Singer 44s vs Singer 4423

Singer 44s vs 4423 – Check Why We Recommend Singer 4423!

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Singer 44s vs 4423Singer 44s and Singer 4423 are two great sewing machines, and both are good at their work. But, if you are thinking of having the best one, then you should buy Singer 4423.

Why should you pick Singer 4423?

  • Singer 4423 comes with 97 stitch applications that help to be creative in sewing work. From decorative to craft sewing, you can try anything with all these stitch applications. Singer 44s also have the same amount of stitch applications, but it is a bit pricey.
  • Singer 4423 consists of 23 built-in stitches. With all these built-in stitches swinging would be easier. Plus, it contains basic decorative stitches and buttonhole stitches to make your work trouble-free. You can do so many projects from fashion to home decor or even quilting with Singer 4423. Singer 44s also have 23 built-in stitches but it’s not perfect for heavy-duty performance.
  • The speed of the machine Singer 4423 is 1,100 stitches per minute, which is really a high speed for a sewing machine. This provides you with the smoothest work you can have in the shortest time. Besides, Singer 44s also has 1,100 stitches-per-minute speed.

Although it looks like singer 4423 and Singer 44s are almost the same machine, in performance, Singer 4423 is a heavy-duty and high-performing machine. Even, singer 4423 is an upgraded machine.


Specification Chart: Singer 44s vs 4423

Specification Singer 44s Singer 4423
Image singer 44s singer 44s
Editor’s Rating 4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Machine Size 15.5*6.25*12 15.5*6.25*12
Machine Weight 14.6 14.6
Box Size 17*9*13 18*8.5*13
Amps 0.7 0.7
Watts 120 84
Volts 120 120
Hz 60 60
Stitch Applications 97 97
Built-in Stitches 32 23
Light Included No Yes
Automatic Needle Threader Yes Yes
Stitch-per-minute 1,100 1,100
Buttonhole Type 1 Step 1 Step
Needle Positions  3 3
Presser Foot Lifter with Pressure Control Yes Yes
Stitch Width/Length 6mm/Adjustable 6mm/Adjustable
Reverse Lever Included Yes Yes
Warranty  90 days/ 2 yr/24yr 90 days/ 2yr/24yr

Difference and Similarity Between Singer 4423 and Singer 44s

Machine Weight and Size

Singer 4423 and Singer 44s both come in the same size and same weight. These two are good examples of portable sewing machines. You can carry both without any hassle. Singer 4423’s size is 15.5*6.25*12 inches, along with Singer 44s. And their weights are 14.6 pounds.


They both have a strong motor to deal with heavy-duty sewing. Their motors are 50% more powerful for thick fabrics. So, sewing with thick fabrics is so easy with singer 4423 and Singer 44s. It’s a plus point for a beginner’s sewing machine.

Stitch Application

The brand Singer offers you 97 stitch applications with Singer 4423 and Singer 44s. 97 stitch applications offer you so many things to try in your sewing. You have so much more to be creative with your sewing. And carry your sewing experience to another level.

Built-in Stitches

Built-in stitches are important to check on while you are buying a new sewing machine. Singer 4423, along with Singer 44s, is contained with 23 built-in stitches. So many stitches to work with when you are a beginner. It is easier to be creative and decorative while having so many built-in stitches in one machine.

Reverse Lever

Containing a reverse lever on your machine means you can sew reversely with your machine. It is an important feature if you are looking for a strong and neat finishing in your sewing. Singer offers a reverse lever in both Singer 4423 and Singer 44s. So, now it is easy to sew your fabric and prevent it from raveling with Singer 4423 and Singer 44s.

Buttonhole Type

Choosing your sewing machine according to buttonhole type is an important job. As a buttonhole type, make sure whether it would be easier or problematic to sew a button. Singer 4423 and Singer 44s have a one-step buttonhole type for each of them. So you have to place your button on the buttonhole foot, and it is done in one step. Easy and satisfying.

Metal Frame

Singer provides you a whole interior frame made of metal in both Singer 4423 and Singer 44s. This ensures the machine’s long-lasting durability. This feature makes both machines extra substantial and gives you a premium quality sewing experience.

Bed Plate

To make your fabrics slide smoothly, Singer 4423 and Singer 44s have stainless steel bedplates. The machine’s arm made of stainless still provides you a flat surface to work on. So, sewing thick fabrics also get easier for this feature.

Stitch Selection Dial

This is another cool feature in Singer sewing machines. They have this section, stitch selection dial, where you can choose your stitches through dials. You can see built-in stitches in the dial. To select any of them, you have to turn the dial and select your desirable stitch to work with. Singer 4423 and Singer 44s etch of them come with this option.


Singer 4423 and Singer 44s are two unique machines in the section of ‘color’. Singer manufactured Singer 44s only in Gray and Singer 4423 in White color. So, in a matter of color selection, you can choose any of them, the preferable color you want for yourself.


All sewing machines of Singer contain almost the same warranty option for themselves. Singer offers you 90 days warranty on machines’ small components. 2-year warranty of the machine’s motor and electrical wire and at last 25-year warranty for the machine’s head. In this case, Singer 4423 and Singer 44s both contain the same warranty policy.


You can think it is almost the same machine as both Singer 4423 and Singer 44s. But, Singer 4423 is better between them. This heavy-duty sewing machine is more capable of giving you a better experience of sewing. As it is the upgraded one. So, please do not go for less, have the best one as you worth it. Remember, you are worth the best.

Frequently Asked Questions about Singer 44s And Singer 4423

Can you sew through leather with Singer 4423?
Yes, you can sew leather with Singer 4423. It is not that stressful for this machine.

Does singer 44s have a free arm for sleeves and cuffs?

Yes, Singer 44s have a free arm for sleeves and cuffs. It is way much easier to sew cuffs, trouser hems with Singer 44s.

Does Singer 4423 come with a cover?

Yes, Singer provides a soft cover with its product Singer 4423. It helps to keep the dust far from the machine.

Is Singer 44s’s weight any less than Singer 4423?

No, both Singer 44s and Singer 4423 come with the same weight.  That is 14.6 pounds.

Does Singer 4423 quilt?

Yes, Singer 4423 quilts. Even if it is a beginner’s sewing machine, it can quilt and sew through thicker fabrics.

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