Segway ES2 vs ES4

Segway ES2 vs ES4 – What are the best things about ES4?

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Segway ES2 vs ES4

Segway ES2 vs ES4 scooters have some similarities, but the ES4 has some extra features that made it unique and the best option to buy.

What makes ES4 the worthiest one?

  • It has a dual battery, one internal and one more external with 374 Wh, while ES2 has only one battery of 187 Wh. ES4 can go 28 miles uninterruptedly with a full charge battery which is almost double the mile range of ES2! 
  • The peak motor power of ES2 is 600 W, on the contrary, ES4’s peak power is 800 W. So when an ES2 rider is going at 15.5 mph speed, you can cross that one at nearly 19 mph speed if you are on an ES4, which is faster and quicker one.
  • ES4 has a unique feature for zero power waste. This technology ensures that no energy will be wasted without being utilized. So you can use the maximum portion of energy in ES4, while ES2 cannot ensure you this level of utility.
  • The hill grade of ES4 is 5% more than that of ES2. While ES2 can climb a slope of 10 degrees, ES4 can climb up even if it is a maximum of 15 degrees. So if you need to ride on a steep, ES4 can provide you a better experience than the other one.
  • Segway ES4 is UL 2272 certified to ensure fire safety regarding electrical and mechanical malfunction. But in ES2, there is no such parameter checking which can alert and protect you from the risk of battery explosion or any other accident.

Now you know why and how Segway ES4 beats Segway ES2. So without any hesitation or confusion, you can buy the ES4 that will ensure your highest level of usefulness, performance, and elegance.


Similarities between Segway ES2 and Segway ES4

  • ES2 and ES4 are made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, for which the products are lightweight, durable, and easily portable.
  • They are equipped with ambient LED light environment, a Smart Battery Management System, and an IP54 water resistance feature.
  • Regarding comfortability on shaky roads, they are incomparable as they have front and rear wheel suspension.
  • The models are designed with an efficient and responsive double-braking system.
  • They have mobile app control features, Bluetooth connectivity, and anti-theft security features.

Quick Comparison

Specifications  Segway ES2  Segway ES4
Editor’s rating 4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Product dimensions (Length x Width x Height) Unfolded: 40″ x 17″ x 45″

Folded: 45″ x 17″ x 16″ 

Unfolded: 40″ x 17″ x 45″ 

Folded: 45″ x 17″ x 16″ 

Building material   Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
Motor power Nominal 300 W, Peak 600 W Nominal 300 W, Peak 800 W
Top speed 15.5 mph 19 mph
Mile range 15.5 miles 28 miles
Maximum climbing slope 10% 15%
Battery Lithium-Ion, 187 Wh Lithium-Ion, dual, 374 Wh
Battery recharge time (max) 3.5 hours 7 hours
Fire safety No Yes
Zero power waste No Yes
UL2272 No Yes
Anti-slip handle No Yes
Unit weight 27.6 lbs (12.5 kg) 36 lbs(16.33 kg)
Max load 220 lbs (100 kg) 220 lbs (100 kg)
Bluetooth connectivity   Yes Yes
Mobile app control Yes Yes
Smart battery management system Yes Yes
Light 1.5 W LED, Ambient 1.5 W LED, Ambient, customizable
Tire 8″ front and 7.5” rear, non-pneumatic, solid 8″ front and 7.5” rear, non-pneumatic, solid
Cruise control feature Yes Yes
IP rating 54 54
Anti-theft feature   Yes Yes
Dual Suspension System Yes Yes
Brake Mechanical and electrical Mechanical and electrical
Warranty 1-year limited 1-year limited
Recommended age and required height 14+ and 3 foot 11 inches- 6 foot 6 inches 14+ and 3 foot 3 inches- 6 foot 6 inches

Differences And Similarities Between Segway ES2 and Segway ES4

Building material

Segway ES2 and ES4 are made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, so the kick-scooters are lightweight, highly durable, and rust-free. ES2 is 27.6 lbs (12.5 kg), and ES4 is 36 lbs(16.33 kg). Although ES4 is comparatively weightier than ES2, both of them can be easily carried away. Whether you are going for a trip, or shopping, or your workplace, any of them can be your good companion.  

Motor power and Mile range

The Segway ES2 can pick 15.5 mph or 25 km/h speed, taking the assistance of an upgraded motor and a fully charged battery. The nominal and peak power of ES2 are respectively 300 W and 600 W. On the other hand, ES4 has upgraded its peak power to 800 W. So Segway ES4 can pick nearly 19 mph speed. With Segway ES4, you can go a long way and reach your target place more quickly than the previous one. Moreover, Segway ES2 and ES4, with their respective motor power, can carry the maximum load of 220 lbs. With the more substantial motor, ES4 can climb on a hilly area where the gradient is a maximum of 15% while ES2 has only 10% hill grade. 


The battery of Segway ES2 is single, built-in, and needs only 3.5 hours to be recharged. At the same time, ES4 is designed with an internal and an external lithium-ion battery. The battery capacity is 187 Wh in ES2, while in ES4, it is 374 Wh. ES2 can run 15.5 miles uninterruptedly with the fully charged battery, while the mile range is 28 miles for ES4. Because of the dual battery and upgraded motor, ES4 can run some extra miles more, even though it weighs up the product. The dual batteries of ES4 take a maximum of 7 hours to be fully recharged.  

