Segway ES3 vs ES4

Segway ES3 vs ES4 – Learn Why Segway ES4 is Best!

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Segway ES3 and ES4 are both excellent electric scooters with some similarities. But if you want to pick the best one between them, then We highly recommend Segway ES4.

What Are the Differences Between Segway ES3 vs ES4?

Segway ES3 Segway ES4
Segway ES3 Segway ES4
Its top speed is 15.5 mph. Its top speed is 19 mph.
Segway ES3 does not have a fire safety feature. Segway ES4 has a fire safety feature.
The ES3 has Front shock absorption. The ES4 has a Dual Suspension shock absorption system. 
It has no zero power waste mode. It has a zero power waste mode feature.
This scooter does not have an anti-slip handle. This scooter has an anti-slip handle.
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These features make the Segway ES4 the best electric scooter. If you want convenient performance, this should be your consideration. Also, I’ve described the details in the following section so that you get precise idea –

Why We Reecommend Segway ES4?

  • Segway ES4 has upgraded its nominal motor power to 300 W and peak power to 800 W so you can go at nearly 19 mph speed. Contrariwise, the nominal and peak power of ES3 is 250 W and 600 W, and the top speed is only 15.5 mph. Thus the motor power of ES4 creates a clear difference on the road to go faster and quicker. 
  • The ES4 has a zero-power waste feature that ensures you can use the maximum energy level, as a regenerative braking system saves unused energy. But in ES3, you can not get this advanced feature.  
  • Unlike Segway ES3, it is UL 2272 certified and provides safety from electrical and mechanical malfunction. The following technology checks the parameter and alerts every time there is a risk of battery explosion or any other accident. 
  • Though both models are equipped with a shock absorption system, ES4 has greater shock absorbing power than ES3. Because ES3 is equipped with only Front Suspension, whereas ES4 has a Dual Suspension System to absorb the maximum hit, make your journey smoother, and provide a better experience.

These factors are pretty enough to uphold Segway ES4 in the top position. So if you want to buy one which can give you much better performance as well as comfort, in my opinion, it should be none other than the Ninebot kick scooter by Segway ES4!


Similar Features

  • Both ES3 and ES4 are made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy that ensures ultimate durability.
  • They have equal battery power following an equal mile range, and both of them are designed with a Smart Battery Management System.
  • You can drive any of them in light rain conditions because of the IP54 water resistance feature.
  • The models ensure a responsive double-braking system, mobile app control features, cruise control option, and anti-theft security features.

Other Specifications Chart of Segway ES3 vs ES4

Specifications  Segway ES3  Segway ES4
Editor’s Rating 4.5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Building material   Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
Unit weight 30 lbs (13.6 kg) 36 lbs(16.33 kg)
Motor power Nominal 250 W, Peak 600 W Nominal 300 W, Peak 800 W
UL2272 No Yes
Mile range 28 miles (45 km) 28 miles (45 km)
Maximum climbing slope 15% 15%
Max load 220 lbs (100 kg) 220 lbs (100 kg)
Battery Lithium-Ion, internal and external, 374 Wh Lithium-Ion, dual, 374 Wh
Battery recharge time (max) 7 hours 7 hours
Mobile app control Yes Yes
Smart battery management system Yes Yes
Bluetooth connectivity   Yes Yes
Light 1.5 W LED headlight, side and rear reflector 1.5 W LED, ambient, customizable
Tire 8″ front and 7.5” rear, non-pneumatic, solid 8″ front and 7.5” rear, non-pneumatic, solid
Cruise control feature Yes Yes
IP rating 54 54
Anti-theft feature   Yes Yes
Brake Mechanical and Electrical Mechanical and Electrical
Dimensions Unfold: 40x17x45 in Fold: 45x17x16 in Unfold: 40x17x45 in Fold: 45x17x16 in
Warranty 1-year limited 1-year limited
Recommended age and required height 14+ and 3 foot 11 inches- 6 foot 6 inches 14+ and 3 foot 3 inches- 6 foot 6 inches

Features and Benefits of Segway ES3 and ES4

Building material and Portability 

The kick-scooters are lightweight, highly durable, and rust-free as they are made with lightweight aluminum alloy. The weight of ES3 is 30 lbs (13.6 kg), and that of ES4 is 36 lbs(16.33 kg). Though ES4 is comparatively heavier than ES3, they are effortlessly portable. From duty to holiday, you can consider them as a worth transport.

Motor power and Mile range

The top speed of Segway ES3 is 15.5 mph or 25 km/h if it is run with a fully-charged battery and a motor of which nominal power is 250 W and peak power is 600 W. On the other hand, the nominal and peak power of ES4 are respectively 300 W and 800 W. So Segway ES4 can pick nearly 19 mph or 30.5 km/h speed. The speed difference clearly shows that riding on an ES4 makes a quicker journey than the previous one. Both kick scooters can carry a maximum of 220 lbs and climb on a hilly area, of which the gradient is a maximum of 15%.   


A battery of a scooter regulates its longevity as well as safety. So when you go to buy a scooter, you must examine its battery power. In such a case, both the batteries of Segway ES3 and ES4 are remarkable as they include an internal and an external lithium-ion battery. The battery capacity is 374 Wh, so both models can run 28 miles (45 km) continuously with a fully charged battery. The dual batteries of ES3 and ES4 take a maximum of 7 hours to be fully recharged.  

