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Polaris 360 vs 380 – Check the difference & Get the Best Cleaner!

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Polaris 360 vs 380Polaris 360 and 380 both are amazing pool cleaners and contain a lot of similarities. But Polaris 360 has some improved features that made it the best.

What Features Made Polaris 360 Best?

  • Polaris 360 will give you the best clean without a booster pump but Polaris 380 requires a booster pump. Even, 360 operates on the pool circulation pump, plus combined with triple jets functions to ensure you have advanced cleaning technology.
  • Polaris 360 has an in-line backup valve feature that automatically frees the 360 if it gets cornered and keeps it cleaning without interruption. In contrast, the 380 lacks this feature.
  • It will not be stuck on the wall, or the hose will not tangle. But Polaris 380 will be stuck on the wall, and the hose will tangle up most of the time.
  • It is ideal for every type of pool surface; besides, the 380 works efficiently on the concrete pool, not suitable for other pool surfaces.

Hopefully, now you understand why I recommend Polaris 360. If you are satisfied with 360 functions and wanna know the best price then just click the buttons below.


Similar Features

  • Polaris 360 and 380 have three venturi jets.
  • Both have all-wheel belt drive mechanisms.
  • They use classic tires.
  • The cleaners were designed with a single chamber debris bag.
  • They provide an auto backup function.
  • The machines are TailSweep Pro compatible.
  • Polaris 360 and 380 offer a two-year warranty.

Quick Comparison

Specifications  Polaris 360 Polaris 380
Editor’s Rating  4.7 out of 5 4.5 out of 5 
Dimension  20 x 10 x 22.75 inches 9.75 x 20 x 22.5 inches
Weight  14 pounds 16.5 pounds
Requires Booster Pump No Yes
Venturi Jets 3 Jets  3 Jets 
Drive Mechanism All-Wheel Belt Drive All-Wheel Belt Drive
Tires Classic Classic
Best for Walls, floors, and steps Walls, floors, and steps
Debris Bag Single Chamber Single Chamber
Auto Backup Yes Yes
TailSweep PRO® Compatibility Yes Yes
Pool Surface All types  All types 
Feed hose 31 feet 31 feet
Warranty  2-years  2-years 

Differences and Similarities Between Polaris 280 vs 380


Polaris 360 and 380 are the same in terms of the design, but these two are different when you look at their size. Both have an all-wheel-drive mechanism for comfort operation; they share a 31-feet feed hose that includes a single chamber filter bag.

These two are the best for the steps, floors, and walls too. You can keep them in the pool all the time, but if there are many swimmers in the pool, you should keep the cleaner out of the pool.

Polaris 360 comes with a 20 x 10 x 22.75 inches dimension, while the 380 is 9.75 inches long by 20 inches wide by 22.5 inches high. But the 360 is slightly lightweight than the 380.

Suction Power 

Polaris 360 gives you a better suction power compared to the Polaris 380. It doesn’t require a booster pump to clean the pool surface, but the 380 requires one. The machine will increase the suction power where it needs. On the other hand, the Polaris 380 cannot increase its suction power, which is a little bit of a hassle.

Cleaning Time

You will get a quick and faster cleaning from the Polaris 360, and the machine will take less than 3 hours total cleaning time. Besides, the 380 cannot do the job within 3 hours. As the machine doesn’t have a powerful suction power, the debris bag of the 380 sometimes gets stuck, so it needs more cleaning time.

Pool Surface 

Polaris 360 and 380 can properly clean any type of in-ground pool surfaces. They will vacuum, scrub, and sweep the walls and bottom of any size or shape pool. And to properly clean without any interruption, both come with in-line backup valves. If you have a vinyl pool or concrete, it doesn’t matter, and both will perform their best to clean the surfaces. However, the cleaners will entirely clean up the wall, corners, as well as steps.

Debris Bag 

The 360 and 380 have a single chamber large capacity zip lock filter bag. The bags have a larger feed hose so that they can capture larger debris like leaves or pebbles. The filter bag is unique, and it will remove all the debris before the bag reaches the filter or pump; this is how the device increases its filtration system lifespan.


They provide all the convenient accessories you need to start operating the cleaners. Both come with an instructional manual, the cleaner itself, a single chamber filter bag, a 31-feet hose kit, and the wall or dock mount. Still, if you are confused, go to their webpage or contact customer care.


Generally, the Polaris provides a two-year warranty on the main robot vacuum, so these two also have the same. The heat pumps are warranted for two-year, the complete electronic system provides three years warranty. And the heat exchangers and compressors have a five years warranty. The warranty will cover any manufacturer defects on the device, but the warranty will be void if you broke any part. Moreover, if you failed to install the device or use any non-authorized parts to the cleaner, then the warranty will not cover these things.


Polaris 360 is a slightly better pool cleaner rather than the 380, as you can see from the above discussion. If you want a quick pool clean and want a convenient one, the 360 would be the best bet for you. You will be satisfied with its overall performance, so consider this one. However, the 380 is also a perfect pool cleaner; if you do not have any budget-issue then go with this one, but this one doesn’t provide the booster pump, which is available with the 360.

Frequently Asked Questions About Polaris 280 vs 380

What will I get with the Polaris 360?

The device comes with everything you need to start using the machine, such as the hose pump, the cleaner itself, debris bag, and so on.

Are they all-wheel drive?

Yes, both the Polaris 360 and the 380 have all-wheel drive mechanisms so that you can easily use the machine.

Do they come with the tail sweep?

Polaris 360 and the 380 are compatible with the tail sweep, and you don’t need to purchase it separately.

Can I use the 380 on the above-ground pool?

Yes, the Polaris 380 can be used for the above-ground pool to any pool surfaces you want.

How can I measure the speed level?

The performance of the device speed level depends on the Gallons Per Minute (GPM).

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