Proform 440 ES vs Schwinn 270

Proform 440 ES vs Schwinn 270 – Why Schwinn 270 is Better?

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Proform 440 ES vs Schwinn 270Proform 440 ES and Schwinn 270 are two top-quality indoor exercise bikes, but between them, we strongly recommend Schwinn 270.

Why We Recommend Schwinn 270?

  • Schwinn 270 is very quiet during its use, so it won’t disturb other members at your home or your neighbor. On the other hand, Proform squeaks as if it is falling apart when you pedal the bike.
  • Assembly the Schwinn 270 is more comfortable, and you don’t need a professional to assembly the machine. Contrary, its competitor is challenging to assemble.
  • This bike is only 101 pounds, whereas Proform is 142 pounds. So, Schwinn is very easy to move around by rolling it around or back up.
  • You don’t need to sign up with iFit to start using the console of Schwinn 270. But Proform 440 ES doesn’t work until you are an iFit member.

These were the key functions that made Schwinn 270 better than Proform. I think it’s clear why we recommended Schwinn.


Similar Features

  • Proform 440 ES and Schwinn 270 have telemetry-enabled heart rate features that will keep you up to date about your heart condition.
  • They offer up to 25 resistance levels that effortlessly make your workouts very smooth and quiet.
  • The bikes have a media rack holder, water bottle holder, plus USB port, so you can put your belongings there and comfortably complete your exercise.

As you can see the significant similarities both gym machines shares, and after reading their similarities, do you think the Proform 440 ES would be a better choice? Then go with this instead of the Schwinn 270.

Quick Comparison: Proform 440 ES vs Schwinn 270

Specifications  Proform 440 ES Schwinn 270
Editor’s Rating  4.4 out of 5  4.7 out of 5
Dimension  60.24 x 25.75 x 15 inches 64″ X 27.7″ X 49.9″
Bike Weight  142 Pounds 101 Pounds
Resistance level  25 25
Max user capacity  350 lbs 300 lbs
Flywheel weight 18 LBS 17 LBS
Console type 5 backlit display 13 backlit display
Media Rack  Yes Yes 
User Profile  5 4
Water Bottle Holder  Yes  Yes 
Workout Program 32 programs  29 programs 
USB port  Yes  Yes 
Heart Rate  Telemetry enabled Telemetry enabled
Warranty  10 Years Frame  10 Years Frame 

Differences & Similarities Between Proform 440 ES and Schwinn 270

Bike Dimension 

Proform 440 ES and Schwinn 270 are not that much different when it comes to dimension, but Proform will take little space in your room. It measures 60.24 x 25.75 x 15 inches, and Schwinn 270 is 64 by 27.7 by 49.9 inches. But if you want a lightweight machine, Schwinn 270 is the right choice because it is 101 pounds while Proform 440 ES is 142 pounds.

Max Weight Capacity 

When it comes to the max weight capacity, the Proform 440 ES is better because the bike can take up to 350 lbs. Besides, Schwinn’s 270 capacity is 300 lbs. If you are more than 350 or 300 lbs, you should not ride on the bike as it may damage the bike.

Console Type 

Both have DualTrack backlit displays, but Schwinn 270 provides better display features than the previous one. Schwinn lets you monitor up to 13 different display feedbacks, while Proform gives you five different feedback. However, both displays allow you to track time, distance, plus calories burned, and so on.

Both are also compatible with popular fitness apps like MyFitnessPal. It lets you connect yourself to fitness training programs plus mentors.

Moreover, the display will share your heart rate during the workout session. Also, they will save the previous history.

Resistance Level and Workout Programs 

They feature up to 25 resistance levels, which helps you to reach your fitness goal quickly. You can choose the level to your preference, also switching between different levels is also more comfortable.

And the workout programs of the Proform are better because it includes 32 programs while Schwinn has 29 programs. Though Proform has a better program, we suggest the

 since it is convenient, plus it doesn’t make noise.


You may need a professional for the Proform 440 ES, while Schwinn 270 user manual is sufficient for you. It will take you two hours to completely set up the bike. Once you install the Schwinn, you can start using it, but Proform needs to sign up or log in to the iFit membership, or else the display won’t work.


Schwinn 270 is better in terms of the warranty. It gives you a 10-year full warranty on the frame, two years on electronics and other parts, while labor is equipped with six months warranty. In contrast, Proform offers 10-years on the frame, one year on labor, plus other parts. Both will cover any damages or if your bike needs any servicing. The warranty is valid for the real purchaser.

Other Features 

Schwinn 270 and Proform 440 ES seats are adjustable, and it doesn’t matter if you are short or tall. You will perfectly fit on this bike. Both features fan that will keep you cool during each workout session. Also, the fans are quiet.

They are built with an integrated tablet and water bottle holder, plus there is a USB charging station. There are transport wheels, which makes moving the bikes easier.

The bikes have adjustable flywheels, and the display can hold your smartphone or tablet since it is magnetic.


As you can see, the Proform may carry the best features, yet Schwinn would be a better pick. It is less noisy, easier to assemble. Also, you can start using it right after the setup is done. Moreover, it delivers a better warranty than the Proform. If you are serious about an exercise bike, this should be your consideration.

FAQ about Proform 440 ES and Schwinn 270

What is the weight capacity of these bikes?

The Proform weight capacity is 350 pounds, while the Schwinn 270 capacity is 300 lbs.

How noisy is Schwinn 270?

This bike is very quiet compared to the Proform, and it won’t disturb someone in the next room or your neighbors.

Can I adjust the Schwinn seat?

Yes, the seat is adjustable, and the bike is a perfect fit for people with 4ft 11 inch to 6 ft.

What is the Proform assembled size?

It is  60 inches long by 24 inches wide by 57 inches high.

Does Proform have a speaker?

No, it doesn’t have any speakers, but the machine has a Bluetooth adapter.

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