Roomba 614 vs 675

Roomba 614 vs 675 – Check Why Roomba 675 is Best!

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Roomba 614 vs 675If you want a convenient Roomba robot vacuum between these two, then I’d highly suggest Roomba 675. It is slightly more powerful and easy to use than Roomba 614.

Why I Suggest Roomba 675?

  • It is compatible with the iRobot HOME app and Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands. The functions allow you to control the device from your smartphone. Moreover, you can see the report on your smartphone. Or you can use the voice command to operate the robot. Roomba 614 is not compatible with App or Voice Command.
  • You can schedule the cleaning time or date on this device while this is not available on the Roomba 614. The device will vacuum, clean your home and return to the home station once the job is done.
  • Roomba 614 and 675 equip with intelligent navigation, but the Roomba 675 is the upgraded version. It helps the robot climb, as well as rollover any medium-pile carpets, and supports the device from falling off the stairs. Moreover, the navigation remembers the room’s location in your home.

Hopefully, now you understand why I mentioned the Roomba 675 would be the best choice for you. If you are interested in this robot vacuum, then you can keep your faith on it.


Quick Comparison: Roomba 614 vs 675

Specifications  Roomba 614 Roomba 675 
Editor’s Rating  4.4 out of 5 4.7 out of 5 
Dimension 17 x 18 x 5 inches 13.4 x 13.4 x 3.54 inches
Weight 11.5 pounds 6.77 pounds
Suction Power  600 Pa  600 Pa 
Wifi  No  Yes 
App  No  Yes 
Voice Command No  Yes 
Scheduling  No  Yes 
Ideal for pet No  Yes 
Intelligent Navigation Yes  Yes 
Dirt-detect technology  Yes  Yes 
Automatic recharge  Yes  Yes 
Maximum Runtime  Up to 90 Minutes  Up to 90 Minutes 
Warranty  1 year limited  1 year limited 

Differences & Similarities Between Roomba 614 and 675

Suction Power 

These were built with 600 Pa suction power to clean hard floors and carpets. Both of them are equipped with a 3-stage cleaning system that uses dual multi-surface brushes. The brushes are designed with an edge-sweeping brush to pick up everything from small particles to large debris in your home. Furthermore, they contain dirt detect sensors. It alerts the robot to concentrate on the high-traffic zones of your home.

Control Functions 

When it comes to the control function, Roomba 675 is the best since it is equipped with the App and voice commands. Two of them have the same button controls on top of the robots. The control buttons are for power, clean, spot clean, and dock. You can purchase a remote separately for the Roomba 614 if you want to control it remotely.


Roomba 675 can be controlled from the iRobot HOME app. But the Roomba 614 is not compatible with the app. The app allows you to control the device from your smartphone. Also, you can customize the cleaning functions from the app. The app will show you the clean map reports on your smartphone, plus it allows you to access support. Additionally, the app lets you schedule the date and time for the easy clean. It will automatically start cleaning your home without your help.

Works with Voice Commands

To control the cleaning, Roomba 675 is featuring Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You will need an Alexa speaker to use the device. You can ask Alexa to start or stop cleaning, increase suction power, and much more. On the other hand, Roomba 614 does not support voice commands.

Intelligent Navigation 

The devices have a full suite of sensors that help clean your carpets thoroughly. Though both robots contain this function, the Roomba 675 has upgraded intelligent navigation. It will remember the map of the different room locations of your home for the next clean.

Good for pet hair 

If you have pets in the house, then go ahead with Roomba 675. It will suction the pet hair from the hard floors or carpets better than the 614 models. This robot vacuum is designed with an edge sweeping brush that is featured with 27 angles. So it will sweep away debris or pet hair or dirt, and allergy causes bacteria even from the corners and edges. I recommend the Roomba 675 as this device is also an allergy-friendly machine.


They both run for up to 90 minutes to entirely clean your house. When the machine runs out of charges, it will automatically dock and recharge. The best part is, the machines will come back to the charging station if they need charging.


In terms of the goodies, you will get the same things in the box. They come up with an owner’s guide, documentation package, robot vacuum, one North American Line Cord, 1 Brush Cleaning Tool, extra AeroVac Filter, and one Home Base Charging Station.


The machines provide a one-year limited warranty, and you can expect them to last for more than five years. If there’s any defect in parts due to the manufacturer, they will replace or repair your device. But remember, the warranty is only valid in the USA and Canada.


If you are always in a hurry or looking for an efficient robot vacuum, then Roomba 675 should be your choice. It is compatible with the smart control options while the Roomba 614 is not. But if you have a tight budget, you can choose the Roomba 614 for you. Still, I suggest you consider the Roomba 675 robot vacuum’s features and benefits then make your purchase decision.

Frequently Asked Questions about Roomba 614 and 675

Does Roomba 614 work over the carpet with fringe?

Yes, it can run over carpet with fringe, but it works better on the short fringe than the long fringe. Because if the fringe gets rolled up, the device will stop working.

Will Roomba 614 remember programming?

Yes, you can leave the device on its home base when it’s not in use, but it will remember the cleaning pattern.

How to operate Roomba 675 without wifi?

Press the clean button to turn on the robot or stop, and press the dock button if you want to send the machine back to the base.

Will Roomba go back to the charging station?

Yes, both will return to the charging station or the place where it starts. And they two have a self-charging function.

Do they provide a warranty?

Roomba devices usually come with a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase.

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