Schlage Encode vs Connect

Schlage Encode vs Connect – Check Why Encode is Best!

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Schlage Encode and Connect are two promising door locks from the Schlage brand. They contain a few improved features, so check out their differences to get the best one.

What Are the Differences Between Schlage Encode and Connect?

Schlage Encode Schlage Connect
Schlage Encode Schlage Connect
Schlage Encode has up to 100 codes. Schlage Connect has up to 30 codes.
It is wifi compatible. It required a hub.
This lightweight. This is slightly bulkier.
This does not have a Zigbee system. It has a Zigbee system.
Check Encode Price at Amazon Check Connect Price at Amazon

If you are seeking a smart door lock for your home, Schlage Encode would be the best bet for you. This door lock has smart features compared to the Schlage Connect. So you can check out the following section to get a more clear idea.

What Features Make Schlage Encode Better?

  • Schlage Encode has a built-in Wi-Fi feature that allows you to lock or unlock from anywhere, and it can work independently without helping additional accessories. Contrary, Schlage Connect requires a smart hub if you want to control the lock remotely since it doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi.
  • It lets you create up to 100 different codes so you can provide them to your trusted friends and family. Besides, Schlage Connect enables you to create only 30 access codes.
  • Encode is sleek and lightweight than Schlage Connect, so it will take less space and fit easily inside the door.
  • Schlage Encode works quietly while locking or unlocking the door; on the other hand, its competitor makes noise.

In terms of features and performance, Schlage Encode is the best option here, but you can go with Schlage Connect if you are not yet happy with all those features.


Similar Features

  • Schlage Encode and Connect have built-in alarm sensors that warn you when someone tries to break the lock or if any force is applied to the door.
  • Both smart locks use 4 AA batteries; also, they will notify when the battery is low.
  • You can control them remotely since these features Schlage Home App.
  • Both provide lifetime warranties on the finish and mechanical parts.

Other Specifications Chart

Specifications  Schlage Encode  Schlage Connect
Editor’s Rating  4.8 out of 5  4.6 out of 5 
Dimension 2.24 x 3 x 5.47 inches 5 x 3 x 1 inches
Weight  2.8 pounds 3.78 pounds
Access Codes  Up to 100 Codes  Up to 30 Codes
Schlage Smart-Phone App Yes Yes
Voice Assistant Google Assistant, Alexa Google Assistant, Alexa
Compatible Systems Schlage Home App, Ring, Key by Amazon Nexia, Ring Alarm, Iris, Samsung SmartThings, Wink
Mode of Entry Paired with Schlage Home App/access code/smartphone app  Use smartphone key or app, enter access code on touchscreen, Z-Wave system access function
Batteries Included? Yes Yes
Battery Cell Type Alkaline Alkaline
Power Source 4 AA batteries (included) 4 AA batteries (included)
Advanced Security Built-in alarm technology Built-in alarm technology
Color Satin Nickel Satin Nickel
Touchscreen Yes Yes
Warranty  3-year electronics, also, Limited lifetime finish/mechanical  3-year electronics, also, Limited lifetime finish/mechanical
Style Camelot Camelot
Included Components Quick Start Guide, Batteries, Lockset, Backup Key Installation Instructions, Batteries, Backup Key, Lockset, User Guide

Features and Benefits of Schlage Encode vs Connect


Schlage Encode and Connect are very simple to install, and you’ll need a screwdriver to install or set up these smart door locks. They have Unique Snap’ n technology that snaps the deadbolt, so both your hands will be free while installing the locks. And within ten minutes, the installation will be done.


There is not much difference in the design, but the Schlage Encode is sleek and lightweight than the Connect. And this lock will easily fit any door; however, the Encode dimension is 2.24 x 3 x 5.47 inches (L x W x H), and the weight is 2.8 pounds. Simultaneously, the Schlage Connect dimension is 5 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 1 inch high, and it is 3.78 pounds. These two are slightly different in size, but they are built with a touchscreen keypad and use batteries to operate.

Entry Mode

The entry mode is slightly different in the Schlage Encode and Connect. Both let you enter the critical codes on a touchscreen or by using the Schlage Home app. The Encode can enter with the Amazon app key’s help, while the Connect uses the Z-Wave system. And the best function is, that the Schlage Encode offers you to create up to 100 access codes, while the Connect lets you create only 30 access codes.

Advanced Features

Schlage Encode and Connect has a built-in alarm technology sense that is very convenient. If someone tries to open the lock from the outside of the house, the app will notify you instantly. Also, when it comes to a battery replacement, you will get a warning. Furthermore, if someone comes to your doorstep, you’ll get a notification as well through the app.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Schlage Encode comes with built-in Wi-Fi while the Connect is not. The Encode doesn’t require built-in Wi-Fi that allows you to connect to your home network directly, and it doesn’t require any hubs. You can unlock the lock from anywhere, as well, as you can manage the access from trusted visitors. On the other hand, the Schlage Connect doesn’t provide a built-in Wi-Fi feature, and you need to purchase a Wi-Fi adapter and connect it to the network.

Voice Control

These door locks allow you to control them by using voice assistants; both of them are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. If you want to use voice control, then you need to purchase the device separately.


The Z-Wave feature is available on the Schlage Connect, and this is missing on the Encode. The Z-Wave security systems are like Ring Alarm; Samsung SmartThings lets you lock or unlock from anywhere. However, your home will be secured with Z-Wave technology.


These door locks come up with a few handy accessories so you do not need to purchase them separately. They provide a quick start guide, 4 AA batteries, a backup key, the locks, and a professional installation instructions guide.


Schlage Encode and Connect provide limited lifetime warranties on the product finish and mechanical parts. Furthermore, they feature a 3-year warranty on the electrical components, that is very handy. Since there are no differences in these smart locks’ warranty, you can select the one suitable for you. Still, I’d suggest the Schlage Encode, and you should give a thought to this smart lock.

Final Words

I hope this comparison helps you to find a suitable door lock for you. Before selecting one, you should consider the type of your home so that the door lock matches. However, Schlage Encode is a better smart door lock rather than the Schlage Connect.

It will provide you with better features and performance, so you can consider this one. But if you have a budget issue and don’t need all those handy functions, then Schlage Connect is good to go. It is also an excellent door lock but missing some unique features.

Frequently Asked Questions about Schlage Encode and Connect

Do they provide schedule access codes?

Yes, Schlage Encode and Connect have scheduled access codes for the guests. The Schlage Home app lets you limit the time plus the codes. Once you set the time, your guest only can access the code within this period of time.

What is the dimension of these Schlage smart locks? 

The Schlage Encode and Connect dimensions are 2.24 x 3 x 5.47 inches and 5 x 3 x 1 inch, respectively.

Will the keypad light up?

Yes, when you press the “house” button located on the lower left-hand side of the keypad, it will light up before entering a number.

Which has a Z-Wave feature?

The Schlage Connect has a Z-Wave feature, and the device required a Z-Wave hub as well.

Can I use a voice assistant while outside?

Yes, you can use it if you connect Alexa to the Schlage Home app, and the app will make “echo auto” voice commands.”

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