Schwinn 130 vs 170

Schwinn 130 vs 170 – Check why Schwinn 170 is the Boss!

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Schwinn 130 vs 170Schwinn 130 and 170 both are user-friendly bikes, but I suggest Schwinn 170 for its improved features.

Why do I suggest Schwinn 170?

  • Schwinn 170 comes with 29 preset workout programs, while Schwinn 130 offers 22 programs. All these workout programs allow you to customize your workout according to your need.
  • It is equipped with 25 resistance levels that provide intense workouts. Thus, its magnetic resistance level keeps the bike quiet while in use. Contrary, Schwinn 130 offers 20 resistance levels only.
  • Schwinn 170 is built with Bluetooth connectivity, while 130 is not. This feature lets you connect to the world to make your exercise even better. Even you can track your workout plus monitor the progress of the workout via a famous fitness app.
  • It is compatible with Explore the World App so that you can get immersive training. You can now digitally immerse yourself in the virtual courses, and you will get stunning trails plus exotic locals. Additionally, it offers three free courses that are not available on Schwinn 130.
  • The bike is equipped with a blue backlit LCD that lets you watch the monitor. Compared to Schwinn 130, it enables you to keep track of your workout, monitors heart rate, and changes the program better.

As you can see, Schwinn 170 has more fantastic features than Schwinn 130, so this could be your best investment. If you are impressed with the functions and want to know its price, just click the button below.


Schwinn 130 vs 170 comparison chart

Specifications  Schwinn 130 Schwinn 170
Editor’s Rating  4.4 out of 5 4.8 out of 5 
Dimension 41.34 x 21.26 x 55.51 inches 41.34 x 21.26 x 55.51 inches
Workout Program 22 29
Resistance Level  20 25
Bluetooth Connectivity No Yes
Immersive Training No Explore the World App
Heart Rate Contact Contact & Telemetry Enabled
Display Type 2 DualTrack LCD  2 Blue Backlit LCD 
Built-In Bottle Holder Yes Yes
Media Tray Yes Yes
USB Charging Port Yes Yes
Speakers Yes Yes
Warranty  10 Years on Frame  10 Years on Frame 

Similarities & differences Between Proform Schwinn 130 and 170

Display Type

Schwinn 130 and 170 come with the Dual LCD, but the Schwinn 170 is better. Since the display is blue, tracking your workout program is more comfortable. It will show you the fitness metrics, your goal tracking, and the programs. The display allows you to keep your previous workout so that you can improve your training.

Workout Program 

You will get 29 workout programs on Schwinn 170; on the other side, the Schwinn 130 has 22 programs. The 29 workout programs are one quick test, two fitness tests, a recovery test, four custom workouts, nine heart rate programs, and twelve user profiles. While the 22 programs of the Schwinn 130 are two user-defined two fitness tests, eight heart rate, and nine user profiles.

Resistance Level 

When it comes to the resistance level, the Schwinn 170 is the best as it comes with 25 different resistance levels. This is good for both beginner and pro-level users. However, it would be the right choice for people who want an intense level workout. And you can easily switch between the workout level. On the other hand, the Schwinn 130 is not ideal if you need an intense level workout.

Bluetooth Connectivity 

Schwinn 170 comes with enhanced Bluetooth connectivity, while the 130 is not. The Bluetooth compatibility lets you customize your workout and keep track of your progress with the famous fitness app. You will not get all those functions from the Schwinn 130. That’s why investing in the upgraded version would be ideal.

Immersive Training

You can digitally immerse yourself virtually if you choose the Schwinn 170. The bike offers you three free courses. Also, it has exotic locals. If you want, you can map your workouts and capture the global routes as well. And you can share the results globally since you can discover others globally.

However, the bike is compatible with fitness apps that allow you to track the pace, heart rate, time, and speed, plus track distance. But all these features are not included in the Schwinn 130; it only has a display that lets you keep track of your workout.

Comfort Ride 

The bike seats are adjustable, so you can always adjust the seat whenever you need it. The seat is made with padded contours to provide the best comfort. Multiple users can easily ride on the bike, but the pedals are oversized, including toe straps to offer comfort. And the handlebars are built with heart rate sensors. Also, they are adjustable to your needs.

Other Features 

Let’s talk about the other features that are included in these upright bikes. The bikes are built with a bottle holder, media tray, speakers, and USB charging port. Remember, you need to connect the bike to the electricity. The display will not work. The bikes required 110-120v power since they made the USA and Canadian electrical standards.


Schwinn 130 and 170 come with the same warranty but are built with sturdy material to make them last longer. However, these two offer ninety days on labor, two years on mechanical, one year on electronics, and ten years on the frame. Though the warranty is the same yet I recommend you to consider the Schwinn 170.


The Schwinn upright bikes are designed to offer the user the most fluid and comfortable ride. If you are an average user and looking for an affordable upright bike, Schwinn 130 could be your choice. But I recommend the Schwinn 170 since it has impressive features that are worth investing in.

Frequently Asked Questions about Schwinn 130 vs 170

I’m 4ft 10″ tall. Can I ride on the Schwinn 130?

Yes, you can ride on the bike as you can easily adjust the seat.

What is the weight of the flywheel?

The flywheel weight is 10 lbs on the upright bike, and this doesn’t affect the resistance level because the machines are magnetic resistance.

Are they quiet? 

Yes, the machines are quiet when in use, but they will make noise when you press a digital button.

Is Schwinn 170 compatible with the app? 

Yes, the machine is compatible with the app so that you can explore the world.

How can I adjust the resistance?

Once you sit on the bike, the digital display will let you adjust the resistance level.

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