Roomba i4 vs i3

Roomba i4 vs i3 – Check Out Which Is the Best Robot Vacuum?

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Roomba i4 and i3 will meet your cleaning expectations. But between them, we strongly recommend the Roomba i4

Why do we recommend the Roomba i4?

  • The i4 vacuum cleaner can create a virtual wall barrier, but the i3 cannot. If you create a Keep Out Zone, your robot won’t cross that area which is very handy since it also helps reduce any unexpected accidents. 
  • The Roomba i4 is equipped with 2 high-efficiency brushes, while the Roomba i3 has 1 brush. However, the 2 brushes will effectively pull out the stubborn dirt from the floor or carpet and give you a clean floor. 
  • This device can run for 100 minutes per charge, which is sufficient for any house. At the same time, the i3 robot can work for 75 minutes. 
  • You can create schedule cleaning on the i4 so that your robot will efficiently take care of your home if you are outside of your home. But the scheduled cleaning does not exist on the i3.
  • Compared to the i3, the i4 is lightweight that makes it easier to carry. 
  • It has a visual navigation feature, while the other one doesn’t have visual navigation. However, it helps the device prevent any accidents since the robot will see if any obstacles come its way, which will change its path. 

Roomba i4 is packed with all the advanced features to make cleaning easier. Therefore, you should grab the Roomba i4 rather than i3. 


Roomba i4 vs i3: Similar Features 

  • The i4 and i3 can be controlled through the Roomba App and voice commands. Hence, you can be at any corner of the house, yet you can ask the robot for cleaning. 
  • They have dirt detection technology that searches for the high-traffic area in your house and cleans the area. 
  • Both robot vacuums provide a 3-stage cleaning system with 10x suction power. 
  • Roomba i4 and i3 work together with the Braava Jet M6, this will mop the house in a perfect sequence.

Roomba i4 vs i3: Quick Comparison Table 

Specifications Roomba i4 Roomba i3
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5  4.6 out of 5 
Virtual Wall Barrier  Yes No 
High-efficiency Brush  2 1
Battery Life  100 minutes  75 minutes 
Schedule Cleaning  Yes No
Dimension  13.26 x 3.63 x 13.34  13.34 x 13.26 x 3.63 inches
Weight  7.44 lbs. 11 pounds
App compatible  Yes Yes
Mopping  Yes Yes
Obstacle Navigation Visual Navigate  Yes 
Voice Command Yes Yes
Dirt Detect Technology  Yes Yes
3 Stage-cleaning System  Yes Yes
Charge & Resume Yes Yes
Tangle resistant rubber brushes  Yes Yes
Suction Power  10x 10x
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year

Differences and Similarities between Roomba i4 and i3

Suction Power 

Roomba i4 and i3 have 10x suction power, also they have 3 stages cleaning system. With the combination of the suction power and cleaning stages, the Roomba robots will pick up all the dirt from the floor. Also, if needed, the devices will increase their suction power. So you don’t need to increase the power manually. 

Virtual Wall 

The Roomba i4 device has a virtual wall barrier, but its little brother doesn’t. However, it allows you to create a zone that you don’t want to clean or the robot comes. 

Once you set the keep out zone, the robot will avoid that area and do its cleaning. The virtual wall is a convenient feature, especially for the home with pets and kids. Additionally, it helps reduce accidents as well. 

High-efficiency Filter 

Both devices come up with high-efficiency brushes, but the Roomba i4 has two brushes while the i3 has one. 

Their multi-surface brushes won’t be stuck with your pet hair since they are rubber-made. 

In fact, this will trap 99% of pet allergens. If you have allergies or asthma issues from pets, then these robots are the best option for you.


They work with the Braava Jet M6, and this pair provides you the dream team of clean. Both combine with the Imprint Link Technology so that to make a team with the Braava Jet M6. So that once the robot has done vacuuming, its partner starts mopping the floor automatically. 

Battery Life 

Roomba i4 offers a 100 minutes battery life that is sufficient for your house. In contrast, the Roomba i3 can run for 75 minutes per charge. 

And they take approximately 3 to 4 hours to charge fully. The best part is, when the battery status is low, they will stop cleaning and go to the charging station. 

Once they are fully charged, the robots will go back to the same place where they stop cleaning to resume it. 

Easy to Operate

Operating these robots is very straightforward since they offer a button on top of the body, app control, and voice command. Simply choose the way you want to control your robot vacuum. 

They are compatible with the iRobot App, and let you start cleaning or stop cleaning, schedule the device, and much more. Even if you are outside of the home then you can control it via the iRobot App. The app will also suggest you any new cleaning idea. 

On the other side, they also work with Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands. So the robot just needs your voice tone to start its job. 

Mapping and Obstacle Navigation

Roomba i4 and i3 were built with the state-of-the-art floor tracking sensor. It ensures they perfectly clean the carpets and hardwood. 

These two robots are very smart and can navigate, plus create maps of your entire house. And then clean in a neat row. You can also check the map in the iRobot App, plus make any changes if you need. 

In addition, they have an obstacle sense function that keeps them from any dangerous area such as stairs. If they find any obstacle, they will change the path.

Schedule Cleaning 

Your Roomba i4 will take care of your home if you need to go outside. It has a schedule cleaning feature that can be created from the app easily. Simply set the date and the time on your app, and the robot will entirely clean your house. 

Unfortunately, the Roomba i3 doesn’t include a schedule cleaning option, which is a downside. 

However, you can also set the schedule for cleaning at night time and sleep without any noise. In the meantime, Roomba will clean the house and go back to the home base. 


Roomba robot vacuums are built to last, and they are made with high-end materials. Also, they cover a one-year limited warranty. In addition, it covers any manufacturer damages on the robot and repairs it for free. 

The warranty only works for the original user and if you get the robot from an authorized shop. Moreover, if you make any damages, the warranty will be void. 

Final Words

Hopefully, now you understand why the Roomba i4 would be a better choice than the i3 robot vacuum. 

If you want to take your cleaning experience to another level, the i4 should be your consideration. But if you are impressed with the Roomba i3 features, then nothing wrong to choose this either. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Roomba i4 vs i3

How is the cleaning performance of the i4?

It is combined with the power-lifting 10x suction power and also has improved pick-up performance.

What is the warranty of the Roomba i4?

The device is equipped with a two-year warranty that works against any manufacturer defects on the robot. 

How will they work cleaning the carpet?

Roomba i3 and i4 will effectively clean up your carpet, and if needed, they will automatically increase the suction power. 

Do they have a mapping feature?

Yes, the Roomba i4 and i3 provide mapping features, and they clean your house in a neat row. 

Can they charge themselves?

Yes, Roomba i3 and i4 are equipped with a home base charging station. When they run out of charge, the robots will automatically dock to the home and resume cleaning. 

Can I use the devices without voice commands?

Using the voice commands on these devices is optional. It’s your choice if you want to use the voice command or not.

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