Samsung A71 vs S20

Samsung A71 vs S20 – Which Samsung Phone You Should Pick & Why?


Samsung A71 vs S20Samsung a71 and s20 phones have almost the same features, but we strongly suggest the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Why do we suggest the Samsung S20?

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 come up with a Snapdragon 865 processor. It increases the phone’s performance 54% higher compared to the Samsung A71‘s Snapdragon 730 processor. 
  • The Galaxy S20 display has a 120Hz refresh rate, whereas the A71 has 60Hz. And a 120Hz refresh rate helps the device run faster plus makes scrolling the phone smoother. 
  • It supports the RAM and works quicker than its competitor since the device includes a Snapdragon 865 processor. Also, it helps the device read maximum data from memory.
  • You can use the S20 for a longer time than the A71 because the processor helps the battery stay longer. 

So, these features make the Samsung S20 the best of its competitors. And if you want a device that will run faster, then this should be your consideration. 


Similar Features between the Samsung A71 and S20

  • They have 8GB RAM with 128GB internal storage that can be expandable to 512GBGB. 
  • Both have Android 10 operating systems which increases the performance.
  • The Galaxy A71 and S20 are IP68 rated, so these two are water and dustproof. 
  • These phones come up with a fast charger. 

Samsung a71 vs s20: Quick Comparison Chart 

Specifications Samsung a71 Samsung S20
Editor’s Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Processor  Snapdragon 730  Snapdragon 865
Refresh Rate  60Hz 120Hz
Display Size  6.7 inches  6.2 inches 
RAM 8 GB  8 GB 
Storage 128GB 128GB
Battery 4500mAh 4000mAh 
Selfie Camera  32MP  10MP
Main Camera  12MP 12MP
5G Ready  Yes Yes
Operating System  Android 10  Android 10 
Display Technology Amoled  Amoled 
Size 7 x 4 x 5 inches 6.7 x 3.4 x 2.44 inches
Weight 0.2 ounces 5.7 ounces
Connector Type  USB-C USB-C
Water Resistance IP68 IP68
Fast Charging Yes Yes
Warranty  12 Months 12 Months

Differences and Similarities between the Samsung a71 and s20

Phone Performance 

When it comes to performance, the Galaxy S20 is better because it has a Snapdragon 865 processor. And the A71 includes a Snapdragon 730 processor. 

However, the Snapdragon 865 processor increases the phone’s performance in every aspect. It helps the display scrolling smoothly, can read the memory quicker, processing data faster than its competitor. 

The Snapdragon 865 processor also makes sure the battery doesn’t drain much like its competitor. It works 54% faster than the Snapdragon 730. Therefore, the Samsung S20 phone offers outstanding performance, that’s why we strongly recommend this one. 

Storage Capacity 

Samsung A71 and S20 offer the same storage capacity that also can be expandable. Anyhow, they have 8GB RAM, including 128GB internal storage. 

The RAM is sufficient for your device that also helps to increase performance. It can render data quicker, but S20 is slightly better because it has an awesome processor in terms of rendering data. 

Yet the storage makes these devices work quicker, plus if you need, you can expand the memory as well. 

Battery Life 

Samsung A71 has a 4500mAh battery, while the S20 includes 4000mAh. They also offer a fast charger so that you can charge up the phone quicker. These Samsung phones use an algorithm that learns how you optimize the power, and thus it saves the battery so that you can take it on the go. And that’s how you can do much with your phone.

But though the S20 has a 4000mAh battery yet, it can last for a longer time. Since the Galaxy S20 has a better processor and it helps the device run for a longer time. 


If you are searching for a phone with an outstanding camera, then Samsung A71 would be a better choice for you. It has a 32MP front camera with impressive rear camera resolution. In addition, the A71 has a depth 5MP camera, 64MP main camera, a 12MP ultra-wide camera with a 5MP macro camera. 

You can shoot professional-grade photos with its 5G quad lens. The macro cam will bring tiny details so that you can shoot with clarity. Furthermore, you can adjust the depth of field plus blur out what’s behind the scene so that the images look more professional. 

At the same time, the Samsung S20 device has a 12 MP + 12 MP + 8 MP camera plus a 10MP front camera. It cannot capture stunning images like the A71. 

Video Recording 

Samsung A71 and S20 devices can record videos, but the A71 is a step ahead. The Galaxy A71 allows the user to take crisp, Ultra HD quality video while you are moving. In addition, it can record super smooth videos since it has a super steady mode, but the S20 doesn’t have this feature. 

These two can also record 4k, 8k, slow-motion videos. As the A71 has better video quality, you can either go with this.


Samsung devices are IP68 rated, which helps these devices prevent the damages of water or dust. The IP68 rating increases their durability as well. 

Samsung also provides a one-year limited warranty against any manufacturer damages. But if you damage the devices, then the warranty will not cover them. 

Network & Connectivity 

The A71 and S20 devices are unlocked versions, and you can use any mobile carrier you want on these devices. 

Moreover, these phones are 5G compatible that will take your experience to the next level. It increases the uploads and downloads speed plus an excellent addition for the people who are game lovers.  

Final Thought 

Hopefully, by now, you have understood why we are suggesting the Samsung S20 to you. It features a Snapdragon 865 processor, which changes the whole game. This processor improves the phone’s performance in every way. 

On the other side, the A71 also has impressive features, and it has a great camera. So if you need a great camera, this could be your best bet. Otherwise, the Galaxy S20 should be your pick. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Samsung Galaxy a71 and s20.

Can I use the Verizon carrier on these unlocked phones?

Yes, you can use Verizon or any other mobile carrier for these Samsung phones you want. 

Are they waterproof?

Yes, the Samsung A71 and S20 devices are IP68 rated, which makes devices waterproof. 

What is the A71 processor?

The Samsung Galaxy A71 is equipped with a Snapdragon 730 processor. 

Do they offer a warranty?

Generally, Samsung devices offer a one-year limited warranty, so these two have the same period. 

What is their RAM capacity?

Both Samsung devices come up with 8GB RAM, including 128GB internal storage, also the internal storage can be upgradeable to 512GB. 

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