Polaris 280 vs 360

Polaris 280 vs 360 – Which is the best?

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Polaris 280 vs 360You should pick the Polaris 360 because it has the best suction power, also it will give you an outstanding performance. Read the next section to know its other incredible features. 

What Makes the Polaris 360 the Better Choice than the 280? 

  • It features 3 venturi jets to give you advanced cleaning technology. Polaris 280, on the other side, is powered by double venturi jets, so it cannot provide mighty suction power like the 360. 
  • Polaris 360 is capable of cleaning the pool steps and the corners, whereas the 280 cannot do it. That’s why this could be a convenient pool cleaner for you. 
  • The device doesn’t require a booster pump to increase its suction power; the device uses its pool circulation pump to clean effectively. In contrast, the 280 need a booster pump. 
  • It has a backup valve that could drag the cleaner across the pool within seconds. But the 280 backup valve can barely turn the cleaner on the side, which is not pleasant. 

As you can see, the differences ensure the Polaris 360 will perform the best rather than the previous version. If you are thrilled with these features, then go with the 380. Furthermore, you can check the prices of both devices from the links below. 

Similar Features 

  • Polaris 280 and 360 gives you a two-year warranty. 
  • Both provide a single chamber debris bag. 
  • You can use them for all types of inground pool. 
  • They are compatible with the TailSweep Pro. 
  • You will get a 31-feet feed hose with both of them. 
  • The devices are featured with auto backup.
Specifications Polaris 280 Polaris 360
Editor’s Rating 4.4 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Dimension 20 x 23 x 10 inches20 x 10 x 22.75 inches
Weight 6.2 pounds14 pounds
Venturi Jets2 Jets 3 Jets 
Requires Booster PumpYesNo
Best forWalls, and floors only Walls, floors, and steps
Drive MechanismShaft DriveAll-Wheel Belt Drive
Auto BackupYesYes
Debris BagSingle Chamber BagSingle Chamber
Surface / Pool Type Inground / AllInground / All
TailSweep PRO® CompatibilityYesYes
Feed hose31 feet31 feet
Warranty 2-years 2-years 

Differences and Similarities Between the Polaris pool cleaner 280 vs 360

Suction Power 

Polaris 360 has better suction power than the Polaris 260 since the device is powered by triple jets, so it gives you advanced cleaning technology. While the 280 built with double jets, however, it cannot provide you the best clean you want. Furthermore, the 280 does require a booster pump, but the 360 operates on the pool circulation pump. Polaris 360 has an in-line backup valve to ensure the cleaner keeps going on without any interruption, and this unique thing is missing in the 280. 


Generally, the Polaris pool cleaners come in the same design with a single chamber debris bag, a 31-feet hose pipe, and so on. Polaris 280 has a shaft drive mechanism, while the 380 is built with an all-drive wheel mechanism. They are slightly different in terms of size, the 280 has 20 x 23 x 10 inches, and the 360 is 20 x 10 x 22.75 inches. 

Cleaning Ground

Polaris 280 and 360 are capable of cleaning any types of in-ground pool surfaces. Whether you have a concrete or vinyl pool surface, both will efficiently clean it for you. Additionally, they are compatible with the Tail Sweep Pro. The 280 and 360 will sweep, scrubs, and vacuum the entire pool surface. But the downside of the Polaris 280 is, it cannot clean the corner or steps of the pool. While the 380 efficiently clean every corner of the pool. 

Filter Bag

They include a powerful debris bag that can capture any large debris like leaves, pebbles, or across. Since the 360 has triple jet pumps, it has a better intake capacity than the Polaris 280. Also, the 360 provides optimal power to ensure it doesn’t leave any debris while circulating clean. Polaris 280 doesn’t provide a backup valve, while its competitor includes this handy thing. The valve helps the device clean continuously. 

However, the robots will collect debris before they reach the basket plus filter, which helps prolong your pool filtration system’s lifespan. 


Polaris pool cleaners provide all the handy things to their users so that they can start using it right after they get it. Both come with an operating instructions guide, a single chamber filter bag, 31-feet hose kit, and the pressure-side pool cleaner. Since they provide the same goodies, you can select the one that suits you the best, yet my suggestion is the 360 for you. 


The Polaris Pool cleaners come with a two-year warranty on the main devices. If the machine shows any manufacturer issues, you can claim the warranty and get a free repairing service. But remember, you purchase the cleaners from the authorized Polaris shop, or else the warranty will not work. 


Polaris 360 is a better pool cleaner than the 280, there’s no doubt. The 360 has better suction power, can clean every corner to steps of the pool, and is combined with triple jets. Polaris 280 doesn’t include all those convenient functions. Also, it is not ideal for all types of pool surfaces. So before getting a pool cleaner, you should think about your personal preference and select the one that suits you. And after reviewing these two, I highly recommend the 360 for you, so give it a thought. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Polaris 280 vs 360

What is the dimension of the Polaris 280?

The dimension of this pool cleaner is 20 inches long by 23 inches wide by 10 inches high. 

Do the Polaris 360 clean the steps?

Yes, the Polaris 360 will clean the steps as well as the corners. 

How can I prevent my hose from tangling?

You should ensure the hose is not too long; otherwise, this will got tangled. 

What is the warranty period?

The Polaris 280 and 380 provide the same two-year warranty, and you can use them for many years. 

Which includes a backup valve?

Polaris 360 includes a backup valve, while the 280 doesn’t have this.

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