Singer 4423 vs 4452

Singer 4423 vs 4452 – Check why Singer 4452 is the best machine!

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Singer 4423 vs 4452Singer 4423 and Singer 4452 are very satisfying to work with, also good at providing top quality. But between these two, Singer 4452 would be the best. Let’s see the key features that made 4452 the best pick here.

Why Singer 4452 is Best?

  • In matters of built-in stitches, Singer 4423 has 23 built-in stitches while Singer 4452 has 32. So, sewing is easier with Singer 4452, even you can be more creative with it by choosing basic to decorative stitches.
  • Stitch applications are the most important as it decides whether you would be able to try different styles of sewing or not. In this case, 4452 has 110 stitch applications, and Singer 4423 has 97.
  • Singer 4452 is specially designed to tackle heavy-duty sewing performance. It comes with bonus accessories to make your hard job smoother and easier. But Singer 4432 can not promise you this.

So, you can generally see why Singer 4452 is the best machine here. Hence, make Singer 4452 your machine and grab it as soon as possible. Click the button below to know its best price.


Quick Comparison

Specification Singer 4452 Singer 4423
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Machine Size 15.5*6.25*12 15.5*6.25*12
Machine Weight 14.6 14.6
Bonus Accessories Yes No
Amps 0.7 0.7
Watts 84 84
Volts 120 120
Hz 60 60
Stitch Applications 110 97
Built-in Stitches 32 23
Light Included No Yes
Automatic Needle Threader Yes Yes
Stitch-per-minute 1,100 1,100
Buttonhole Type 1 Step 1Step
Needle Positions  3 3
Presser Foot Lifter with Pressure Control Yes Yes
Stitch Width/Length 6mm/Adjustable 6mm/Adjustable
Reverse Lever Included Yes Yes
Warranty  90 days/ 2 yr/24yr 90 days/ 2yr/24yr

Difference and Similarity Between Singer 4452 and Singer 4423

Machines Weight and Size

These two machines’ weights and sizes are quite similar. Their weight is 14 pounds, and their sizes are 15.5*6.25*12 inches. Very comfortable to work with. You can carry it from here and there very easily, unlike most other machines.


They both have a strong motor compared to normal sewing machines. Singer guarantees a 60% stronger motor than any standard machine in the market. They are both effective to perform in the long run. As Singer 4452 is specially formulated for heavy-duty work, it’s more compatible in this situation.

Stitch Applications

This range of Singer machines has enough number of stitch applications to work sufficiently. But Singer 4452 has more than Singer 4423. Singer 4452 has 110 applications, while on the other side, Singer 4423 has 97. Singer 4452 is better in this matter.


Singer 4452 and 4423 appear with various built-in stitches. 4452 has 32, and 4423 has 23. You can choose a variety of stitches for this feature. With Singer 4452, you have more options than 4423. Choose any stitch, basic or decorative, and give your sewing a magical finish.

Reverse Lever

Sewing machines consist of the reverse lever makes it another level sewing master. You can make your sewing extravagant by sewing fabrics reversely. It will lock your sewn stitches and give your sewing an ultimate finish. Both Singer 4452 and Singer 4423  have this. That makes both of them elegant.

Needle Positions

The number of needle positions in both of them is three, which makes them effortless to use and handy for sewing. This feature is essential for zipper applications. Also, this makes piping insertion easier.

Buttonhole Type

Buttonhole type is an important option when it comes to sewing. This option clarifies how easy adding a button would be for Singer 4423 and Singer 4452. That is way more easily because they both have only one step buttonhole type. So you are only 1 step aside from sewing a button.

Presser Foot Control

With presser foot control, your sewing experience gets flawless. You can modify the pressure of the foot control, which makes it more exclusive. Heavy fabrics are easy to deal with because of this feature.

Metal Frame

The whole machine is made of a metal frame, which shapes it long-running and endurable. You can use it without any pausing. Also, you can carry it without getting obnoxious. This makes Singer 4452 and Singer 4423 more preferable than ever.

Bed Plate

Singer 4452 and Singer 4423’s bedplate is made of stainless steel. Because of this, the machine gets a flat surface. While sewing, the fabrics slip evenly for this. This gives you the smoothest experience of sewing ever you can have.

Stitch Selection Dial

The stitch selection dial is another feature that makes your sewing easier. With this, you can choose any built-in-stitches just by dialing it. All built-in stitches are displayed in the dial. You just have to turn it in and use your desired one. What could be easier than that?


Singer gives you the most desirable warranty anyone can ever give you in a sewing machine. In some little components like the bulb, rings, etc. Singer gives you 90 days of warranty. For motor and all electrical wire, they give a warranty for 2 years. And for the head of the machine, they offer you a warranty of 24 years. What could be better than this?


4452 and 4423 are both good for sewing. But for the best experience, Singer 4452 is your desired machine. So, order now Singer 4452 and have the magic in your sewing. Singer 4452 has the best features for the heavy-duty experience you can ever have.

Frequently Asked Questions About Singer 4423 and Singer 4452

Can I use metal bobbins in Singer 4452?

Yes, you can use metal bobbins in Singer 4452.

Does Singer 4423 have foot pedals?

Yes, Singer 4423 has foot pedals.

Will Singer 4452 sew leather?

Yes, it sews leather.

Can a beginner use Singer 4452?

Yes, a beginner can use Singer 4452.

Can you quilt with Singer 4423?

Yes, you can quilt with Singer 4423.

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