Singer 9985 vs 9960

Singer 9985 vs 9960 – Which one is the best pick?

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Singer 9985 vs 9960Singer 9985 and 9960 are luxurious and effortless to work with. But if you have a clear look at both of them, you will find Singer 9985 contains some special features which 9960 doesn’t and these features made it the best.

What features made Singer 9985 Better?

  • Built-in stitches are the most important feature in sewing machines. In this section, Singer 9985 has 960 built-in stitches, and Singer 9960 has 600. So, Singer 9985 nailed this section with its almost 350 extra built-in stitches than Singer 9960.
  • Computerized sewing machines give you so many options to make your sewing effortless. One of these options is the permanent memory capability. You can combine stitch patterns to make distinctive stitches and save them on the Singer 9985 machine’s memory. You can not do this on Singer 9960. You can save up to 60 new stitches on Singer 9985.
  • Computerized Sewing machines have screens for authorization. Both Singer 9985 and Singer 9960 have LED screens for this. Singer 9985’s screen is a touch screen, while the 9960’s is not.
  • Permanent memory capability is another appealing feature in computerized sewing machines. You can mix two stitch designs, make a distinctive stitch sequence and save them on the machine’s memory. Singer 9985 has this feature in it, but Singer 9960 does not have it. You can save up to 60 stitch sequences in the memory of Singer 9985.

All those key features made Singer 9960 the best pick here. If you are impressed with those functions and wanna check the best price then click the link below.


Specification Chart

Specification Singer 9985 Singer 9960
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Machine Size 17.2*8.5*12.5 17.2*8.2*12
Machine Weight 20 18.2
Amps 0.46 0.46
Watts 55 55
Volts 120 120
Hz 60 60
Box Size 20*10.5*14 20*11*18
Built-in Stitches 960 600
Stitch Application 1000+ 600+
Built-in Needle Threader Yes  Yes
Stitch-per-minute 850 850
Buttonhole Type 1 Step 1 Step
Variable Needle Positions 25 25
Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter Yes Yes
Stitch Width/Length 7mm/Adjustable 7mm/Adjustable
Reverse (Touch Button) Yes Yes
Mirror Imaging  Yes Yes
Built-in Lettering  6 5
Permanent Memory Capability  Yes No
Top Drop-In Bobbin Yes Yes
Built-In Thread Cutter Yes Yes
Thread Cutter Shut Off No Yes
Tie-Off Button Yes Yes
Drop Feed Yes Yes
Programmable Needle Up/Down No Yes
Direct Selection Stitches Yes Yes
Heavy Duty Metal Frame Yes Yes
Self-Adjusting Tension System  Yes Yes
Mechanical Speed Control Yes Yes
Needle Up/Down Yes Yes
LCD Screen Yes Yes
Touch Screen Yes No
Free Arm Yes Yes
Snap-On Presser Feet Yes Yes
Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter  Yes Yes
Presser Foot Sensor Yes No
Twin-Needle Function  Yes Yes
Bobbin Class  15 15
Extension Table Included  No Yes
Warranty 1yr/ 5yr/25yr 1yr/ 5yr/ 25yr

Difference and Similarity Between Singer 9985 and Singer 9960

Machines Weight and Size

Both of these sewing machines come in different sizes and different weights. Singer 9985 comes with size 17.2*8.5*12.5 inches, and Singer 9960 comes with size 17.2*8.2*12 inches. The weight of the Singer 9985 is 20 pounds, and Singer 9960 with 18.2 pounds. Singer 9960 is quite lighter than Singer 9985.

Built-in Stitches

Choosing a sewing machine by seeing the number of built-in stitches is so important. Because built-in stitches decide how easy it would be to deal with the machines. Singer 9985 has 960 in this section, while Singer 9960 has 600. You can see how easier it would be to deal with Singer 9985 than Singer 9960 with all those extra stitches.

Needle positions

Needle positions are variable in these two computerized sewing machines. So you can shift it or change it whenever you want. Both of them have 25 variable needle positions. That is a large number of needle positions—also, both singer 9985 and Singer 9960 twin needle function. So, you can use two needles at a time while sewing.

Buttonhole Type

Sewing a buttonhole could never be so easy as it is with Singer 9985 and Singer 9960. It happens in just one step. Just place the button on the buttonhole, and it is sewn in the place you wanted. Every time it gives you a consistent result. What could be more effortless than this?

Presser Foot Lifter

The presser foot lifters on singer 9985 and singer 9960 are both additional tall presser foot lifters. So you can effortlessly sew thicker fabrics with these two. Besides, Singer 9960 has a Presser foot sensor, which is capable of making it easy for you to use the foot lifter.

LCD Screen

The LCD screen is another positive side of computerized sewing machines. You can monitor and do your sewing with the screen. You can see stitches. You can set the stitches through the monitor. Singer 9985 offers another level in the LCD screen as it is a touch screen. You can manage it with the touch of your finger. What could be more trouble-free than this?

Extension Table

With Singer 9960, Singer provides you an extension table. It makes the work of the machine hassle-free. Also, you do not need any extra table to use it. Always ready to use at any time anywhere.

Permanent Memory Capability and Built-In Lettering

In singer 9985, there is a permanent memory capability function. Where you can invent new stitch patterns by using old built-in stitches and save them on the machine’s memory, those would be permanently saved on your machines. You can use those patterns whenever you want. But in 9960, there is no option like this. You can get a built-in lettering option in 9985, 6 alphabets, and in 9960, 5 alphabets to personalize your work with letters in these two machines.


Singer promises you a 1-year warranty on these two machines’ labor, 5 years on the electric components. And a basic warranty of 25 years on the machine’s head. This is the best range of warranty any company could ever offer you on a computerized sewing machine.


You can see how Singer 9985 fulfills your every need for a computerized sewing machine. Singer 9985 is certainly the sewing machine you want to grab for yourself. So, stop being unfair to yourself and buy the best machine you can ever have.

Frequently Asked Questions About Singer 9985 and Singer 9960

Is there any difference between these two’s LCD screens?

Yes, these two LCD screens have a major difference between them. As Singer 9985’s LCD screen is a touch screen, but Singer 9960’s is not.

Which one is easier to carry: Singer 9985 or singer 9960?

Singer 4460’s weight is 18.2 pounds, and Singer 9985’s weight is 20 pounds. So, it is Singer 9960, which is slightly easier to carry.

How problematic is it to deal with the needle positions?

It is quite easy to adjust needle positions in these two machines as these positions are variable.

Are both Singer 9985 and 9960 capable of quilting?

Yes, both singer 9985 and singer 9960 are capable of quilting.

Which class bobbin does Singer 9960 use?

Singer 9960 uses the class 15 bobbin to work with.

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