Singer 4411 vs 4452

Singer 4411 vs 4452 – Check the difference and get your one

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Singer 4411 vs 4452Singer 4411 and Singer 4452 are especially known for their best sewing experience in the market. Both are good at their work, but If you are looking for the best one, then you can grab Singer 4452.

Why is Singer 4452 Better?

  • Singer 4452 has 110 stitch applications, while Singer 4411 has 69. So, this will gives you a lot more applications than Singer 4411.
  • Another important section to check before you buy a sewing machine is built-in stitches. Built-in stitches make sewing easier and more hassle-free. In the section of built-in stitches, Singer 4411 comes with 11 built-in stitches and Singer 4452 with 32. So, which one will make your sewing easier? Singer 4452, isn’t it? Singer 4452 has way more built-in stitches to experiment with than singer 4411.
  • Buttonhole steps are another section that makes a sewing machine perfect while it is less hard work to sew a button. With Singer 4411, you have to go through 4 steps to sew a button but with Singer 4452, sewing a button is so easy that you can do it in just one step.
  • 4452 comes with a huge range of bonus accessories. This machine is designed to handle heavy-duty sewing. It has all the tools included for any heavy-duty project, such as Non-stick feet, Clearance plates, Heavy-duty Needles, etc.

Therefore, which one would you choose? Singer 4452, isn’t it? Yes, Singer 4452 would be the right choice if you are thinking about pursuing one of them.


Quick Comparison Chart

Specification Singer 4452 Singer 4411
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.4 out of 5
Machine Size 15.5*6.25*12 15.5*6.25*12
Machine Weight 14.6 14
Bonus Accessories Yes No
Amps 0.7 0.7
Watts 84 84
Volts 120 120
Hz 60 60
Stitch Applications 110 69
Built-in Stitches 32 11
Light Included No No
Automatic Needle Threader Yes Yes
Stitch-per-minute 1,100 1,100
Buttonhole Type 1 Step 4 Step
Needle Positions  3 3
Presser Foot Lifter with Pressure Control Yes Yes
Stitch Width/Length 6mm/Adjustable 6mm/Adjustable
Reverse Lever Included Yes Yes
Warranty  90 days/ 2 yr/24yr 90 days/ 2yr/24yr

Difference and Similarity Between Singer 4452 and Singer 4411

Machine Weight and Size

These two machines size is almost the same 15.5*6.25*12 inches. But they come in different weights. Singer 4411’s weight is 14 pounds. On the other side, Singer 4452’s weight is 14.6 pounds. Thus Singer 4452 is slightly heavier than Singer 4411. But it’s not a big deal. You can do anything comfortably with Singer 4452  as much as you can with Singer 4411.


In the case of sewing machine motors, Singer always promises you a better one. Both of the machine’s motors capacity is 50% better than any normal machine in the market. Also, Singer 4452 is specifically designed for heavy sewing; that is why its motor promises you a long-term service.

Stitch Applications

Stitch Application is the section where it is important to have a big range. It makes your sewing creative, spectacular. It gives you a lot of options to choose from your sewing style. Singer 4411 and Singer 4452 come with so many stitch applications. Singer 4411 with 69 and Singer 4452 with 110. It is really a big number while it’s about choosing a sewing style.

Built-in Stitches

Built-in stitches make your sewing experience easier. In a sewing machine, all the built-in stitches are ready to go while in the matter of quick stitch. Singer offers 11 built-in stitches with Singer 4411 and 32 built-in stitches with Singer 4452. So, 4452 is preferable to 4411 in the built-in stitch section.

Reverse Lever

Reverse lever in a sewing machine assures you a good quality machine with it you can sew reversely. With the reverse lever feature, you can finish your sewing sharply. Both of these sewing machines have this lever. So, both can give you a strong finish.

Needle Positions

Singer 4411 and Singer 4452 both appear with 3 adjustable needle Positions. From topstitching to edge stitching, you can adjust your needle as per your wish. You can adjust needle positions for zipper or piping indentation too.

Buttonhole Type

The buttonhole types in both of the machines are different. Singer 4411 has a 4 step buttonhole type, while Singer 4452 has a 1 step buttonhole type. So with 4411, you have to go through 4 steps to sew one button, but with 4452, it is a one-step work. Just set the button on the place, and it is already sewn in the fabric.

Presser Foot Control

It is so easy to decrease or increase the pressure of the presser foot control. This feature is offered in both sewing machines. So if it is a light or heavy fabric to sew, you can easily change the pressure and have a good grip on your work.

Metal Frame

Singer ensures metal frames for both 4411 and 4452. The whole machine’s internal frame is made of metal, which confirms both their super long-lasting and durable quality.

Bed Plate 

These machine’s bedplates are made of stainless steel. That is why these machines have a flat surface. Fabrics glide evenly for this reason, which gives your sewing a smooth experience. Singer 4452 and Singer 4411 both give you this opportunity.

Bonus Accessories

The most exclusive thing which comes with Singer 4452 is bonus accessories. Singer provides some specialized accessories with it. As 4452 is especially for heavy sewing projects. It comes with a non-stick foot, making your sewing effortless with any fabrics like leather or plastic. It has a clearance plate to balance your height of foot while heavy sewing. Also, it has a heavy-duty needle for an extravagant sewing experience.


The warranty for both Singer 4411 and Singer 4452 is the same. Singer gives you 90 days warranty for all tiny components. 2 years of warranty for the motor and electrical wires, and 24 years warranty for the machine’s head. It is a good deal of warranty for investment.


After comparing all features between Singer 441 and Singer 4452, it is easy to admit Singer 4452 is the finest between them. So what are you waiting for? Grab the best one and have the most premium swing experience with Singer 4452.

Frequently Asked Questions About Singer 4411 and Singer 4452

Can Singer 4411 sew leather?

Well, it is not specialized in this. It could cause difficulty for the machine.

Can you use a walking foot with Singer 4452?

Yes, you can. Singer provides its own walking foot in the extra accessories.

Is it easy to fill the bobbin with Singer 4411?

The bobbin fills so easily with Singer 4411. So you can fill it without any disturbance.

How many stitches are in Singer 4452?

There are 32 unique stitches in Singer 4452

Is it easy to thread with Singer 4411?

It is so easy and smooth to thread with Singer 4411

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