Polk MC80 vs RC80i

Polk MC80 vs RC80i – Check Why Polk MC80i is the Best speaker!


Polk MC80 and RC80i delivers incredible sound in every room of your house without distortion. Hence, in this guide, I’ve shared their differences so that you can make the best purchase decision. 

What Are the Differences Between Polk MC80 vs RC80i?

Polk MC80  Polk RC80i
Polk MC80  Polk RC80i
Polk MC80 doesn’t have aimable tweeters. Polk RC8oi has aimable tweeters.
The MC80 doesn’t have rubber seal. The RC80i has rubber seal.
This device can be paired with single device. This speaker can be paired with multiple devices.
The MC80 deosn’t built with strong composite driver baskets. It has strong composite driver baskets feature. 
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Polk RC8oi combine with handy features which are missing on the MC8o. Thus, this should be your consideration.

Which Features Made Polk RC80i Best?

  • The Rubber Seal of Polk MC80i will respond better and prevent moisture access, thus allowing you to use it even in the bathroom or kitchen. But Polk MC80 doesn’t come with such facilities.
  • This device comes with 1-inch Aimable tweeters that will deliver you more depth in detail music than the ordinary ¾-inch tweeters of the other.
  • Polk RC80i comes in a pair means you are getting a more covered area of your house by using this speaker. On the contrary, Polk MC80 comes with a single device.
  • This ceiling speaker has a variant of ceiling bundle and other speakers/subwoofers, while its competitor doesn’t have any variants and comes with a single ceiling speaker.
  • Polk RC80i contains a mineral-filled polymer cone and strong composite driver baskets that will provide you with more widespread coverage of your house. So you will get every corner of your house filled with sound. In contrast, Polk MC80 doesn’t have such options.

These unique specs made the Polk RC80i winner in this comparison. You will get a better sound you can listen to with your heart.


Similar Features

  • They come with an effortless setup. So, you can install these speakers easily and quickly without extra assembly.
  • Both the speakers come with 8-inch woofers that provide a wide-range response with clear and detailed sound.
  • The speakers come with a paintable grille. As a result, you can spray paint to match your existing interior.
  • The speakers come in a round shape and are colored white.

Other Specifications Chart of Polk MC80 vs RC80i

Specifications Polk MC80 Polk RC80i
Editor’s Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Tweeters ¾-inches 1-inch
Speaker Type Ceiling Speaker Ceiling Speaker
Color White White
Quantity Single Pair
Product Dimension 10.6 x 4.2 x 10.6 inches 12.1 x 11.8 x 9.8 inches
Product Weight 3.5 pounds 4.3 pounds
Woofers 8-inches 8-inches
Warranty 5-Years of Warranty 5-Years of Warranty

Features and Benefits of Polk MC80 and RC80i


The speakers come in a slim circular shape and will fit in any ceiling of your room. The round shape speakers will disappear from your ceiling, but the sound will spread to every corner of your room.

They both come in a white variant with an attractive outlook. Also, the paintable aluminum grilles can be painted or sprayed to match your interior. Thus you can make them virtually disappear.

Set Variants

Polk RC80i is available in multiple variants. This speaker comes in a pair, which means you will get two speakers of the same model. This speaker is available in two different speaker-woofer sizes.

One comes with a 6.5-inch while the other one comes with 8-inch. You can choose the additional speaker or subwoofer from the variants available in this model. On the other hand, Polk MC80 comes with a single speaker variant.


The speakers require a very basic setup. You don’t need any technicians to fit them into your rooms. The speakers have a one-cut drop-in assembly system.

They will be able to play after you complete three simple steps. They are designed for perfect-fit templates, and the pre-construction brackets will keep them secure in the ceiling. Polk ceiling speakers will get a vibration-free setup without any extra assembly. 

Sound & Driver

Polk speakers are designed to deliver seamless audio with excellent sound reproduction. Using the Polk ceiling speakers, you will get a different vibe in your house. The 8-inch woofers of Polk MC80 with the ¾-inch tweeters will deliver you a fantastic sound with no distortion or echo.

The other one, Polk RC80i, comes with the same sized woofers but has a 1-inch tweeter. This tweeter is Aimable and will provide you with a more detailed and balanced sound than the other.

Polk RC80i comes with a mineral-filled polymer cone and a strong composite driver for wider dispersion that will provide better sound coverage.

Rubber Seal

As they are ceiling speakers, you may hesitate to use them in the kitchen or bathroom. No worries while using the Polk RC80i in such types of areas. Polk RC80i comes with a Rubber Seal that will drive you a better response and prevent moisture access.

This is even suitable for a sauna or covered porch. Unfortunately, Polk MC80 doesn’t come with such a type of build quality. So it will be wise to use the Polk RC80i in the mentioned areas.

Durability & Warranty

Polk is one of the most trusted names in home audio speakers because of its craftsmanship. They are dependable, and they use cutting-edge technologies. The durable speakers will surely give you a long durable service. Polk offers a 5-year of Warranty for the ceiling speakers.


The speakers are designed to provide you with a balanced & lifelike sound. You will notice the change in the sound quality while using them as your ceiling speaker.

Polk RC80i is recommended in this comparison because of its versatility and specially designed tweeters. The MC80 can also be an option if you’re looking for standard room-purpose ceiling speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Polk MC80 vs RC80i

What is the advantage of a large woofer?

The 8-inch woofer will produce a better bass than the 6.5-inch woofer.

Do they run with Bluetooth?

No. They are hard-wired.

Does the Polk MC80 come in a pair?

No. Only the Polk RC80i comes in a pair.

What is the sensitivity of the speakers?

The speaker comes with a 90dB sensitivity.

Do they have any other color variants?

No. But you can paint the aluminum grilles according to your choice.

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