Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Galaxy Watch 3 – Know the Differences!

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Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Galaxy Watch 3Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatches have incredible features. And if you want to pick the best one, we highly suggest the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. 

Why Do We Suggest the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3?

  • It has the latest Bluetooth version 5 while the older version has BT 4. Thus, this watch gives you smooth sharing compared to earlier devices. 
  • The Galaxy Watch 3 can monitor the blood oxygen level, which is crucial since it indicates how healthy you are. Besides, the Galaxy Watch does not has this feature. 
  • This watch has 8 GB of built-in internal storage so that you can keep your favorite apps, important files, and so on. In comparison, its rival has a 4 GB storage capacity. Hence, you can save more files or apps on this smartwatch. 
  • You will get the ECG technology, also the heart rate warning function in Galaxy Watch 3 device. It will send you the report for irregular heartbeats to alert you. At the same time, you won’t get these convenient functions on its little brother. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 combines these high-end features which are missing on the Galaxy Watch. Therefore, if you want to upgrade your smartwatch, this should be your best pick. 


Similar Features 

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch and Watch 3 are water-resistant, dustproof, also sweat-resistant watches.
  • They have an AMOLED touch screen so that you can easily operate your smartwatch. 
  • These two integrated with GPS, as well as heart rate monitor. 
  • Both can track your sleep, be capable of count calories, also detect your workout activity. 
  • These two smartwatches are combined with a one-year limited warranty. 

Galaxy Watch vs Galaxy Watch 3: Quick Specifications Chart

Specifications Galaxy Watch Galaxy Watch 3
Editor’s Choice 4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
OS Tizen 4.0 Tizen OS 5.5
Memory 768MB + 4GB 1GB + 8GB
Battery 470 mAh 247 mAh 
Battery Run-Time 80 Hours 43 Hours
Chipset Exynos 9110 Exynos 9110
Connectivity Bluetooth/LTE Bluetooth/LTE
Waterproof 5-ATM 5-ATM
Heart-Rate Tracking Yes Yes
Sleep Track Yes Yes
Military Standard Yes Yes
Display 360 x 360 Super AMOLED 360 x 360 Super AMOLED
GPS True True
Samsung Pay Yes Yes
Bixby Yes Yes
Product Weight 2.8 ounces 7.1 ounces
Warranty 1-Year of Warranty 1-Year of Warranty

Differences and Similarities between the Galaxy Watch vs Galaxy Watch 3

Smartwatch Features 

Samsung Galaxy watches rely on the Tizen operating system that offers your watch the functions of an Android device or IOS. 

Anyhow, Samsung Watch 3 has Tizen 5 OS while the original version includes OS 4. Thus, you can smoothly use the Watch 3 rather previous one. 

Moreover, these two devices can receive calls and let you reply to messages right from the watch. In addition, you can find the call and chat history on the Watch 3 device. But the older Galaxy doesn’t have this function. 

Since the Watch 3 gives you better features, you can go with this watch rather than the earlier version. 

Fitness Functions 

When it comes to fitness, these two are almost identical. Both will track your calorie intake, monitor your heart rate, and provide you guided meditation feature. You will also get breathing exercises on these watches. Additionally, both smartwatches will help you learning stress management that is a great addition. 

But the Galaxy Watch 3 has some upgraded fitness features. For example, it is capable of measuring your blood oxygen level and improper heart rate. Furthermore, it has an ECG function, so this will notify you when your health is deteriorating. 

Both will automatically track your movement whether you are moving, cycling, swimming, or doing some other workouts. And you can see the progress every month as they will record your activity. 

Battery Life 

When it comes to battery life, these watches are slightly different from each other. The Samsung Galaxy Watch has a 470 mAh battery capacity, while the Watch 3 has a slightly smaller 247 mAh. 

But these two can hold battery for all day on a single charge. You can use them efficiently with GPS on and other features. However, they will slowly drain the battery. 

However, if you expect a longer battery life from your Galaxy smartwatch, you can grab the older version. 

Storage Capacity 

Galaxy Watch has 768MB + 4GB, at the same time, the upgraded one is combined with the 1GB + 8GB. 

So the Watch 3 gives you more room to keep more apps or data you want. You can either seamlessly integrated this device with your iOS or Android device to do things more smartly. Also, your data will be safe in Watch 3. 

Other Features 

These two are integrated with music, therefore you can listen to music during a workout to make your exercise more enjoyable. Both allow you to download apps for free, also they support widgets as well. You can track your exercise since both have an exercise diary. 


Samsung Watch and Watch 3 can handle a little water for a few minutes, which ensures the durability of your phone. Nevertheless, these cover a limited-one year warranty which gives you free repair for any workmanship defects. Unfortunately, however, they do not offer an international warranty.

Final Thought 

Investing either in Galaxy Watch or Watch 3 is worth it, but you should get the Watch 3. This device has advanced features than the previous version. It is a great choice for your body since it will track your heart every time, also has ECG function. Moreover, this smartwatch will give an expanded memory capacity. That’s why we suggest you Watch 3.

Frequently Asked Questions about Galaxy Watch vs Galaxy Watch 3

Do I need to update the GPS?

No, your smartwatch will detect the GPS after 10 minutes you connect your device. 

Do they provide an international warranty?

Unfortunately, these smartwatches do not offer an international warranty. It is only available in the USA. 

How long does the Watch 3 battery last?

It will give you all day long battery. 

Will they track sleep?

Yes, both Samsung watches will track your sleep, also they will track your heart rate plus activities to everything in between. 

Can I customize the workouts on these smartwatches?

Yes, both smartwatches allow you to customize the workouts. Moreover, these devices have a list of workouts, and you can add more to that list if you want.

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