Polaris 380 vs 3900

Polaris 380 vs 3900 – Why is Polaris 3900 the Best?

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Polaris 380 vs 3900Polaris 380 and 3900 pressure pool cleaners combined with useful features. I examined both cleaners and figured out the Polaris 3900 is a high-speed pool cleaner. And I recommend you to select the Polaris 3900 if you are seeking a convenient one. Read the following section to know why I recommend the 3900. 

What Makes the Polaris 3900 the Best Pool Cleaner? 

  • Polaris 3900 equipped with a dual-chamber SuperBag, so it will pick up more debris and make the cleaning process more comfortable and less frequent than the Polaris 380. 
  • The device features the auto-reverse technology, while the 380 doesn’t include this innovative thing. However, this helps the device to free itself if it gets stuck. 
  • Both features TailSweep PRO, but the 3900 Sport offers advanced sweep hose enhancements to blow the debris out of the corners and steps. Also, the 380 cannot reach the pool corner to clean. 
  • It has an all-wheel PosiDrive system with a stainless steel chain; this will create 50 percent more torque power than the 380. Polaris 380, on the other hand, has an all-drive mechanism, so it cannot do the job like this one.

These were the fantastic functions of the Polaris 3900, which makes it a reliable pool cleaner for any inground pool surface. You can also select this machine if you want to get all those advanced functions in your cleaner. So, do you want to know the prices? Simply go through the buttons below. 

Similar Features 

  • Polaris 380 and 3900 are equipped with three venturi jets. 
  • Both are perfect for the wall, steps, and floors of the pool. 
  • Polaris 380 and 3900 comes with a two-years warranty. 
  • You will get a 31-feet feed hose with both machines. 
  • They are equipped with the TailSweep Pro. 
Specifications Polaris 380Polaris 3900 
Editor’s Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.4 out of 5
Dimension 9.75 x 20 x 22.5 inches24 x 11 x 24 inches
Weight 16.5 pounds10.1 pounds
Venturi Jets3 Jets 3 Jets 
Auto-reverse TechnologyNo Yes 
Drive MechanismAll-Wheel Belt DriveAll-Wheel PosiDrive with Stainless Steel Chain
Debris BagSingle Chamber BagDual Chamber SuperBag
TiresClassicWide Trax®
Auto BackupYesYes
Best forWalls, floors, and stepsWalls, floors, and steps
Feed hose31 feet31 feet
Surface / Pool Type Inground / AllInground / All
TailSweep PRO® CompatibilityYesYes
Warranty 2-years 2-years 

Differences and Similarities Between the Polaris 380 vs 3900


Generally, the Polaris 380 and 3900 look similar in terms of design; their major difference is the size. Polaris 3900 is slightly larger than the 380, but it is lightweight. However, the 3900 also includes a larger debris bag that can capture 5L debris, Polaris 380, on the other side, has a single chamber bag. However, Polaris 3900 features some advanced functions that Polaris 380 does not include. But both are perfect cleaners for steps, walls, and the surface of any in-ground pool. 

The exact size of the 380 and 3900 are 9.75 inches long by 20 inches wide by 22.5 inches high, and 24 x 11 x 24 inches (L x W x H), respectively. If you are seeking a sleek pool cleaner, the 380 is an ideal choice for you, but, overall, the 3900 sport would be a wise decision. 

Suction Power  

Both will provide you extreme suction power since they are built with 3 jets vacuum. The triple jets provide powerful suction, plus they offer quicker cleaning. Both will take almost 3 hours or less to clean any large pool continuously. In terms of suction power, the Polaris 3900 provides 50% more suction power to give you a satisfactory clean. Furthermore, both devices are equipped with the TailSweep Pro that eliminates the water splashing out of the pool. 

Debris Bag 

The Polaris 3900 has a larger debris bag that can capture any large debris plus eliminate your frequency cleaning. At the same time, the Polaris 380 has a single chamber debris bag, which is smaller. If you choose this, you may need to clean the pool frequently as it cannot hold large debris, requiring continuous cleaning. 

Drive Mechanism 

When it comes to cleaning a pool, the drive mechanism is an important thing to consider because it ensures the convenience of cleaning. Fortunately, the Polaris 3900 has an all-wheel PosiDrive system with a stainless steel chain, which offers 50% more torque. In contrast, the Polaris 380 has an all-drive mechanism function that cannot create high torque like its competitor and cannot get itself out if the machine gets stuck during the cleaning process, and you need to pull it out. 

Pool Surface 

Polaris pool cleaners will clean all types of in-ground pool surfaces effectively. They will vacuum, sweep, and scrub the walls to the bottom of the pool. However, both of them required a power booster to increase the suction power. 


The Polaris provides a full two-year warranty on the Polaris 380 and 3900 to all their products. If you find any mechanical issues on your cleaner within the warranty period, then simply contact the customer service; they will do the free repairing for you. They maintain a five-year warranty on the hose pipe, one year on the filter bag, and so on. Moreover, the Polaris offers six months of replacement as well; if the machine doesn’t suit you, you can replace it with another model. 


Polaris 380 and 3900 are terrific pool cleaners with effective pressure pumps to give the convenience clean. But the Polaris 3900 Sport is far ahead of the 380 in the cleaning game. It has some advanced technology that is missing in the Polaris 380. You know which will suit you the best, but the 3900 can collect more debris, plus it will provide better suction power to continuously clean the entire pool surface within a matter of time. Polaris 3900 will deliver all the functions you expect from a pool cleaner, so you can consider this one. However, Polaris 380 is also a great choice, and if you do not want all those advanced functions, this could be the best bet. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Polaris 380 vs 3900

Can I use Polaris for the Vinyl ground pool?

Yes, Polaris Pool cleaners are perfect for all types of in-ground pools, whether vinyl or concrete. 

Are they TailSweep Pro compatible?

Yes, the Polaris 380 and 3900 both are TailSweep Pro compatible so that they can clean each corner of your house. 

What is the actual dimension of the Polaris 380?

The dimension of this pool cleaner is 9.75 inches long by 20 inches wide by 22.5 inches high, and it is 16.5 pounds. 

How to repair a tangled hose?

If the hose becomes tangled, check the swivels and ensure it’s spinning freely. And then, lay the hose under the sun for 24 hours, eliminating the potential hose memory.

Do they provide a power booster?

No, both are compatible with the power booster, but they do not come with this; instead, you need to purchase it separately. 

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