Panasonic GH5 vs G9

Panasonic GH5 vs G9 – Learn Why Panasonic GH5 is Better than G9!


Panasonic GH5 vs G9Panasonic GH5 and G9 are very similar, yet a few differences made Panasonic GH5 a better camera

What Features Made Panasonic GH5 Better?

  • Panasonic GH5 features the post focus properties that let you set the focus points on the photo once your shoot is done. At the same time, the G9 doesn’t include post focus point. 
  • This camera is slightly lightweight compared to its competitor. It is a 1 lb device vs the G9 1.45 lbs. The GH5 is reliable while handling it. 
  • Its LCD is bigger than G9, also has better resolution. So, with a larger screen, you can view it properly and better, plus capture the more incredible moment with it.
  • Panasonic GH5 includes V-LogL so that you can capture dynamic range pictures for the color grading. While the device also has LUT Display Function that helps you in exposure plus shows the directional intent. In contrast, Panasonic G9 doesn’t combine these features. 
  • The Autofocus of this device performs better for images and videos than the G9. It allows you to select the focus area overlay intuitively.

Hopefully, now it is clear to you why we recommend the GH5 rather than G9. So, if you are impressed with its properties, simply choose this camera. 


Similar Features of Panasonic GH5 vs G9

  • Both have a high-performance 20.3mp Digital Live MOS sensor, and the devices also include low-pass filterless so that you can capture super sharp images. 
  • Pansonic GH5 and G9 combine with the 6k photo mode, you can capture perfect moments at 18mp resolution. 
  • These cameras reduce the body plus lens shakes in both video recordings because they feature the 5-Axis Dual I.S.2. 
  • These Panasonic cameras include 2 SD card slots that increase the capacity of your photography or videography. 

You will find these benefits from both devices. We mentioned the Panasonic GH5 as the better one, but now if you think the G9 would be ideal, then you can pick this one.

Specification Chart: Panasonic G9 vs GH5

Specifications  Panasonic Lumix GH5 Panasonic Lumix G9
Editor’s Rating  4.8 out of 5  4.6 out of 5
Size  16.55 x 12.65 x 9.03 inches 5.39 x 3.83 x 3.61 inches
Weight  1.00 lbs 1.45 lbs
V-LogL Yes No
LUT Display Function  Yes No
Image Sensor  20.3MP 20.3MP
6K photo  Yes Yes
Splash/Dustproof  Yes Yes
ISO 200-25600 200-25600
Post Focus Yes Yes
Video Capture Resolution 2160p 2160p
5-Axis Stabilization Yes Yes
Photo Sensor Size Micro Four Thirds Micro Four Thirds
4k Photo  Yes  Yes 
Anamorphic Video Mode Yes Yes
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Yes Yes
Battery life  410 shots 920 shots 
Touch screen Yes  Yes
SD Card Slot  Dual  Dual 
Warranty  1 Year  1 Year 

Similarities and Differences: Panasonic Lumix G9 vs GH5

Picture Quality 

The Lumix GH5 and G9 are packed with a high-performance 20.3 mp image sensor to ensure you achieve excellent pictures. You can capture artifact-free and sharp images with high dynamic range sharp images because they have a low-pass filter from the sensor. 

In addition, they added 6K photo mode, which gives you the freedom of unlimited burst and then extracts the frame you want. However, with 18-megapixel, you can capture the perfect moments at 30fps. Also, they include a 4K photo mode which works at 60fps, which is very fast and not possible on other traditional devices. 

However, Panasonic G9 can also take 80-megapixels in the RAW recording with its micro Four Third sensor.

Video Quality 

They can record silky smooth 4k video. During video editing, you can faster or slow down the footage, also, you won’t lose detail. Furthermore, the internal 4:2:2 10-bit 4K video recording is the game-changer, without banding, you will get effective subtleties recording to 8-bit. 

Post Focus 

Panasonic GH5 has a fantastic post focus function, while the G9 doesn’t include this. Once you are done capturing the scene, you can review it and touch any part you want to make sharp. All this advanced processing can be done inside your camera. 

Furthermore, you can blend multiple images in different focus distances and then adjust the focus area: the focus stacking is brilliantly useful when you shoot close-ups or macro photography, or fast apertures. 

DFD Ultra Fast Motion Detection & Focus

They combine with the DFD technology that is constantly evolving and make the image better. It lets the GH5 and G9 calculate the focus lens movement and depth of field values of two images. And the combination of the AF drive with the maximum read, you can achieve ultra-high-speed Autofocus. 

Battery Life 

Panasonic G9 has a slightly better battery life, and it can take up to 920 shots per charge which is very impressive. In comparison, the GH5 is capable of capturing up to 410 shots per charge.

But both feature dual SD slots that increase the recording capacity, also efficient for file arrangement. You can swap to another card when one is full. However, since the GH5 includes a dual SD card mode like the G9, you can consider this camera. 


Both devices are built with durable magnesium and capable of withstanding any extreme environment. The cameras are splash and dustproof plus is perfect to use in lower temperatures. Since the devices have a rugged design, you can take them everywhere you want. 

5-Axis Stabilization 

Panasonic GH5 and G9 are combined with the 5-Axis Dual I.S. 2 that eliminating the shake in the camera body and lens. Even during the telephoto shooting, this is very helpful.

The image stabilization also works for photo and video recording, also for the 4K video. 


Both devices include a high-resolution 3,680k-dot OLED live viewfinder, which provides visibility that is perfect for framing even under direct sunlight. You can see the settings and icons, and image detail, plus a 21mm eyepoint distance is excellent for the people who wear glasses while using the devices. 

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

Between the camera and your smartphone, Bluetooth enables a full-time connection, and it consumes very low energy. Moreover, once your shooting is done, the devices will automatically switch to the Wifi connection to transfer data. They include 5GHz wifi, which is incredibly faster. 


Panasonic delivers USA standard one-year limited warranty, which is applicable for the USA and Puerto Rico. The company will only cover any manufacturer defects on the cameras, but if you damage anything due to overuse, or if there are any scratches on the body, the warranty will be void. 


Panasonic GH5 and G9 are almost the same models that come from the LUMIX series, so which one you want to choose totally depends on you. If you are seeking a slightly cheaper camera, the G9 could be your best bet here. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Panasonic GH5 vs G9

Can I set the Auto-ISO in a 4k video on the G9?

The device is recorded at the selected ISO sensitivity while recording motion pictures, plus you can manually change the Auto-ISO. 

Does the GH5 shoot 4k raw video?

You can shoot bursts in RAW mode to put together a short video. 

What is the warranty policy of these devices?

Panasonic covers a one-year USA standard warranty from the date you purchase it. 

How is the 80mp multi-shot work?

The work by shifting the sensor to a fraction of the pixel and combining different exposures. 

How long does the G5 battery last while recording at 4K 60fps?

The battery life varies based on the settings, plus whether you are using the viewfinder or LCD screen.

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