Powerbeats Pro vs Powerbeats 3

Powerbeats Pro vs Powerbeats 3 – Find the best one for you


Powerbeats Pro vs Powerbeats 3Powerbeats Pro and Powerbeats 3 headphones contain some excellent features, but Buywithme.org recommends Powerbeats Pro

Why we recommend Powerbeats Pro?

  • This device is made with two microphones that deliver quality sound and enable the device to filter out background noise. While the older version does not have any microphone, so it can not filter out outside noise.
  • Powerbeats Pro is dustproof and water-resistant. The water-resistant device blocks the water so the device can not get wet. On the other hand, Powerbeats 3 is also a water-resistant device. But this device does not work correctly if it comes in touches of any liquid.
  • It comes with wing tips that will easily fit in our ear. Wingtips come in convenient for sports and other physical exercises. When we use that earbud properly, they prevent the earbuds. Besides, Its competitor does not have such advanced wingtips.
  • It has an accelerometer sensor feature which is useful for linear metering acceleration. While the other one doesn’t include this feature. 

All these fantastic features make Powerbeats Pro the best option for you. If you want better headphones, then you can consider Powerbeats Pro.


Powerbeats Pro vs Powerbeats 3 – Quick Comparison 

SpecificationPowerbeats ProPower beats
Editors Rating4.6 out of 54.5 out of 5
Weight8 ounces14 ounces
Dimension 4.33 x 3.25 x 4.33 inches1 x 5.94 x 1 inches
Form Factor In-earIn-ear
Battery1 lithium-ion battery required1 lithium-ion battery required
ManufacturerApple computerApple computer
Colourcloud pinkBlack-red
Sweat ResistanceYesYes
Has Stereo SpeakerYesYes
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth, NFCWireless
Has voice commandYesNO
Warranty1 year1 year

Differences and Similarities for Powerbeats Pro and Powerbeats 3

Design: Powerbeats Pro and Powerbeats 3 come with an immensely slim design. Both headphones are comfortable to wear and fit well on everyone. These two devices are sweat-resistant, as well as, dustproof and waterproof.

All Beats Pro headphones are made with aluminum. Both devices can be used wirelessly. Bluetooth APTX does not support any devices. No USB type C can be used on these devices, gunmetal frame with a black matte finish, encasing overstuffed leather earcups. 

Sound Quality: This type of device allows you to listen to lower volume levels, causing less ear exhaustion as you don’t have to reduce the volume level to overcome background noise. Both devices create an acoustic seal that reduces background noise and stops your music from lacking out. In this section, Powerbeats Pro gives you the best sound quality so that you can go for it.

Volume adjusting:  With these headphones, you can control your volume in the left ear cup. This volume switch allows you to control the music’s loudness without pressing any button. You can adjust your volume during the workout or running time.

Microphones: Powerbeats pro has 2 microphones which will give you the best sound quality. These microphones filter out any background music. On the other hand, its competitor has only 1 microphone. It does not filter out music properly. This device does not have any noise cancellation system.

Battery: Battery is the most significant part of any kind of headphones. Powerbeats pro gives you up to 9 hours back up with one charge, and with the case, it will give you up to 24 hours of listening time.

Besides, Powerbeats 3 allows you 12hour battery life through multiple workouts. Both devices have battery level indicators, so whenever the battery low, it will notify you. Those device batteries can be rechargeable and can be used again.

Additional Feature: With the help of voice commands, you can control these devices. You can access your device easily without pressing any button. So, you can manage your device quickly in the running or working time.

The headset can use for communication like skype, voice chat, games, mobile phones, etc. There is a control panel function in the headphone body, so you can easily control the volume level, or with the help of a button, you can control the volume level.

Durability and warranty: These Beats headphones are made from high-quality flexible materials. The materials allow you to use these headphones for a long time without any problem. About the warranty, Beats company gives you a 1-year warranty from the purchasing day. And to claim the warranty, you will need buying proof.

Final Word: I hope you are not more confused about why you should buy Powerbeats Pro. This device gives the best experiences with headphones. Otherwise, Powerbeats 3 is also a good choice. The decision is yours, think before investing.

FAQ about Powerbeats Pro and Powerbeats3

Do iPhones show battery level after paired?

If you set your device correctly, these earbuds should show ‘sals beats’ on your ios device with a picture of your earbuds on the screen and their status, including battery life and volume.

Do these sound so loud?

 Yes, these are so loud they usually don’t raise the volume more.

What kind of battery is used in these headphones?

There are three types of Beats wireless ion batteries, which are used in headphones.

Are those earbuds magnetic?

No, there is not. They have the pieces hooked behind the ear. 

Can these headphones connect with my windows 10?

Search for Bluetooth bottom on the pc screen. On Add Bluetooth and other devices, the screen selects Add Bluetooth. Press the power button down on the headset until white blinking light to make it discoverable and pair Powerbeats. The icon appears under Audio.

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