Samsung S21 vs S20

Samsung S21 vs S20 – See Why Samsung S21 is Better than S20!


Samsung S21 vs S20Samsung S21 and S20 are two quality phones from the Samsung brand. But we recommend the S21 because it is combined with top-notch features to deliver you outstanding performance. 

See the Advanced Features of Samsung S21.

  • Samsung S21 is upgraded to the Android 11 operating system that improves your phone’s security & privacy. It also allows you to control the app, media, as well as connected devices from one place. But the S20 has an Android 10 operating system.
  • Samsung S21 combines with the Exynos 2100 processor, while the S20 comes with Exynos 990. This high-end processor makes sure the response is faster than its little brother. So, you can expect the best performance on this device.
  • It has a 5000mAh battery which allows you to use the phone for two days with a single charge. Whereas the S20 includes a 4000mAh battery, and it can last for 37 hours per charge. As Samsung S21 offers longer battery life, you should think about it.
  • The 256GB internal storage of this phone will cover your photos, videos, and essential files. At the same time, the S20 is built with 128GB storage. Hence, the storage may not be sufficient on the S20 that’s why we suggest the S21.
  • You can click beautiful images on Samsung S21 because it comes with a 12MP front camera, besides, the S20 includes a 10MP camera. Therefore, this device can capture slightly superior photos.

So these features take the Samsung S21 experience to a new level. If you want to know its price plus other features, simply go through the buttons below.


Samsung S21 vs S20: Similar Features

  • They have a 6.2-inches AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate which makes the phones perform smoothly. 
  • The S21 and S20 are IP68 certified, so both of them are water / dust-resistant. 
  • The phones are 5G ready, as well as the unlocked version that’s why you can use the wireless carrier you want.

You will get these similar functions with both Samsung phones. If you want the best performance with advanced features then you have to pick Samsung S21.

Comparison Table: Samsung Galaxy S21 vs S20 

SpecificationsSamsung S21Samsung S20
Editor’s Rating4.8 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Operating System Android 11Android 10 
Processor Samsung Exynos 2100Samsung Exynos 990
Display TechnologyAMOLEDAMOLED
Display Size 6.2 inches 6.2 inches 
Selfie Camera 12MP10MP
Main Camera 12MP12MP
Size6.7 x 3.4 x 2.44 inches6.7 x 3.4 x 2.44 inches
Weight10.2 ounces5.7 ounces
Refresh Rate 120Hz120Hz
Connector Type USB-CUSB-C
Water ResistanceIP68IP68
Fast ChargingYesYes
5G Ready Sub 6Sub 6
Warranty 12 Months12 Months

Differences and Similarities between Samsung Galaxy S21 vs S20


You will get superior performance from the Samsung S21 because it comes with Android 11 and Exynos 2100 processors. Therefore, this phone can load data quicker and respond faster. 

The Android 11 operating system improves the security system of your phone. It also allows you to control the phone via your voice, control the device to everything in between. 

Samsung S20, by contrast, features Android 10 with Exynos 990 processor. Of course, this combination is also great for any smartphone, but the S21 is a step ahead. 

Battery Life 

Samsung Galaxy S21 battery has 5000mAh capacity, at the same time, S20 is 4000mAh. 

The S21 can be used for two days with a single charge when the S20 can go for 37 hours per charge. However, the battery lifespan may vary depending on the usability. 

Also, these two phones have fast charging functions. They come with a USB Type-C cable that has a 45W capacity. So, your phone will be fully charged from zero to 100 percent within 30 minutes.


When it comes to the display, these devices are the same. They have a 6.2-inches display with AMOLED technology. In addition, the S21 and S20 have a 120Hz refresh rate that is double compared to any conventional device. This refresh rate makes the phone run smoothly. 

Also, the display technology makes sure you can use the phone conveniently under direct sunlight.


Samsung S21 built with a 12MP front camera, on the other side, S20 provides a 10MP front camera. Furthermore, both devices have triple rear cameras. You can take a finer selfie on the S21, but both have the same rear camera resolution. 

These combine with a 12MP + 12MP + 64MP camera respectively. However, the rear camera is incredible and allows you to click stunning images on any light. 

Storage Capacity 

You will find these two phones come up with 8GB RAM, but both are different in the internal storage. 

The S21 has 256GB storage, while the S20 gives 128GB. So, you can keep all your files on the S21 without deleting them. Unfortunately, the S20 doesn’t have massive storage, which is not pleasant. 

Since the S21 has a better storage capacity, you can choose this one.


You will get outstanding immersive audio from these two devices. They feature Surround sound so that you can fully immerse in the music or what you are watching. 

Video Recording 

Samsung S21 can be better at video recording compared to the S20. It can capture professional-quality videos with the audio mixer. Furthermore, this can add filmy effects to the video recording. 

But both of them can capture 4k at 60fps and 8k video at 24fps. In addition they can capture 1080p & 720p video. If you want to capture cinematic video, you should go with the Samsung Galaxy S21.

5G Network 

These Samsung devices upgraded their power to the 5G network that increases the performance of the phone. Moreover, these are factory unlocked, which means you can use the mobile carrier you want. 

Talking about 5G, you will discover a whole new level of the internet browsing experience and would appreciate it. You will get the fastest uploads and downloads speed, plus play the pro games efficiently on these phones. 


Samsung S21 and S20 are IP68 certified, so these two are water and dust-resistant. This IP68 rating makes them durable and ensures you can use them for years to come. 

Additionally, they provide a 12-months warranty right from the date you buy them. This time period will cover any defects in the hardware or software of the phone.

But if you damage the phone, they won’t cover it, plus the warranty will be void. Anyhow, the warranty will be only valid if you purchase the phone from the Samsung authorized store. 

Final Words 

Hopefully, by now, you have made your decision about which phone to pick.

Yet if you cannot make up your mind, we highly suggest the Samsung S21 because it combines updated functions. 

But if you have a budget issue, choose the Samsung S20 either. This is also a great phone that offers convenient features.

FAQ about Samsung Galaxy S21 and S20

Do they offer a warranty? 

Yes, Samsung delivers a 12-months warranty only to the original owner who purchased the device from an authorized store. 

Are they waterproof? 

Yes, these devices are IP68 certified. So these phones are waterproof, as well as dustproof. 

Can I use the Verizon carrier in the S21?

Sure, the device is a factory unlocked version, therefore, you can use the S21 in any country. 

Do they have a fast charging function? 

Yes, both Samsung devices come with a 45W charger so that you get fast charging. 

What is the Samsung S21 processor?

It has Samsung Exynos 2100 processor that works with the Android 11 OS.

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