Schwinn IC2 vs IC3

Schwinn IC2 vs IC3 – Learn Why I Recommend Schwinn IC3!

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Schwinn IC2 vs IC3Schwinn IC2 and IC3 are very high-quality bikes, but if you are here to get the Boss, then we highly suggest Schwinn IC3.

Why do We suggest Schwinn IC3?

  • Schwinn IC3 has a 40 pounds effective flywheel, while Schwinn IC2 comes with only 31 pounds flywheel. So, a heavier flywheel usually provides a stable and smoother ride.
  • It can handle up to 300 lbs weight, but the IC2 model’s maximum capacity is only 250 lbs. As a result, IC3 is perfect for both heavy and normal people, but IC2 is not appropriate for heavyweight people.
  • Schwinn IC3 offers a user-friendly adjustment that is very convenient for short and tall people. Even it allows you to move the seat both horizontally and vertically, while the IC2 seat can adjust vertically only.
  • IC3 is a cardio-kicking indoor bike, so you can see your heart rate on it. But the IC2 version is not cardio-kicking, and it doesn’t show the heart rate.
  • It is built with a media rack holder so that you can keep your iPad or tablet in it. Besides, Schwinn IC2 doesn’t contain a media rack, which is a little hassle to keep smart devices.
  • The indoor bikes usually require batteries to operate, and with that in mind, Schwinn IC3 includes 2 AA batteries. But Schwinn IC2 doesn’t have a battery, so you need to purchase them separately.

Schwinn’s IC3 bike comes with those cool features that are missing in the IC2 model. It will be a nice selection for the beginner, as well as a serious cyclist.


Similar Features

  • Schwinn IC2 and IC3 offer infinite resistance levels that will help you to get an intense workout.
  • These two bikes have the same LCD console, which will show you the distance level, speed, calories, time, and RPM.
  • Both are made with corrosion-resistant steel for durability.
  • They offer the same warranty period to ensure a tension-free use for a certain period.

Schwinn IC2 vs IC3 comparison chart

Specification  Schwinn IC2 Schwinn IC3
Editor’s Rating 4.5 out of 5  4.8 out of 5 
Dimension  45″ x 23″ x 49.” 45″ x 23″ x 49.”
Weight Capacity  250 lbs  300 lbs 
Heart Rate No  Telemetry Enabled
Media Rack No  Yes 
Power Requirements 2 AA Batteries (Need to purchase separately) 2 AA Batteries (Included)
Display Type LCD LCD
Display Readouts RPM, Distance, Calories, Time, Speed Heart Rate, RPM, 

Time, Speed, Calories, Distance

Resistance System Felt Pad Felt Pad
Flywheel System 31 lb 40 lb
Seat Race-Style Seat, Fore/Aft & Height Adjustable Race-Style Seat, Fore/Aft & Height Adjustable
Warranty  Ten years on frame  Ten years on frame

Similarities & differences Between Schwinn IC2 and IC3


Schwinn IC2 and IC3 are designed for the serious cyclist plus the beginner in mind. They will give you the best experience since they are built with an awesome LCD console; also, the devices offer Bluetooth connectivity. Besides, the bikes come with infinite resistance levels. The handlebars and seats are made padded for comfort. And the seats are adjustable to meet your fit. The bikes are built with corrosion-resistant steel for durability.


They are equipped with an average-sized console LCD. It lets you keep track of your workout; you can monitor the distance, calories, RPMs, and time as well. Also, it will keep the previous exercise record, so you’ll know your improvements. But the Schwinn IC3 is smarter than the IC3 version, and it will display the heart rate.


The bikes required batteries to operate, and the Schwinn IC3 includes 2 AA batteries with the bike. On the other side, the Schwinn IC2 doesn’t. You’ll need to purchase the batteries separately as the LCD will not work without batteries.

Water Bottle Holder and Media Rack

A water bottle holder and media device holder are convenient. The Schwinn IC3 was built with an oversized water bottle and a multimedia device holder. On the other side, the IC2 only contains a water bottle holder so that you can stay hydrated all day long. However, the media rack lets you keep your tablet or iPad to keep you engaged during the workout session.

Flywheel & Dual SPD Pedals

Schwinn IC2 flywheel is 31 lbs, while the IC3 flywheel is 40 lbs that are powered silently. The IC3 provides a belt drive, but the IC2 is chain-driven. These two flywheels run smoothly, plus you can adjust the handlebars to your needs. The handlebars are padded to keep you comfortable during intense rides. The bikes offer your flexible dual SPD pedals. They use standard toe cages for ride preferences.

Adjustable Seats 

Exercise bike seats should be comfortable; fortunately, Schwinn IC2 and IC3 seats are ventilated. The seats can be adjusted to your needs, but the IC2 seat can be adjusted vertically only. The IC3 lets you adjust both vertically and horizontally.

Weight Capacity 

In terms of weight capacity, the bikes are different. Schwinn IC2 provides 250 lbs maximum weight capacity, while the IC3 has 300 lbs. That’s why you can consider the Schwinn IC3. Since it has a better weight capacity than the previous one, keep in mind that you should not select them if you are more than 250 or 300 lbs.


Schwinn IC2 and IC3 have the same warranty, which is only applicable to the original purchaser. The labor warranty is 90-days; electronic and mechanical come with a one-year and two-year warranty, respectively. And the frame offers a ten-years warranty. It will cover any manufacturer issues on different parts, but the warranty will not work if there are any damages due to usage.


You can ride on the Schwinn IC2 and IC3 bikes more perfectly than other exercise bikes. The bikes are the right choice for your exercise. However, according to my review, the Schwinn IC3 is better than the IC2. It offers more advantages and convenience than the IC2. You should consider the Schwinn IC3 for you, but if you have any budget issues, then Schwinn IC2 could be your choice.

FAQ about Schwinn IC2 vs IC3

Is IC3 bike chain driven?

No, the Schwinn IC3 is belt-driven; on the other hand, the Schwinn IC2 is chain-driven.

Can I switch the distance to the miles?

Yes, you can switch the distance to miles instead of kilometers; the instruction guide contains everything, so read it properly.

Is it possible to fold the Schwinn bike?

No, the bike cannot fold, and the bike is around 95 lbs in weight, which is not difficult to move.

How can I adjust the handlebars?

If you’re standing in front of the bike, make your adjustment tighten, and all you need to do is turn the twist bar under the handlebars.

Does the IC3 have magnetic resistance? 

No, it’s not a magnetic or leather pad; it uses a felt pad that creates resistance.

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