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Roomba i4+ vs i3 – Check Why We Recommend Roomba i4+.

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Roomba i4+ vs i3Roomba i4+ and i3 are top-rated robot vacuums, but the Roomba i4+ is a step ahead with some improved features. So we strongly recommend you choosing Roomba i4+. 

Why you should choose Roomba i4+?

  • It runs for 100 minutes per charge to clean your house entirely. At the same time, the Roomba i3 has 75 minutes of battery life. When you start the i4+, just consider your cleaning work is done as 100 minutes is sufficient for your robot to clean the home. 
  • You can schedule the cleaning time on this robot, but the previous model doesn’t include this function. However, you can set the time to your preference, and the robot will do the rest for you. Also, you can set the schedule at night time because it works silently. 
  • The Roomba i4+ can visually navigate obstacles in its way, which is very handy. It can effectively prevent the device from any damages. Besides, Roomba i3 doesn’t have visual navigation. 
  • The i4+ lets you create a virtual wall barrier on the areas or object you want to keep away from the robot. But the i3 has no wall barrier. 

These are the latest features that made the Roomba i4+ the best device than the Roomba i3. It helps reduce your stress from cleaning your house, so this should be your best pick if you want a convenient robot vacuum.


Similar Features of the Roomba i4 and Roomba i3

  • They are app-compatible devices that allow you to control remotely. Also, the devices have a voice command feature. 
  • The i3 and i4+ have self-charging and resume properties which means they can charge themselves when the battery is low and return to the place they left cleaning. 
  • Both combine with the tangle-resistant rubber brushes with a 3-stages cleaning system to clean every corner of the house. 
  • Roomba i3 and i4+ combine with a one-year limited warranty, including a 60-days return. 
  • Roomba i4+ and i3 have dirt detect technology, hence the robot knows the high dirt traffic areas in your home and cleans them efficiently. 

Roomba i4 vs i3: Quick Comparison Chart

Specifications Roomba i4 Roomba i3
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5  4.6 out of 5 
Dimension  13.34 x 13.26 x 3.63 inches 13.34 x 13.26 x 3.63 inches
Weight  24.6 pounds 11 pounds
Battery Life  100 minutes  75 minutes 
Schedule Cleaning  Yes No
Mopping Modes  2 1
Obstacle Navigation Visual Navigate  Yes 
Virtual Wall Barrier  Yes No 
Dirt Detect Technology  Yes Yes
App compatible  Yes Yes
Charge & Resume Yes Yes
Tangle resistant rubber brushes  Yes Yes
Suction Power  10x 10x
3 Stage-cleaning System  Yes Yes
Warranty 1 Year  1 Year

Differences and Similarities between Roomba i4 and i3

Battery Life 

Roomba i4+ is built with a 20% larger battery to provide extended runtime compared to the Roomba i3. As a result, it can work for 100 minutes per charge to clean the house entirely. 

At the same time, the Roomba i3 provides 75 minutes of battery life with a single charge. 

However, the robot takes approximately 3 hours to charge fully. Both come with a Home Base, and when the battery is running low, Roomba will pause cleaning. And then go to the base, once the battery is fully charged, then resume cleaning.  


In terms of the performance of this robot vacuum, both offer powerful performance. They pull out stubborn messes and dirt with their premium 3-stages of the cleaning system. 

The robots increase their suction power where needed. Additionally, these two are very smart and learn the cleaning cycle from your habits. 

However, they use a unique dual multi-surface rubber brush that won’t get tangled with pet hair. Instead, they will adjust and flex on hard floors or carpets. At the same time, the filter will trap 99% of pet allergens. 

So if you are suffering from allergies or asthma, then Roomba i3 or either the i4+ are the best vacuum cleaners for you. 

Virtual Wall 

You will get a virtual wall barrier option on the Roomba i4+, but the i3 is missing this function. It allows you to create a keep-out zone where the robot won’t cross the area. 

This is a very handy function for the home with pets or kids since you can create a barrier, and the robot won’t cross it during its cleaning time. 

Vacuuming & Mopping 

These two iRobot combine with the Braava Jet M6 mop. Once the robot is done vacuuming, the M6 will start mopping the floor in a perfect sequence. So, you don’t need to mop the floor.

Easy to Operate 

Roomba i3 and i4+ are very straightforward to operate. They have buttons on top of their body for Docking, On/off, and other Options. 

Moreover, they are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands. So the robots just need your voice command to start working. 

In addition, you can operate them from the iRobot App. It has everything you need to use Roomba. Moreover, the app makes using the device very more straightforward because you can control your robot from any corner of your house. 

Schedule Cleaning

Roomba i4+ has a scheduled cleaning function while the i3 doesn’t. So if you are outside of your home, you can create a cleaning time via the app or voice command and consider the cleaning is done. You can also schedule the device at night time and sleep properly since it won’t make noise. 

Dirt Detect Technology 

Your Roomba i4+ and i3 know the high traffic areas of dirt, and thus, it clean that place efficiently. It detects your whole house to find if there’s any dirt or debris leftover on the floor and then cleans it. 

This tech is very as you don’t need to command the Roomba to go and clean any particular areas. 


Roomba i3 and i4+ have smart mapping features. They work in a neat row since the robots know the layout of your house.

Also, the devices will remember the map for the future. You can see the map through the iRobot App and make changes if needed.

Furthermore, the i4+ has a visual navigation system that helps the device in many ways. Such as, it can see if there are any obstacles on its way or stairs and change its way. 


They combine with a limited one-year warranty which works against any robotic manufacturer’s defects. But you won’t get the warranty if you damage it anyhow.

However, you’ll also get a 60-days trial period from iRobot Roomba. Therefore, if you cannot use the device or don’t suit your home, return it or replace it with a new one.

Final Thought

Roomba i4+ is packed with more handy and advanced features than the i3. 

So you can’t go wrong choosing the i4+ for your home. But if you think the i3 would be a better vacuum cleaner, then go with this.

Frequently Asked Questions about Roomba i4 vs i3

How long does the Roomba i4+ take to recharge itself?

For the initial using purpose, it is recommended to charge the device overnight. And the device will fully recharge within 3 hours of approximate time. 

Does the Roomba i3 mop in a sequence?

Yes, the robot works with the Braava Jet6 mop. First, this will vacuum your home and then start mopping in a sequence. 

How do they do with the pet hair?

Both Roomba i3 and i4+ are efficient at cleaning pet hair, allergens, and germs as well. 

Do they offer a warranty?

Yes, they come up with a limited one-year warranty, including a 60-days home trial. 

Can I use the Roomba i4+ on the thick carpet?

Usually, the Roomba vacuums perform better on the low to medium pile carpets. However, it also works on thick carpets. 

Will I get a virtual wall barrier on the i3?

Unfortunately, the Roomba i3 doesn’t provide a virtual wall feature, and it is available on the i4+.

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