Battery Management System

An advanced intelligent Smart Battery Management System (Smart-BMS) keeps monitoring the battery to ensure the maximum working efficiency of the battery. Smart BMS confirms that the battery is not overcharged, so it is not overheated. Additionally, it prevents the scooter from all short circuit conditions. 

One-click folding system  

Segway ES3 and ES4 are super-easy to fold as they have a one-click folding system. Just click the fold button, and they will take the shape of 45″ x 17″ x 16″ (113 cm x 43 cm x 40 cm), which has turned the scooters most convenient to carry away. You can grab any of them on public transportations, or store them in a very tight place as they do not occupy large space.

LED light

Segway ES3 has a 1.5w LED headlight, a side, and a rear reflector. On the other hand, ES4 is designed with built-in front 1.5w ambient LED light and rear brake light to ensure the rider’s safety and increase visibility. For the rider’s convenience, the power button functions to switch on the headlight. The exclusive feature is that the rider can customize the LED light color from the Segway-Ninebot App.

Digital LED Display

While driving on the road, a rider often wants to be ensured about some necessary information, including speed, remaining battery life, battery condition, driving mode, etc. The flat panel built-in LED display in front of the rider shows the above information and keeps him updated.

IP54 resistance

Segway has made its scooters water splashproof and dustproof. As they have an IP54 rating, you can occasionally drive them in light rain conditions. Even if you drive them on sandy roads, the protection feature will save the scooter’s inner body from being interfered with by dust and other particles.

Wheel and Tire

ES3 and ES4 have non-pneumatic, solid, large rubber tires. As they are airless, there is no chance of having flat tires midway. 8 inches front and 7.5 inches rear wheel play an excellent role in maintaining balance, speed, and comfort. A slip-resistance surface functions to ensure safety while traveling on muddy or icy roads.

Shock Absorption System

Driving a scooter on an uneven trail, a hilly area, or a rough road becomes uncomfortable if there is no shock absorber. So ES3 is designed with front shock absorption to provide a comfortable journey by cushioning the bounces. But the built-in front and rear wheel suspension of ES4 will help you greater than the previous one. Because the Dual Suspension System absorbs the maximum shock and makes your journey much safe and sound compared to only front-wheel suspension.  


Segway has taken measures to provide efficient and responsive brakes by including two different kinds of braking systems. Besides using the mechanical brake, the rider can also use an anti-lock electrical brake in emergency cases. The function of an electrical brake is that the wheels of the scooter will not skid if it is a short stopping distance or a slippery road.

Cruise Control System 

A cruise control option or auto cruise keeps a scooter steady at a speed so that in long-distance traveling, the rider need not worry about accelerating the speed all the time. After switching on the cruise control option maintains the pre-set speed until the rider manually takes control of the vehicle. 

Mobile App

Segway ES3 and ES4 are remotely manageable from their mobile APP. Functions that can be controlled from the app via Bluetooth are: changing speed, customizing the color of LEDs, activating safety features (anti-theft alarm), etc.       

Anti-theft feature

Segway makes sure that these models can be kept outside without raising riders’ concerns about their vehicle’s safety. So these models are equipped with an anti-theft alarm that rings on the rider’s cellphone if any other person tries to steal it. To get this convenience, a user needs to switch on the safety feature from the mobile app.

Fire safety

A lithium-ion battery usually produces a massive amount of heat if the battery is used for a long time. Moreover, traveling on a rough-surfaced road agitates the chance of a short circuit. The Segway scooter has included UL 2272 certification in ES4 to protect the scooter and rider from electrical accidents and battery explosions.

Zero power waste 

A lot of energy is misused when the battery is on, but the scooter is under braking conditions. ES4 is enabled to save that power and store it in a reservoir through the automotive energy saver. As the recovered energy can be used later for boosting power, it makes the model user-friendly. You can go a long way by using the same energy and contributing to the ecosystem.  


Segway offers a limited warranty for its kick-scooters under the condition of buying products from an authorized Segway Distributor or Dealer. If you find any fault within the warranty period, you can get the repairing or replacing facility. One should take care to keep the tamper-resistant seal exact for the warranty eligibility.  


Segway ES3 and ES4 are fine products in terms of performance, efficiency, and fitness. However, the ES4 accomplishes every requirement that a rider needs with excellence. So it is wise to buy the better one and not compromise quality.

Frequently Asked Questions about Segway ES3 and ES4

Q: Do I need both batteries to get the range of 28 miles?

A: Yes, both batteries are required for getting the mile range.  

Q: Can I charge it in a folding position?

A: No, it has to be standing up so that it gets the cord plugged in.

Q: My city has a speed restriction of 20km/h. What is the way of keeping my scooter under that limit?

A: Keep an eye on the numbers on top, and do not push the throttle farther.

Q: What’s the max weight that it can bear, and is there a more powerful model?

A: Max payload is 220lbs, and this is the most powerful model.

Q: If the battery level gets lower, will the speed also become slower?

A: No. But if the battery is near to be drained, then it will start losing speed.

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