Powerbeats Pro vs Bose Soundsport Free

PowerBeats Pro vs Bose SoundSport Free – Which is the Best?


Powerbeats Pro vs Bose Soundsport FreePowerbeats Pro will be a better choice for you if you search for the best one between PowerBeats Pro and Bose Soundsport Free. 

What Makes PowerBeats Pro Better?

  • Powerbeats Pro has an Apple H1 chip whereas Bose Soundsport missing this. Anyhow, the H1 chip helps improve the speed for the extended range. In addition, it ensures you get fewer dropouts so that you can enjoy music seamlessly.
  • It delivers up to 9 hours of playback time on a single charge while Bose Soundsport Free battery lasts for 5 hours. Hence, you can use this device for hours without taking the hassle of charging and enjoy the music or podcasts.
  • This earbud produces precise and balanced sounds so that you can understand the lyrics even with loud volume. On the other hand, Bose Soundsports free cannot produce precise sounds like Powerbeats Pro.
  • Both have fast fuel charging function but this is better. That’s because with just five minutes of charge you will get 1.5 hours of playback. In comparison, Bose Soundsport gives 2 hours playback with 15 minutes charge. So, you can choose this earbud since you don’t need to wait too much when you are in hurry.
  • Its charging case offers 18 hours of battery backup, besides, its competitor provides 10 hours. Thus, even if you are far away from the power source you can confidently charge PowerBeats.
  • PowerBeats Pro is integrated with a voice command system that lets you operate it effortlessly. At the same time, Bose doesn’t feature voice commands which is a downside.

You will get the most convenient user experience from the PowerBeats Pro earbuds compared to Bose Soundsport Free. So, we highly recommend you consider this device. 


Similar Features

  • PowerBeats Pro and Bose SoundSport Free are water and sweat-resistant so that they can withstand anything whatever the day brings. 
  • These two earbuds are combined with an adjustable secure-fit ear hook. Thus, they will move with you also you can easily adjust them.

Comparison Chart: PowerBeats Pro vs Bose SoundSport Free

Specifications Powerbeats Pro Bose sound sport free
Editors Rating 4.6 out of 5 4.4 out of 5
Noise Cancellation Yes No
Apple H1 Chip Yes No
Battery Life 9 hours 5 hours
Weight .637 ounces .64 ounces
Dimensions 10 x 7.87 x 11.02 inches 1.2 x 1 x 1.25 inches
From the factor In-ear In-ear
Sweat Resistant Yes Yes
Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity Yes Yes
Android compatible Yes Yes
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year

Differences & Similarities: PowerBeats Pro and Bose Soundsport Free


These headphones are a little bit larger than your regular headphones. Powerbeats Pro gives you an ear hook style design, and Bose Soundsport free offers you large flat discs on the outside to house the battery and other materials.

Both headphones come in various colors so that you can choose your favorite color. Bose Soundsport Free is huge for any type of ear, but Powerbeats Pro fits any kind of ear size. If we talk about which is comfortable, then Powerbeats Pro is best for you.

Feature and control:

Powerbeats pro gives you a voice command system. You can play music,pause-stop the music and adjust the volume without having your mobile phones. In contrast, Bose Soundsport free does not have this feature. So, you can not control this device with your voice command.

At Powerbeats Pro, you will get a multi-function switch outside each headphone for playing and a volume rocker on the top. With Powerbeats pro, all ios users get one advantage which is available on the Apple H1 chip. That chip is included in your Powerbeats Pro headphone.

With the help of that chip, you can call google assistance; no button is required for this. So for this section, we can say that Powerbeats Pro is a better choice for you.

Charging case:

These devices carry significant charging cases. Bose Soundsport Free charging case give you 10 hours back up. In contrast, Powerbeats pro gives you 18 hours back up. In the emergency time, Powerbeats Pro serves. So it’s clear in this section Powerbeats Pro is the winner.

Battery Life:

The battery is a more critical section for any headphones. Everyone wants a long battery life headphone, which provides you with more listening time. With 9 hours battery backup, the beats are some of the long-lasting true wireless headphones besides its competitor that gives you 5 hours battery backup. Powerbeats Pro wins this section, so you should go for this.

Sound Quality:

Bose Soundsport Free gives you a scooped sound system that means it cuts some of the midranges in favor of the base. For this reason, Bose Soundsport Free sound quality is not so good.

In contrast, Powerbeats Pro has Apple H1 chips, which make a clear decent sound quality. Both devices have great sound quality, but Powerbeats Pro is a great-sounding pair of wireless earbuds.


Both devices have built-in Bluetooth technology, which gives you a clear connection with any device. But Powerbeats Pro has an Apple H1 chip.

Because of this chip, it pairs automatically with any kind of ios device. It’s a big advantage for all ios device users. Powerbeats Pro gives you the best connectivity advantage in this section, so we suggest you go for these devices.

Noise cancellation:

Powerbeats Pro has a passive noise reduction system. Which reduces your loud background noise. And stop your music from leaking out.

On the other hand, Bose Soundsport free does not have a noise reduction function. So it does not cancel any background noise. Whenever you are listening to music, you may be disturbed by outside noise. So Powerbeats Pro gives you proper care of noise cancellation.

In the box: With Powerbeats Pro-

  • Powerbeats Pro wireless headphones.
  • A charging case.
  • Four sizes of ear tips.
  • USB-A charging cable.
  • Quick start guide.
  • Warranty card.

with Bose Soundsport Free-

  • Bose Soundsport Free wireless headphones.
  • Portable charging case.
  • Four sizes of stay hear sport tips.
  • USB cable.


Powerbeats Pro is the best choice between these two for its battery life, Sound quality, and comfort. We highly recommend going for these devices. Otherwise, Bose Soundsport free is also good. If you are okay with this feature, then go for it.

Frequently Asked Question about PowerBeats Pro and Bose Soundsport Free

Is Bose Soundsport free to have any microphones?

Yes, there is a microphone to improve sound quality and better context. The microphone helps filter out the background noise.

How long is the warranty on Bose Soundsport free?

The Bose Soundsport free warranty lasts one year from the date of product buying. For any problem on devices, you can contact the Bose company site.

Do these devices have a Noise cancellation feature?

Powerbeats Pro has a noise cancellation system that cancels your background noise. But Bose sound sport free does not have such a noise cancellation system.

How long does Powerbeats Pro take charging?

Powerbeats Pro has a fast-charging option. A 5 min charge gives you 1.5 hours to use. In contrast, a 15 min charge gives you 4.5 hours of playback time.

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