Battery Management System

Both models have the advanced intelligent Smart Battery Management System (Smart-BMS), which helps monitor the battery, calculate and report necessary data, ensure safety, and keep contributing to extend battery life. To ensure the maximum working efficiency of the battery, BMS keeps checking overcharging, overheating, and short circuit conditions.     

One-click folding system  

ES2 and ES4 both can be folded easily and quickly as they have a one-click folding system. The dimension of both the products after folding is 45″ x 17″ x 16″ (113 cm x 43 cm x 40 cm). Now you can guess how convenient they are to carry away on public transportations, or to store in a tiny place!

LED light & Display

They are equipped with built-in front 1.5w ambient LED light and rear brake light for safety and increased visibility. Just click the power button and let the headlight illuminate your way! Moreover, the rider can customize the color of the LED light from the Segway-Ninebot App.

Both models are equipped with a built-in LED display. While driving the scooter, you can check from here the speed, remaining battery life, driving mode, Bluetooth app connectivity, and any information you need. 

IP54 resistance 

As the products are designed with an IP54 rating, they can tolerate low pressurized water spray continuously for 10 minutes. So you can drive in the rain safely. But for more safety, if it rains heavily, you should not ride them. Besides, the products are safeguarded from dust and other particles as these things are blocked to enter harmful quantities.

Wheel and Tire

Both ES2 and ES4 possess non-pneumatic, solid, airless large rubber tires. For being airless, they are risk-free to be punctured when you are on the way. The 8″ front wheel and 7.5″ rear wheel are the perfect measurements to maintain balance and speed properly. 

Dual Suspension System

Segway ES2 and ES4 both have built-in front and rear wheel suspension. So if you want to drive your scooter on an uneven or rough trail at high speed, when there are a lot of highs and lows, the dual suspension system will help you there greatly. Both the front and rear wheel shock absorbers togetherly function to absorb the maximum level of bouncings. So you can enjoy your ride with more stability and smoothness.


Segway has an inputted double-braking system designed with two different kinds of braking-mechanical brake and anti-lock electrical brake to make the ride safer. The efficient and responsive brakes help slow down or stop your pace both in general and heavy braking situations. An electrical brake supports the wheels of the scooter from skidding away. So on a slippery road or an emergency case, the rider is safe now!

Cruise Control System 

Auto-cruise or cruise control option is a beneficial feature for long-distance traveling. If you don’t want to be bothered about controlling speed constantly, you can set your scooter at speed and then lock it in the cruise control system. Now the scooter will remain at the same speed till you change it. For your convenience, you should not switch on this feature in a crowded area. 

Mobile App

Segway ES2 and ES4 can be controlled from mobile APP via Bluetooth. Adjusting speed, customizing different features and LEDs, modifying safety features, and having many fun experiences are at your hand now.

Anti-theft feature

Safety is one of the major concerns while buying a kick scooter. Now you can go to any place keeping your kick scooter outside without being worried. Because the Segway scooters have an alarm feature that will ring on if someone tries to move them.

Fire safety

Segway ES4 includes UL 2272 certification for its lithium-ion battery as there is a high chance of battery explosion. Because a massive amount of heat is produced while driving for a long time, moreover, suppose you regularly journey on a badly surfaced road. In that case, there is a chance of the positive terminal and negative terminal of the battery coming in contact, which can cause a short circuit. The safety feature regularly checks the parameters of electrical and mechanical components and environmental aspects and assures electrical safety.

Zero power waste 

ES4 keeps a great contribution in the field of green energy. To ensure ‘zero power waste’, it includes an eco-friendly energy recovery system. So from now on, when your scooter is under braking, the automotive energy saver will recover its kinetic energy and store it in a reservoir. And later, the recovered energy will be used for an extra power boost. Thus you can use less energy for a long time.


Segway offers a limited warranty if any defect arises on an ordinary use or any defect is found in the materials and quality of the product within the warranty period. Before that, you need to purchase the scooter from an authentic Segway Distributor and keep the tamper-resistant mark clear and clarified. 

In such cases, Segway will repair or replace the product. For warranty eligibility, the vehicle body is covered for 1 year, the battery is for 180 days, and the tires and tubes are for 90 days.


From the above discussion, I hope you have realized the distinguishing features between ES2 and ES4. Though both of them are excellent in their ranges, ES4 undoubtedly wins the crown in total estimation. Now you figure out the right scooter for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the scooter come preassembled? If not, can I do it on my own?

A: The scooter does not come preassembled. Yes, assembling it is very easy, so that you can do it alone within 10 minutes, you do not even need an expert.

Q: Can I drive the kick scooter without the mobile app?

A: Sure. The app is only for upgrading features, changing LED colors, etc.

Q: Is there any effect of weather on the kickscooter’s performance?

A: Certainly not. Only wind speed, payload, the type of terrain, etc., can affect the performance.

Q: Does ES2 have a brake light?

A: No, the Segway Ninebot ES2 KickScooter does not have a brake light. But it has rear side reflectors.

Q: If I add an external battery, will the speed increase?

A: Additional battery does not affect top speed, but it can increase the mile range.

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