Sony a6000 vs a6100

Sony a6000 vs a6100 – Check Why Sony a6100 is Better than a6000!


Sony a6000 vs a6100If you are confused about picking the better camera between the Sony a6000 & Sony a6100, I would highly recommend you choose the Sony a6100.

Why I Recommend choosing the Sony a6100?

  • Sony a6100 provides better images in low-light conditions as it has a broader range of ISO with 100-32000. The other camera has an ISO range of 100-25600. 
  • The touchscreen display of the Sony a6100 will let you track and control the focus of an object with a single tap, while the Sony a6000 doesn’t have this feature. 
  • There are 420 focus points on this device, whereas the Sony a6000 has only 179 focus points. More focus points make it simpler to focus on an object even if you are not a professional.
  • It will be easier to transfer photos while using this camera as the device supports Bluetooth with other connectivity options. Unfortunately, the Sony a6000 isn’t compatible with this spec.
  • The animal Eye-AF feature made Sony a6100 a perfect device for wildlife photography. The Sony a6000, on the other hand, has the human Eye-AF feature.
  • The battery backup of this camera will surely satisfy you with a run-time of 420 shots without any pause. The competitor will last for only 360 shots.
  • Sony a6100 has an external mic input that will be crucial while used for serious movie shooting or video vlogging, whereas the alternative doesn’t have this attribute.

These are the specs that made the Sony a6100 more preferable. Go for this one if you want to get the best for your photography sessions.


Similar Features of Sony a6000 vs a6100

  • The cameras have the same sensor version, which provides ultimate image quality and light sensitivity.
  • Their moving-subject tracking performance is 11fps which ensures you get a great shot during still or video capture.
  • They come with a tiltable 3-inch display that allows you to frame yourself for vlog recording and selfie shots.
  • They both are compatible with Sony E mounting. Thus, you will get maximum sharpness and contrast for stunning photo quality.
  • Both the devices have an OLED viewfinder. So, you will get clear visibility and a smooth view for easy tracking of your subject.

Quick Comparison: Sony a6000 vs a6100

Specifications  Sony a6000 Sony a6100
Editor’s Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Color Black/Silver/White/Graphite Black
Optical Sensor Size APS-C APS-C
Sensor Exmor Exmor
ISO 100-25600 100-32000
Focus Points 179 420
Mountings Sony E Sony E
External Mic Input No Yes
Display 3-inch tiltable  3-inch tiltable 
Touchscreen No Yes
Battery Life 360 shots 420 shots
Bluetooth No Yes
Animal Eye AF No Yes
Product Dimension 4.72 x 1.77 x 2.64 inches 6.18 x 5.67 x 4.53 inches
Product Weight 0.76 lbs 0.9 lbs
Warranty 1-Year of Warranty 1-Year of Warranty

Differences & Similarities Between Sony a6000 vs a6100


The mirrorless has a quite different outlook than the traditional devices. The viewfinder is placed on the top left portion of the body that is perfectly matched with the structure. The other controls are placed well in the body so that will be easily accessible. Sony a6000 has four color variants, while the alternative has only a black variant.


Both the Sony a6000 & a6100 come with the latest Exmor sensor and the front-end LSI feature. They are integrated with the BIONZ X processing that will reproduce the texture of your image. You will get a true-to-life image of exactly how you see with your eyes. The advanced image processing will enable greater natural detail with richer tonal gradations.

Image Quality

You will surely get stunning images by using the devices. They both have a decent range of focus points that will help you maintain focus while capturing an object. Sony a6100 will deliver you natural-looking images with improved color reproduction. Colors would be more vibrant than it is on standard devices.


To get an image with less noise, a camera should have a decent base ISO range. The ISO range of the Sony a6100 is 100-32000. This wide range will help you to get an impressive visual in both day and low-light situations. The other camera, the Sony a6000, has a different ISO range. This device will support an ISO range from 100 to 25600.


Sony a6000 will allow you to shoot HD videos at 60 frames per second. You can film 1080p videos with a cinematic vibe. The video size will be compressed so that you can easily share or transfer them. Sony a6100 is a great device for video recording. The external mic input feature made this device preferable as there will be better audio with the video.


A display with color accuracy will provide you with better output as you will get the exact visual on the screen. You would certainly be satisfied with the color gradations of the screen. Sony a6100 will give you some advantages because of the touchscreen feature. This camera can be used to track an object by using the screen.


The devices are integrated with the fastest autofocus that will cover wide areas as well. Sony a6000 will provide you an impressive performance even while capturing moving objects.

On the other hand, the Sony a6100 comes with real-time AF for humans and animals. This will work for the partially hidden faces as well. The AI-based Eye AF for animals made this device a perfect combo for wildlife photographers.


You have multiple connectivity options to share your files. Sony a6000 is compatible with WiFi and NFC. The one-touch pairing option supported by NFC will allow you to share your images without any complications. In this category, however, the Sony a6100 is also versatile. By using WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth, or even QR, you can share your files.


Sony a6000 has an OLED electronic viewfinder that comes with a new optical system with four aspherical lenses. The device will provide you with 100% frame coverage so that you’re not missing details.

Sony a6100 comes with a high-resolution OLED Tru-Finder that will provide you with clear visibility of the object you’re trying to capture. You will be able to track your subject easily with the viewfinder.

Durability & Warranty

The devices have all the features that are required for a perfect visual. They won’t disappoint you with the features. There should not be any doubt about the durability of the devices as they come with the latest specs. You will get a 1-year of warranty for the mentioned cameras for your peace of mind.

Final Words

Sony a6000 & a6100 are two great camera devices. They will be perfect for any photographer, whether you are a professional or not. Sony a6100 is the winner in this comparison because of the unique specs. You may choose the Sony a6000 if you are satisfied with the basic features. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Sony a6000 vs a6100

What is the viewfinder type of the device?

The cameras come with an electronic viewfinder.

Do they support optical zoom?

Sure. They both have 3x optical zoom.

Is it possible to record videos for more than 30 min?

Yes. There is no limit of 30 minutes on the devices.

Does the Sony a6000 have any built-in flash?

Yes. There is a pop-up flash on this device.

Can I shoot 4K videos at 60fps?

Yes. The cameras can be used to shoot 4K videos at 60fps.

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