Sole F80 Vs Sole F85

Sole F80 Vs Sole F85 – Check why f85 is better than f80?

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Sole F80 and F85 are better choices when it comes to home treadmills. When you compare these twoyou will see they have many things in common. So, let’s check out the differences between them to make your decision easier.

Sole F80 Sole F85
Sole F80 has 3.0 horsepower.  Sole F85 has 3.5 horsepower. 
It gives 11 miles per hour speed.  You will get 12 miles per hour speed. 
It can hold 350 pounds.  Its weight capacity is 400 pounds.
The F80 weighs 250 pounds. The F85 weighs 280 pounds.
Sole F80 has 7.5 inches display.  Sole F85 has a 9 inches display.
Check F80 Price at Amazon.  Check F85 Price at Amazon. 

You will get better fitness from Sole F85 since the machine combines with impressive features. So, you can pick this machine to stay fit at home. Are you still confused? Check out the details here.

What made Sole F85 Better?

  • Sole F85 has a 3.5 horsepower motor, while the F80 has a 3.0 horsepower. The F85 offers 12 MPH speed, but F80 has 11 MPH. So considering the Sole F85 would be a better decision.
  • It has a larger running space than Sole F80. So you can comfortably run on this compared to F80, plus there are fewer chances of falling.
  • It has a 9-inch LCD with integrated speakers, plus it provides an audio cable. So you can properly watch the speed level; also, you can listen to music during the workout session.

These main differences made Sole F85 a better treadmill than Sole F80. If you are interested in this treadmill and wanna purchase this, click the button below to check its price.


Quick Comparison: Sole F80 Vs Sole F85

Specifications Sole F85 Sole F80
Editor’s Rating  4.8 out of 5 4.5 out of 5 
Dimension  82 x 36 x 16.5 inches 83 x 39 x 15 inches
Machine Weight 280 pounds 250 pounds
Motor 3.5 horsepower 3.0 horsepower
Display size 9  inches 7.5 inches
Speed  12 miles per hour 11 miles per hour
Running surface 22 by 60 inches 20 by 60 inches
Roller size 2-3/4 inches 2-3/4 inches
Weight capacity 400 pounds 350 pounds
Display type Backlit blue LCD Backlit blue LCD
Standard programs 6 6
Cooling fans Yes Yes
Display message Yes Yes
Heart rate control Yes Yes
Heart rate programs Heart rate programs: 2  Heart rate programs: 2 
Warranty Lifetime warranty  Lifetime warranty 

Differences & similarities between Sole F80 Vs Sole F85

Motor Capacity
The motor capacity is important, so the Sole F85 could be a better option. Sole F85 comes with an industrial-quality 3.5 hp duty motor, which is an all-steel zinc-coated balanced flywheel. It creates a vibration-free, secure, and quiet running or walking surface. On the other side, the Sole F80 includes a 3-hp continuous-duty motor. Since the F85 comes with great motor power, you can select this treadmill.


Now you can easily track your workout progress in these treadmills as they come with a display. But the Sole F85 offers a better display rather than the F80. It has a vibrant 9-inch display that contains windows for the distance traveled, speed, time, incline, calories, pace, and pulse. The display includes an integrated sound system, built-in speakers, and a sound card. So you can plug it into your player’s headphones. However, the Sole F80 contains a 7.5-inch display. That’s why I suggest you choose the Sole F80.

Running Surface

When it comes to the running surface, the Sole F85 incorporates a larger running surface of 22 by 60 inches. But its rival has a 20-by-60-inch running deck. You can comfortably run on the Sole F85. Moreover, the F85 has an Easy Assist folding deck design. It helps reduce the space so the runner can comfortably work on it.

Higher roller speed

In terms of speed settings, the Sole F85 can run up to 12 miles per hour, while the F80 can run up to 11 miles. If you are a fast runner, then the upgraded treadmill would be the best option to choose. And those who are afraid of speeds can select the Sole F80. It’s also good for kids or older people to ride on it.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a treadmill is another best thing to consider. And we see that The Sole F85 can take up to 400 pounds. On the other side,  the Sole F80 has 350 pounds capacity, 50 pounds lower than the Sole F85. That’s why the Sole F85 is the better choice for heavier people.

Heart rate programs

The great thing about the Sole F80 and Sole F85 is it shows the heart rate program. Both of the machines are compatible with the two heart-rate-controlled workout options. So the user can customize the workout. You can see the heart rate zone graph on the screen, and they show a 99.9 percent accuracy.

Extra Features 

These two treadmills have built-in cooling fans so you can complete your workout session comfortably. The machines also have belts with Double-woven 2-ply, and these belts will help you most in your workout. Since these two are foldable machines, you can fold the machine once your workout is done.


Both Sole F85 and the Sole F80 have the same warranties. They have lifetime warranties on motors, deck, and frame. And 5 years of warranties on electronics parts, belts, rollers, and other wear components. And 2 years of warranties on labor. Though these two have the same warranty, you can consider the Sole F85 treadmill.


Both Sole treadmills have few differences, but two are strong enough and the right choice for the home. If you are a fitness-savvy person, then you can select the Sole F85. It has advanced functions that the Sole F80 doesn’t contain. These two Sole treadmills are great machines, but I’d suggest you consider the Sole F85.

FAQ of Sole F80 Vs Sole F85

How can I move Sole F85 to another place?

The Sole F85 is a heavy quality product, so you have to disassemble partly to move it to another place.

After use for some months or years, does Sole F85 have any speed issues?

No. no speed issues heard yet.

Does the Sole F80 or Sole F85 make noise while running?

Yes! But it is quieter than the other treadmill.

Is Sole F80 recommendable for gym centers?

Sole F80 and Sole F85 are better for any gym center, but Sole F85 has the best capacity than the Sole F80.

Is the incline change system smooth?

Yes, the incline changes of Sole treadmills are very smooth and noticeable.

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