Sennheiser PC37X vs Game One

Sennheiser PC37X vs Game One – See Why Game One is Best?

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Sennheiser PC37X and Game One headphones are perfect for gaming. Both are integrated with convenient features but first, have a look at their differences.

What Are the Differences Between Sennheiser PC37X vs Game One?

Sennheiser PC37X Sennheiser Game One
Sennheiser PC37X is an over-ear headphone.  Sennheiser Game One is an on-ear headphone. 
This headphone doesn’t have any volume button. The Game One has a quick volume change feature.
You can’t mute the PC37X. You can easily mute this headset.
This is not multiple devices compatible. It is a multiple-compatible device.
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These features made the Sennheiser Game One the best compared to the Sennheiser PC37X. Game One is the best choice for you if you are a gam-enthusiasts. Are you still confused? Check out the details in the next segment –

What Features Made Game One Best?

  • Sennheiser Game One headphone comes with a quick volume adjusting option which allows you to control volume from the headphone, whereas PC37X doesn’t have this incredible feature.
  • It has a classic design with a slim silhouette and is built with robust mechanics to provide you with a long-lasting session with this device, while its competitor has an ordinary build.
  • The earpads of Game One are velour-covered with XXL-sized, you will have premium comfort, and there won’t be any outside noise for the size. But PC37X doesn’t provide comfort like Game One.
  • The flexible boom arm mic of this headphone will allow you to mute the headphone just by raising it, while the PC37X doesn’t have this option.  
  • Game One allows compatibility with multiple devices. From smartphone to PC, you can use it without any hassle. In contrast, PC37X isn’t compatible with multiple devices.

All those amazing features are the actual reason why I recommended Game One over PC37x.


Similar Features

  • Both headphones come with foamed ear pad with a soft headband, so you can use them for a long time without any discomfort.
  • They have large ear cups with a noise-canceling feature which reduces background noise for excellent clarity and crystal-clear communication.

When it comes to similar features, these headphones have very few things in common. And the advanced features made Game One a better pick. But if you think the Sennheiser PC37X would be your best pick, consider your preference instead.

Other Specifications of Sennheiser PC37X and Game One

Specifications PC37x Game One
Editor’s Rating 4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Connectivity  Wired Wired
Color Black Black
Device Compatible PC, Console PC, PS4, Xbox One, SmartPhone, Nintendo Switch
Product Dimension 10.3 x 9.4 x 4.4 inches 2.44 x 2.5 x 9.25 inches
Product Weight 0.625 pounds 1.38 pounds
Battery N/A 1 Lithium Batteries Required
Warranty 2-Years Warranty 2-Years Warranty

Features and Benefits of PC37x and Game One

The Sennheiser Game One is engineered to deliver incredibly natural and accurate sound. The proprietary speakers will provide you with bass extensions with balanced sound with super acoustic clarity. This classic high-end headphone is designed for spatial sound, which will ensure you HiFi audio that reveals the detailed and dynamic realism sound.

The PC37X headphone will also provide natural and dynamic real sound, but Game One will deliver you better performance.

There is a microphone with a flexible boom arm with the Sennheiser Game One. You can adjust the boom arm to adjust the voice pick-up easily. Even by only lifting the boom arm, you can silence the microphone. For crystal-clear contact, the microphone is meant to minimize the background noise. There is also a mic on the PC37x, designed to provide high-volume and long-distance recording.

Noise Canceling
PC37X is a noise-canceling headphone, and this is optimized to handle pop and hisses. On the other hand, Game One doesn’t have any active noise suppression, but it is designed with large ear cups and a microphone. And This helps the background noise automatically countered so that you get a crystal clear sound.

Volume Control
You can control the volume without touching your music-playing device as there is a volume control button on the Game One headphone. Integrated control is built on the ear cup for the on-the-fly adjustments. You don’t need to switch to volume control during a game or chat; adjust it with a quick fingertip.

Unfortunately, the other headphone does not have a volume control, which can cause problems when you need to change the volume during a game.  

The classic slim design of the Game One has a foamed headband and also plush velvet ear pads. This headphone is built with robust materials, which makes it very lightweight. The XXL-sized earpads will give you the ultimate satisfaction even after a long session. The other device also comes with a standard, minimalistic design but is not better than the Game One.

Device Compatibility
It doesn’t matter which device you use; you can use these Game On headphones on every platform. PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, or Xbox – this headphone is compatible with all. This device is compatible with smartphones too. This versatile compatibility made this headphone more preferable to pick than the other one. The PC37X is compatible with PC mainly. But separate cords are required to use this on console or mobile.

Durability and Warranty
The Game One headphone is built with robust mechanics and tested materials, so there is no doubt of its durability. You can use these headphones from Sennheiser for a long session without facing any issues as they come from high-end materials. Also, you will have a 2-Years warranty from Sennheiser for these products. 

Final Words
Specially designed boom arm microphone and a quick volume control option, the Game One is packed with everything you need. For a better experience and satisfaction, you should go for Game One without a second thought. But if you are okay without these features, the PC37X could be your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions about PC37x and Game One

Can I use them on my PS4?
Yes, you need an additional adapter to connect to your PS4. It’ll work fine without any issue.Are they compatible with iPod and Phone?If you want to use it separately, you will need an additional adapter that takes 2 poles of 3.5mm input and converts them to a single four-pole.Does the sound leak? Will they bother the people around me?

No, the sound does not leak. Also, they are very quiet headphones, and no one will hear anything from around.

What is the diameter of the Game On headphones speaker?

The measurement of the earpieces is 1.75 x 2.75 x 0.75 inches. The speaker is inside it, so the exact measurement isn’t accessible.

Is the mic twistable?

Yes, it is. But you can’t fold it, just a twist towards the front side.

Can I detach the cord of the Game One headphone?

Yes, you can. All of the updated headphones of Game One come with a detachable cord.

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