Shark NV501 vs NV752

Shark NV501 vs NV752 – Why NV752 is the Smartest Choice?

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Shark NV501 vs NV752If you are looking for a quality vacuum for your home, it would be wise to buy Shark NV752. Because NV752 offers super cleaning service with its improved features. If you wonder why it would be wiser to buy Shark NV752 instead of NV501, you may have a deep look at the key points to find out the smartest one.

Why Shark NV752 is Smartest?

  • The dust capacity is significantly better in Shark NV752 than Shark NV501. Dust capacity in NV752 is 3.3 quarts NV501 has only 1.3 quarts.
  • Sharks NV752 provides you with powerful pet hair cleaning. It appears with accessories for pet hair like a pet power brush along with a pet multi-tool, which gives you the ultimate cleaning experience with the pet messes and pet hairs.
  • Shark offers a better warranty deal with the NV752. They give a 7 years limited warranty with Shark NV752 but Shark NV501 offers a limited warranty of 5 years. So, it is more stable to have a more extended warranty offer.
  • This vacuum cleaner comes with a slightly lighter weight than Shark NV501. Its weight is 15.4 pounds, and NV501’s weight is 15.5 pounds. Its dimension is also better to work with than Shark NV501. Their measurement is 13.2*11.9*45 inches for NV752 and 12.2*12.1*45.7 inches for Shark NV501.

These were the key factors that make Shark NV752 a smarter purchase than Shark NV501. Still, if you think you do not want these functions in your vacuum cleaner, then you may get Shark NV501 for you. For further inquiry of these products and prices, just click the button below.


Similar Features in Shark NV501 and Shark NV752

  • They have a HEPA filtration system.
  • Shark NV501 and Shark NV752 come with a LED light to clean in the darker places.
  • The NV501 and NV752 have the same cord length of 30ft.
  • They both are good at cleaning multiple kinds of floors. 
Specification  NV501 NV752
Editors Rating 4.7 Out of 5 4.8 Out of 5
Weight 15.5lbs 15.4lbs
Dimension 12.2*12.1*45.7 13.2*11.9*45
Dust Capacity 1.3 Dry Quarts 3.3 Dry Quarts
Filtration HEPA  HEPA
LED Light Yes Yes
Cord Length 30 Ft 30 Ft
Best at Hard Floor, Soft Surface, Pet Hair Hard Floor, Soft Surface, Pet Hair
Warranty 5 Years 7 Years

Difference and Similarity Between Shark NV501 and Shark NV752

Machine Weight and Size

In the machine weight and size section, these two vacuum cleaners are very lightweight and most compact. They are excellent portable vacuum cleaners. The Shark NV752 is slightly better as it has a little lighter weight than the Shark NV501. NV752’s weight is 15.4 pounds, and NV501’s is 15.5 pounds. The dimensions are 13.2*11.9*45 inches for Shark NV752 and 12.2*12.1*45.7 inches for Shark NV501.

Cord Length and Cleaning Radius

The Shark NV752 and Shark NV501 have the same cord length. They come with a 30ft long cord length. For residential usage, this cord length is enough and leaves you with a long space to clean at a time. This length of cord gives a bigger cleaning radius, so the cleaning radius is 35ft. So, these two vacuum cleaners answer if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner with plenty of cord length.  

Filtration System

They provide you with the best filtration system in a vacuum cleaner. It is the HEPA filtration technology. This filtration technology ensures capturing 99.9% of dust and allergens of your house. Also, it captures allergens that are 0.3 microns in size. Its complete sealed technology is now must-have in a vacuum cleaner as it makes sure no dust floating in the air after cleaning. This technology helps with asthma and dust allergy patients.  

Dust Capacity

You would see a massive difference in these two vacuum cleaners’ dust capacity since Shark NV501 provides you with 1.3 quarts of dust capacity. While the Shark NV752 gives you a vast 3.3 quarts of dust capacity. This is the ultimate dust capacity you want to have in your vacuum cleaner as it big and makes your work effortless. In the dust capacity section, Shark NV752 must be your pick cause it is the eventual winner.

Ideal Floor

The ideal floors for both of them are almost the same as they clean in multiple types of floors. They are good to go with the bare floor, tile floors, carpets, huge rug, and stairs. Besides, the Shark NV752 is extremely good at cleaning pet hair and messes with its extra cool pet accessories. 


The manufacturer provides you with a different warranty on these two vacuum cleaners. With Shark NV752, you get 7 years limited warranty, and with the Shark NV501, you get a 5 years limited warranty. NV752 gives you a longer back up than the NV501.


In conclusion, it is visible that the Shark NV752 is a way better vacuum cleaner than the Shark NV501. It has a better weight, bigger dust capacity, a much better facility to clean pet hair, and lastly, a finer warranty deal. If these are not your primary concern, then you can go with the Shark NV501. But if you are having thoughts about spending your money in the best, then your smart decision would be the Shark NV752.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shark NV501 and Shark NV752

Does Shark NV752 clean tile floors?

Yes, Shark NV752 cleans tile floors very smoothly.

What is the dust capacity in the Shark NV501?

The dust capacity in Shark NV501 is 1.3 quarts.

Is it easy to clean the stairs with Shark NV752?

It is straightforward to clean stairs with the Shark NV752. You have to detach the canister before cleaning the stairs. 

Does the filtration in Shark NV501 come with complete seal technology?

Yes, Shark NV501’s HEPA filtration system comes with complete seal technology.

Does Shark NV752 have bags to capture dirt?

No, Shark NV752 has no separate bags for the dust and dirt. It has a built-in container in it which’s dust capacity is 3.3 quarts. So, you do not need any other bags for this.

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