpoint 46 is an amazing thing. You can put your important things and censorious here. You have to admire the top pocket as this backpack’s most beautiful and handy feature.


Both of these backpacks provide you with lock system zippers. The Farpoint 40 has two separate internal compressions with two separate locker systems. So, the Farpoint 40 provides more safety and security than other bags.

Extra useability

The Farpoint 40 is not only a travelers bag. You can use it for Hiking, Camping, and also other activities because the backpack is very light in weight compared to Osprey Porter 46. The Farpoint 40 is only  3.0 lbs. While Osprey Porter 46 is heavier than it. And made only for traveling purposes.


All the backpacks of Osprey come in exceptional repairable condition. But Osprey Porter 46 and Farpoint 40 provide a special warranty for exchanging in any condition. So, use these backpacks of Osprey with a tension-free approach.


In today’s time, we want more features in small sizes. No doubt that Osprey made some extraordinary backpacks. But you have to admire the Farpoint 40 is untouchable with the other version of Osprey.

Provides more special features, quality, and comfortability than Osprey Porter 46. In my opinion, the Farpoint 40 easily beats Osprey Porter 46 with its extraordinary features.

Frequently asked questions about Osprey Farpoint 40 

Question: Can I use it as hand luggage for cheap airlines? 

Answer: Sure. It is used as hand luggage on the cheaper airlines. The osprey porter 46 cannot be used in cheap Airlines.

Question: As I am a tall gay, which size will fit me?

Answer: It has a size of  M/L 18-22 inches. The larger size of Osprey Farpoint 40 will fit enough for you.

Question: Can I put 17.3 inches of a laptop in this backpack? 

Answer: Sorry, the Farpoint 40 only provides the space of a 15 inches laptop pocket. And a very usable size for a laptop.

Question: Is there an option for choosing colors?

Answer: Yes, you can find your desired color from various color combinations. It also has some extraordinary colors based in different sizes.

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